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IoT based traffic management system

Around the world, there has been a significant increase in automobile use. This creates a complex issue that affects the health of the cities as well as the overall well-being of the population. An increase in vehicle use in the city doesn't only affect the health of the residents but also affects the quality of life that people are forced to live day in and day out. Congested traffic management in daily commute has been shown to drastically decrease the overall health and well-being of commuters. They experience far more stress from day to day than those living in rural areas that experience little to no traffic. For this reason, researchers around the world have been hard at work trying to resolve the issue and are committed to improving the quality of life and mental health of daily commuters.

The benefits of intelligent transport System congestion is a leading concern when it comes to public transportation systems in recent times. Many studies have found a significant correlation between the amount of wait time in traffic to the competitiveness, productivity, and economic growth of a country. Because of this, traffic authorities around the world have supported many research and new solutions that are focused on solving the traffic problem.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has given cities an opportunity to drastically improve their traffic situation by using the internet to help alleviate their traffic problems. The internet has also helped to usher in innovation, and with innovation came efficiency and practicality. Many people have begun using software and applications to plan their routes to bypass congested roads and highways. Although these new developments are heavily supported and funded, a large scale application of these systems is yet to be implemented in a large scale to determine their effectiveness, and there lies its greatest hurdle. While many people realize that the traffic issue is a pressing concern, researchers working with local authorities are finding it hard to implement new solutions into their cities to test their viability.

There have been many IoT based traffic monitoring systems proposed to cure urban environments of congestions in recent years; these include a framework that uses a wireless sensor network for collection, fusion and storage of traffic information in many big cities. This proposed intelligent system has been designed to be flexible and a lot more reliable compared to existing transportation system traffic solutions. The system uses the smartphone infrastructure to do measurements and usage-based insurance to help control the traffic flow. Servers are also employed in this system to help create the optimal road traffic flow to meet the current needs for road travel.

Another way that the internet could help relieve the congestion that many commuters face in an urban environment is through creating more efficient routes from people's homes towards their destinations. Congestions happen most frequently during hours when people are traveling from their place of residence to their place of work. With the information gathered and stored via the internet, efficient routes can be taken that avoids major areas of congestions. Because integrated maps use real-time data to track real-time movements of vehicles, they can better facilitate and direct the flow of traffic that avoid busy routes and direct them to their destination using the shortest possible route.

Intelligent Traffic management & monitoring network that uses traffic cameras can also be used to help quickly address vehicular problems and accidents that greatly contribute to traffic congestion on roads and highways. An algorithm to determine cars experiencing problems based on camera footage can be employed to expedite emergency services such as roadside assistance and towing Cincinnati to quickly help resolve the issue and facilitate the flow of traffic. This system is still in its infancy and will need further research and testing before it can be implemented on a large scale in public roads and highways.

The popularity of the Internet of Things offers a far better solution in resolving the congestion issues that many cities around the world face. Traffic jamming, accidents, and an increase in pollution levels have been cited as the most common transportation problems in major cities. With the internet serving as a backbone, Smart Cities can be developed to address traffic-related issues. Through cloud computing and data analytics, the proposed system can help resolve the many challenges that traffic authorities face daily by predicting the optimum route that cars can take, reduce the wait time in traffic, lessen congestion, reduce travel cost, and lessen the extent of air pollution. The system uses machine learning algorithms to predict the best routes, avoiding major traffic jams and to avoid the occurrences.

The rise of technology and all its accompanying effects cannot be helped. What we can do is to facilitate its integration and ensure that lives are made better instead of made worst due to technology. Preventing people from buying cars is near impossible in today's modern times and traffic issues will only become worse and worse. What we can do as early as now is to ensure that infrastructures are put in place to facilitate such growth. There hasn't been anything like the sudden rise of human beings on earth that we can use to model how it will affect how people live their lives. But with a greater understanding of technology and its proper implementation, we can make sure that we are far better equipped and prepared for whatever eventualities that might happen.

While it is impossible to determine where technology will lead us, we can better prepare for our future beginning with how we set up our infrastructure and network systems right now. It is safe to say that the internet is not something of a fad like most people claim but something permanent we have to get used to. It has allowed us to live better lives for the most part but it has also lead to numerous problems that have caused harm to many people. Understanding how we can benefit from it and learning from the lessons of the past can be our greatest tool in ensuring a brighter future for humankind.

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