CRM Software for Travel Agency, Operator and Planner

Why the Travel & Tourism Industry need CRM? Tourism is one of the trending growing industry sectors in the world and contributes a significant share to a country’s revenue. Travelers are more aware of their choices, are more price-sensitive and expect a more enhanced travel experience than before. The tour and travel agents are looking to meet this challenge and are involved in a competition to provide better and more personalized service to effectively manage client requirements. In specific Travel CRM system has become very important to help those in this industry meet these challenges.

crm software for travel agents

Travel Agency Software helps automation in sales automation, follow-ups, Invoicing, Lead Capturing, Payment collections, bonus Points, Vendor Management and of course Intelligent Analytics.

Our IIH Team Provide Travel agency CRM also helps in doing Sales follow-ups with the help of CRM Travel Mobile App. CRM’s SMS, Call, Email, Chat and WhatsApp integration helps you for efficient communications with your customers.

We developed multiple CRM for travel agents that allow you to get a clearer picture of all of the communication with your customers track your sales executive operations and can identify the prospect of business also CRM software gives you a chance to keep better track of who’s interested your services, like you can check interest rate why people are not showing interest as per behavior you can take appropriate decision to take on board all those unqualified leads.

Our CRM Software For:
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel Planners

If you have tour & travel business without a proper system to manage your customer data and their specific needs, so if you feel struggling with every sales cycle. We develop travel agency client management software, you can maintain information about your clients, their preferences, purchase capabilities and buying behavior. This makes it easier for your agents to present the best deal to your customer, and complete the sales smoothly.

We provide advanced CRM for travel agencies, is designed to manage general business processes & workflows of travel organization. Travel agency CRM software can handle a large volume of data like leads, customers, travel & tour plans & packages, contact lists, bookings &, etc. In the analytics data generated from the Travel software CRM, It can be used to send promotions to the right target audience for better conversions.

Travel CRM Software Development Company: Convert More Leads and Take Your Business To The Next Level

Inquiry/Leads Management

CRM software for travel agency software is the best platform for manage inquiries. It helps to travel agencies in tracking and getting all the appropriate details of the customers immediately. also, this tour & travel CRM software enables you to assign enquires to any user, without any difficulty. It also helps to manage important contacts and facilitate future relations.

Manages All Tasks Easily

CRM software allows agents to instruct their expected customers. It helps to track and record all conversations with customers. This software gives immediate alerts and reminders for the actions required to be taken by the agents.

Special Reminders/Alerts

Delight your customers for future business and relation. CRM for travel booking management helps agencies to easily manage all alerts & notification. CRM software manages the data of all personal details of customers data, Birthdays, last tour etc. CRM delight your customers efficiently.

Multiple Login System

CRM software for travel agencies provides each & every agent and sales executive to access with their login from anywhere so that they can change their complete information real-time. It’s completely cloud-based apps that enable the agent to log in their account anytime update information.

When you are using a custom travel booking CRM software, you get access to the office and can connect your travel bookings to the accounting service, receive reports, billing, create invoices, and more. Below, standard features for travel booking CRM software includes:

  • Customer & Booking details
  • Booking confirmations
  • Automatic billing
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Ability to add custom discounts
  • Third-party suppliers integration

If you are looking for tour & travel CRM software? Please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or get in touch with us, Our business development team will get back to you.

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