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12 Best Ways to Design a Remarkable Website Footer


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Best Ways to Design a Remarkable Website Footer

One of the most important locations on your website in the footer of your website. It might not be the area where you need to work hard but it is actually the area where the visitors look the most for searching for your contact details and various other options to reach your services. So when you are planning to design a website for your business you have to make sure that you are providing your visitors with a footer that impresses them after your website design.

You have to take care of the points like what are the things that need to be included, how you have to organize your website along with your footer. Here are some points that will help you with your task of designing a wonderful footer for your website visitors.


  1. Always Keep The Design Simple
    This is one of the best things that every good and elegant website designer does with his/her website for attracting more and more visitors i.e. keeping your website designs very simple and sleek. The strategy behind keeping the designs simple is that people find it easy to browse through your website and they like dealing with your products and services. If you provide them with something which is very complex and difficult to browse why would they like to visit you?
  2. Always Provide Connecting Links
    It is important as well as necessary to provide connecting links for the pages of your website at the footer. This means you are providing your visitors an easy way to move to any page of their choice from any of the pages they are present currently on your website. This makes it very easy for your users to reach the required information easily.
  3. Add Your Basic Contact Information
    Even if you are providing a link to the Contact us page to the users still you have to provide your visitors with a little bit of basic contact information about how they can contact you immediately without filling an inquiry form or any other formalities you have asked to perform on the contact us.
  4. Organize The Footer Links
    The links that you are going to provide in the footer needs to be well organized and has to be in order. You cannot put all the links or advertisements just like that. Every ad or every link that you are using there should be of the proper size and needs to be well aligned. Place all your sections under the header section so that all your elements are easy to see and find.
  5. Do Not Forget To Add A Copyright Notice
    This little thing can be your lifesaver. Do not forget it. While many websites include only a single line at their bottom as their copyright notice, you can design it to be more integrated and catchy. A simple copyright message can be written with a small circular “c” symbol. The text that includes the year of publication and the name of your copyright owner can also be included.
  6. Do Not Forget To Add Call To Action
    Call to action is something that users look for after browsing your website completely. If they like your website and they want to buy something they will definitely look for the call to action button to call you as soon as possible. This button plays a major role in converting all your visitors into your clients. This call to action has to be easily visible and should give users a way to interact without joining the campaign necessarily.
  7. Make Use Of Graphic Elements
    If you see footers on various other websites you will see a simple block type footer giving necessary information and that’s it. But you can always use some graphical elements or some other graphics to make it look a little attractive and soothing. Rather than designing a regular footer like every web designer do design something new and innovative.
  8. Take Care About Contrast And Readability
    Footer information is generally small in fact very small. This makes you think in between about the color, weight and the contrast between your text elements. Your footer should be very neat and clean in order to make everything readable and visible. Always opt for the colors that are high in contrast like having a light background with dark colored text including white text. Try to avoid varying colors or ornate typefaces.
  9. Maintain The Theme Of Your Website
    While designing the footer of your website you have to take care of the theme of your website. It should not go off the track. All your colors, styles, and graphics should match the overall tone of your website. Do not add any kind of box at the bottom that does not match with your basic theme.
  10. Make Appropriate Use Of The Space
    While the space below your website for designing the footer is very small but still you have to use it fairly. Collect the required matter and organize it on your footer properly. Do not keep things too close and do not keep them far away. Being a designer you should know what proper use of space means while designing anything with the graphics.
  11. Do Not Use Too Many Elements
    When you are designing a footer for your website do not add too many elements and make it a board of snakes and ladders where you forget what to do and where to go. Always make use of less and interactive graphic elements and make things simple for your visitors as well as for you.
  12. Always design it with a sense of hierarchy
    Just like any other website, your footer should be hierarchical in nature. This is like a two-fold design. The footer has to fall at the bottom of your overall hierarchy. The footer should also contain the hierarchy of your elements within the “container”. The most important elements like call to action, contact information or any other thing should be the most prominent one. Standard information like the notice of copyright is taken as the smallest on the scale. So these are the 12 wonderful tips that will lead you to an elegant and unique footer design for your website that will make your website even more functional. Always design something that can convince your customers and help you in improving your business. If you find yourself in a dilemma of what you could do and what you cannot then this post is going to help you a lot.

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