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How Much Does an App Like Jefit Workout Cost?


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jefit workout app cost

The top-most priority of every person is to remain healthy and fit. For this, regular exercises are a must. As per a survey, it is not possible to carry on with regular exercises at home without any instructor. Thus, one had to visit the gym or keep a coach to keep track of his workout sessions and suggest the right method of doing a particular exercise.

As we all know, technology has transformed the entire world digitally. Fortunately, the fitness industry has undergone a complete digital transformation. Innumerable workout apps landed the app world.

Exercising anywhere without a coach has now become practically possible and easy with workout apps like Jefit. 

Even if you are going to a gym, you don’t have to carry your diary to jot down your daily achievements. Jefit like workout apps are there to monitor your exercise sets and their reps. For example, when you perform any abs toning exercise using the Jefit app, the app keeps track of whether you have completed the entire stated sets along with the mentioned reps. There is nothing related to workouts that Jefit cannot record for you. 

What is a Jefit Workout App?

Jefit, an all-in-one customized workout planner, helps you in planning out your move-by-move workouts, tracking your sets as well as reps, setting your rest time, and enabling you to burn maximum calories. Also, you can use its calendar feature to fix your workout schedules. 

Jefit Workout app ensures that you strictly trail your goals, thereby enabling you to live a perfectly healthy life.

It has 500+ animated exercises along with tips so that you can carry out the preferred exercise in the right manner. The most exciting thing about Jefit is that for each muscle, it offers special routines and workouts. 

Many entrepreneurs have identified the benefits of developing a Jefit like a workout app. Step into the app market with your Jefit like workout app, before your competitors’ step in as workout apps are going to be one of the money-spinning apps in the coming days. 

Developing a mobile app is not that easy, especially in those cases where you hardly have any knowledge of it. 

Hence, from this write-up, you are going to know everything about a Jefit like workout app, like what features should be integrated, what technology stack is needed, the strength of the developer’s team, on which platform to launch the app, and most importantly how much would it cost to develop a workout app like Jefit. Therefore, continue reading.

Essential Features of A Jefit Like Workout App

To make your app handy and useful and to grab the attention of a lot of audiences, you should not miss out to integrate the basic features that have been mentioned hereunder:

User App

  • Onboarding – Via this you can easily give instructions or explain any app functionality to your users. 
  • Easy Registration - Via contact number or email id. One clicks registration via social media credentials such as Facebook, Twitter.
  • Profile - A profile where the user can feed personal and body details like age, gender, height, weight, allergies, etc.
  • Synchronization With the Wearable Devices – Wearable devices from Xiaomi, Samsung, and Apple are very much in trend these days. Hence, wearable devices must be integrated into your app. This enables the users to connect their wearable devices and smartwatches with the app for tracking and recording their activities.
  • Workout Tracker – This feature measures distance traveled either by walking, cycling, or running.
  • Meal Planner – As per their body requirements, users can plan a meal with the help of this feature.
  • Geolocation Integration - For monitoring the routes and directions while cycling and walking. 
  • Live Video Tutorials to guide the workout process and correct postures.
  • Workouts – Photos, video illustrations, and 3D animated pictures illustrating the workouts to make it easier for the user to perform.
  • Integration of Payment Gateway – A feature via which payments can be made through wallets, credit/debit cards, or net banking.
  • Push Notifications – For receiving alerts on daily, weekly, or monthly set goals.
  • Ecommerce – Permits the users to shop for their fitness-related equipment and products.
  • Customer Services & Support – A feature through which your users can easily seek help, consultations, or advice in real-time.

Admin Panel

  • Intuitive Dashboard - A dashboard for keeping track on all chats and live sessions
  • Manage Users – A feature from where the profile of every user can be managed efficiently.
  • Accounts Section – For viewing account balances, past deliveries, and customer reviews
  • Push Notification – For notifying the users of upcoming live workout sessions, offers, and deals.
  • Manage Payments – For making payments to trainers, advisors, Gym owners, etc.
  • Marketing Tools – For adding referral programs, loyalty programs, discount coupons, and cashback.

Steps To Develop Jefit like Workout App


You need to perform market research for determining whether your app workout app idea will make money or not. If not, then how can you make it better? With your product manager, project manager and designer, you will have to:

  • Make a list that would include existing challenges, solutions, rivals, requirements, acquisition channels, revenue sources, and how to make it a unique one.
  • Analyze the apps of your competitors and jot down the reasons behind the success and failure of their apps. Check the feedback received by them to know what people expect from a workout app.
  • Consider the reason behind the development of your workout app.
  • Make your app more functional.
  • Know your potential users and their needs.
  • Idea Validation

By validating the idea, you can easily analyze the problems associated with your app idea and design. Hence, at an early stage, you can solve them and develop a seamless functioning app. You will need a team of developers that includes a project manager, backend developer, Android and/or iOS developer, UI/UX designer, and a QA engineer.

UX Strategy

Here, your app development team works on the screen and app interface relationships. You and your entire development team will have to plan a perfect strategy to:

  • Draw an informational diagram showing the data structure.
  • Draft a rough plan with task assignments as well as the deadlines.
  • Make a perfect app prototype having an interactive interface.
  • Design & Development

For succeeding in the market, you will have to bag plenty of customers. To clinch your users, you will have to make sure that your final outcome is attractive, intuitive, and has a high content speed. 

MVP Development 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development means developing an app having the basic features so that the required tasks can be performed. In the initial stage, always integrate basic features into your app. This will lower your development cost. After a certain time, when your app becomes popular, upgrade it with advanced features.

Testing & Debugging

This is one of the necessary steps that you cannot afford to ignore. The QA engineers perform a test for errors and bugs. After that, the software developers work on them and fix the popped-up issues to make your app free from errors.


When your app is free from all the errors and bugs, it is now ready to be released on the Google Play and/or App Store. Things on which you need to pay attention are ASO, description, screens, and product icon.

Factors Deciding the Cost to Develop Jefit Like Workout App

Not one or two, there are a lot many factors that decide the Jefit like workout app development cost. The components on the basis of which the workout app development cost is distributed are: 

  • Features – The development cost for integrating the basic features and for integrating the advanced features is never the same. The more advanced features you add; the more you will have to pay.
  • Tech Stack – As per the technology stack used by your developers the development cost will vary. The more advanced the tech stack is used; the higher will be its development cost and vice-versa.
  • App Platform – The choice is yours whether to launch your app on one platform or on both platforms. The development cost will vary accordingly.
  • App Development Team – Minimum development team includes a project manager, UI/UX designers, business analysts, backend developers, Android and/or iOS developers, and a QA engineer. As per the project urgency, you can scale the team-up that would increase the development cost.
  • Time Duration Involved - 
Discovery 70+ hours
Project management 170+ hours
UI/UX design 115+ hours
Development 750+ hours
Backend development 350+ hours
Admin Panel 55+ hours
Quality Assurance 150+ hours
Total Minimum 1660 hours

The cost to develop a Jefit like workout app would be around $41,500 if a development company charges $25/hour. As per the geographical location, the development cost may vary. The developers of Asian countries charge less than the developers from the USA.

Summing Up

Your workout app like Jefit can be an effective app if you integrate the best and intuitive features into it. To make your app an exclusive one, first of all, think of sincerely assisting your users so that they can achieve their set fitness goals. Also, let your users customize their workout plans as per their specific requirements. 

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