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On-Demand Apps: An Evergreen Solution For Enterprises


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On-Demand Apps: An Evergreen Solution For Enterprises

Businesses have evolved significantly over the past few years. They have strived to offer maximum comfort for people to fulfill their requirements quickly. The apps have played a vital role in meeting people's needs efficiently through certain features on time by some taps.

Hence, there were certain reasons which came to the sight of entrepreneurs for transforming the business digitally in the market, as the people preferred to use it significantly. Currently, there are various categories of solutions launched in the market for individual services, on-demand, and multi-services solutions by performing certain modifications in on-demand platforms. 
Initially, the single services platforms were launched in the market, serving people the particular services through their mobiles, and the customers were pleased with these applications and bolstered their usage. It resulted in millions of downloads from the Play Store, AppStore, and other app stores shown in the below image.

Later, the people faced some issues such as storage of each solution, performing logging processes every time for different applications they install on their devices. 

Later, the on-demand apps were launched in the market for particular segments of the market. These apps resolved almost all the issues and overcame the hassles they were facing. So what are they? Let's know them briefly.

What are On-Demand Apps?

It is a solution that provides users with an online marketplace for gaining specific services registered in it available across the entire town. Users need to install the different on-demand applications to access particular kinds of services registered from the whole city, including the following categories:

  • Taxi-sharing Services
  • Courier Delivery Services
  • Meal Delivery Services
  • Household Services
  • Appointments for various services

There are certain on-demand giants in the market serving one of the services mentioned above and have achieved enormous fame among the people consisting Uber from America providing taxi-sharing services, JustEat from the UK for food delivery services, UrbanClap from India for offering household services, and many others in various countries providing different services.  

Despite on-demand apps running well on track, people were yet not completely satisfied with them. Hence, there were certain advancements through which these solutions have undergone and came out in the market with their new appearance. Now, what were these advancements? Let's go through them mentioned next.

Certain Advancements in an On-Demand Industry:

Due to people not being completely pleased with on-demand applications because of their issue of storage being occupied in a larger amount in their devices by these solutions, they were looking for a platform that fulfills all their various needs under a single roof. Hence, the development companies and entrepreneurs jointly launched the multi-services solutions. 

These platforms integrated all the business sectors and offered a wide range of services across the entire town through a single platform. Initially, the concept of multi-services applications began in China, as it started offering messaging, financial, and many other service categories from its app 'WeChat.' 

Later, the multi-services solution was introduced from Indonesia named 'Gojek' into the market, which achieved a tremendous rise in the market due to immense customer requirements and efficient handling of the venture for entrepreneurs. Hence, it compelled the entrepreneurs to develop gojek similar app  for their venture to get more sales and to turn out as a renowned brand in the market.

Besides that, the requirements for super apps rose in regions where they are not so popular. According to the sources, there were about 67% of American customers found willing to combine various services into a single application.

Hence, because of these multi-services solutions, overall requirements for on-demand apps in the market were terrifically generated among the people. So the platforms that contribute considerably to the on-demand industry are mentioned in the next section.

On-Demand Apps Examples

Following are certain examples of on-demand apps stated which are currently giving their best to people to make their lives hassle-free:


It is an American company offering food to the people in minimal time. Moreover, Doordash was founded by the students of Stanford University, Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore, in 2013, and it is headquartered in SanFrancisco, California. They started as PaloAltoDelivery.com to serve food deliveries to their customers, and later in the same year, they changed their name to Doordash, and according to sources, they earned a revenue of $4,888 million in 2021. 


Gojek is an Indonesian company serving multiple services to the people. The firm was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim, Kevin Aluwi, and Michelangelo Moran and is based in Jakarta. Previously, the firm offered the services of courier delivery and ride-sharing services in its initial phase. Currently, they are providing 30 services to people in over 8 countries. 


The company operates in America, providing taxi-sharing services to the people. It was founded by Garett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009, and its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. Recently in 2021, they have earned revenue worth $17.46 billion and are serving their services in 72 countries and 10,500 cities all over. 

These on-demand apps have not just streamlined the lives of people but also of the entrepreneurs by offering them certain advantages.

Advantages of On-Demand Apps

Entrepreneurs can receive certain benefits from an app as they shift their business online by utilizing the platforms. Those advantages are stated below:

Increases their Business Reach-

The business can get a massive user base because there are various options provided through these solutions to the entrepreneurs. They can perform specific actions from a platform like posting about the venture's offers, discounts, and product launches by utilizing social media platforms

It is because people are interested in visiting the enterprise online through social media apps, and hence the entrepreneurs can also reach out to more customers by sending a notification via email and SMS. Businesses can also use tools like email marketing automation tools, SMS CRM to automate the process and make it more hassle-free.

Ease Out Business Management

Entrepreneurs can manage their ventures easily through apps by performing a few taps as they can access various business components like managing the users, analyzing the earnings of the venture and employees, managing the resources of an enterprise, and many other elements.

Improvises Scalability of Venture

The scalability of the venture increases as it can handle a large amount of traffic entering and can execute its every function fluently. Also, the entrepreneurs can modify the features according to the needs of the venture generated.

Higher Customer Retention Ratio

The entrepreneurs can gather considerable traffic of users on their platform as they can attract their targeted audience through an application by providing the services at a discounted price. As a result, they prefer to utilize the solution repeatedly, which can get your venture an excellent customer retention ratio and can bring out the desired outcomes for the merchants.

Improvement in the Customer Services

As handling every business component has relatively become more streamlined through these platforms, that allows entrepreneurs to focus on other aspects of the venture, which can bring a powerful impact to the enterprise as they can concentrate on enhancing the quality of services provided to their customers.

Boost in Sales Number

It is evident from the advantages mentioned earlier that entrepreneurs can receive a rise in their profit because of the increase in the number of sales of their business. The reason behind receiving significant sales is the enhancement in the services provided to the customers, as discussed earlier. Also, the profit margins of the venture are stretched as the user purchases the products in larger quantities from the platform.

Conversion into a Larger Brand

The merchants can transform their enterprise into a reputed brand as they improvise almost every section of their business through a platform. There are several factors playing an important role that help ventures to gain more fame among the people, and one of them is the referral system which the entrepreneurs can offer to the users through a solution. They can share an app installation link with their relatives, colleagues, and friends and receive offers as they like its usage and get their purposes satisfied swiftly by using the application.

Thus, the entrepreneurs receive the benefits mentioned above, as they can manage almost all their business verticals through on-demand solutions. Besides that, they can also enhance their venture's image in the market to receive significant conversions. They can make it happen by registering their venture in an on-demand platform that perfectly fulfills their enterprise's needs. 

Final Words:

Most people prefer to satisfy their purposes effectively by utilizing on-demand solutions as their lifestyles have become more hectic with passing time. Therefore, the entrepreneurs can take advantage of these requirements for these solutions by enrolling their enterprise into them that deliver the desired outputs to the entrepreneurs. Moreover, they can also get fruitful results in their business using this platform, as they receive certain benefits from it by utilizing the several features embedded in the application.

Hence, it is an appropriate decision for entrepreneurs to initiate the venture online through on-demand solutions to get the desired outcomes and satisfy people's requirements effortlessly and in no time.

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