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Those days of large signs out of the stores were enough to make people aware of your presence. Today the world is all set to go mobile and most of it is even looking at their smartphones just to buy their hairbands. Yes, the world is dependent on their respective smartphones right now.  And, talking about businesses, they have also become too dependent on the internet to buy the stuff that they are looking for. And this clearly refers to the fact that it is quite important for websites to become a mobile friendly website. But is it enough? Your website might be the most attractive website in the entire universe but what if your target users are dependent on their handsets and your website isn’t mobile friendly?

Your creativity will get a big zero from your users then. Does that sound good? No, isn’t it?

And, not just that, the need of having a responsive website is much more than that. So, let’s look at the 5 reasons you ask you to shift to responsive website design.

Google’s Thumbs Up Is a Necessity

Google’s Thumbs up

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Presumably, the most significant reason to utilize responsive design just because it's the favored technique of Google.

Google’s algorithm presently offers an inclination to sites that give a decent client experience. They additionally favor websites that utilization one URL rather than numerous (which will happen when you're running both a web and mobile site). That implies on the fact that if you've done everything on your site appropriately, aside from utilizing responsive structure, you could at present position beneath your rivals in fundamental Google’s Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs.

The More Versions of Your Website, The More Tough It Will Be for You to Optimize It

Previously mobile-friendly sites meant something else to us.

They were nothing but such sites which had a different mobile version for themselves. And this used to facilitate the ease of usage of the users surfing from mobile phones.

But nowadays things have changed as Google prefers websites with single URLs rather than having multiple versions of their website with numerous links. This hampers their ranks in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.

So, websites, everywhere, are looking forward to having a responsive version of their websites so that it fits well in the smartphones of users besides fitting well into the desktop screens.

Almost 39 People Will Bounce from Your Website If It Isn’t Responsive Enough

The Internet has provided people with so many choices that they won’t even bother bouncing form your website if it doesn’t suit them well enough.

Today, the internet has facilitated things so much that whatever the thing you wish to buy, you can make it just by surfing through your mobile phone. And, even if a website isn’t providing the option for delivering, you can just opt for certain other ways, and such ways will most probably be provided to you by the very same website. So, for a website to make its mark on mobile users, being responsive is a must.

Other than that, websites that have high-quality pictures or a good number of pictures, take much time to get loaded. Yes, websites that consist mostly of the images, images that tell about their products, or about their portfolio, are quite obvious to take more time to load. And, website loading time is a big issue. People usually leave websites as they feel like such websites are much time-consuming.

So, if you have a similar website and you are worried about the loading time of your website, then I have something to save you with. Try to resize such images without affecting the image quality. That’ll help you much in retaining website visitors which will eventually result as a successful conversion.

Responsive Sites Have Better UX

Responsive Sites Have Better UX

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There are numerous altered approaches to make your website go mobile.

The most well-known one is crafting a "Mobile-Friendly" website.

It simply means that the website will appear and work pretty well on a smartphone or a tablet but it will look a bit smaller than the usual website. This might seem a little frustrating to some as if a user is accessing the website using a phone that has a smaller sized screen, important details that are written in small fonts might seem tough to go through. So, my personal opinion would be to opt for a website that is mobile optimized.

In such a way, the reformatted content, images that are well optimized for mobile users as well as the main navigation buttons would seem to appear larger and clearer than it used to in the mobile-friendly version.

So, if you go for the responsive website option, then no matter what the screen size of the device the user is using be, it will appear properly without requiring to zoom in or any such hassles.

Shopping Through Smartphones Is the New Trend

Recent researches tell us that approximately 57% of the entire web traffic arrives from smartphones and other mobile devices which also counts in the tablets.

So, it is quite apparent that website owners just can’t rely on their original website to work fine everywhere irrespective of the platforms and sit back expecting their users to accept things just as they are.

They just can’t.

And the reason is quite clear that today almost all the websites have their mobile version to keep their users feeding a good quality customer service.

So, I hope you have no doubts understanding that to serve your users with the best surfing experience, websites need to present them with customized experiences anyway.


Like I already said that having a responsive website can benefit you in various ways. And the above 5 were the most vital reasons for shifting towards a responsive website. building a responsive website might pull out a few bucks from your pocket right now but will benefit you in all sorts of ways in the long run.

And I hope my article has made it clear to you enough.

But if you still have some queries, just give us a call and we’ll be there to serve you. We are a top-notch web design and development company with 80+ experts in our team has served over 1000+ clients worldwide. If you wish, you can hire web designers and developers from us or you can also hire us as your tech partners. We would be happy to work with you.

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