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restaurant app like zomato

Zomato is now India’s largest online food delivery application. And the unique features and amazing user interface that it houses has made it climb the ladder in user-friendliness. A business who thinks of starting something similar to the Zomato then at this point of time it would need to go for a  Zomato Clone.  Reasons being clear: user adaptiveness and the benefits of being familiar. However, it is not that easy, as Zomato is an integration of several features that cannot be simply cloned. But you don’t have to worry about that as we are going to provide you with a complete guide to launch a restaurant finder app like Zomato, right here right now. So, just follow.

How Zomato Works?

Understanding how Zomato works is crucial if you want to create an application that is similar to it in terms of interface, usability and business model. Now Zomato in terms of the business model follows the on-demand business structure. This is done through an application that helps its users to connect to the best restaurant possible in a matter of seconds. Now it’s not just that, the users can also order using Zomato. 

In this case, Zomato acts as the coordinator between the user and the restaurant. So whenever a user places an order form a restaurant Zomato notifies that restaurant to prepare a meal and also assign a delivery man to deliver the food package to the user. So in basic 

Zomato takes care of these basic things-

  • First, finding a restaurant and placing an order.
  • Second, notify the restaurant and at the same time updating the user about the status of their order.
  • The third is to assign a delivery man, that can deliver the food packet to the user fastest.

Now since we know how Zomato does business we can simply create an application to duplicate its functionality. Zomato app has many features that make it such an amazing application, and if you even want to set the bars, we recommend to set them high, as creating an exact copy of Zomato might not that be, but it’s not impossible either. So here are the basic Zomato features that you need to add in your clone application.

Food Delivery Application Interface

Zomato employs several delivery professionals, so they have a separate Zomato app version that helps these delivery professionals to receive a delivery request. This request will provide the delivery professional with the restaurant address and the user’s address and other basic information like contact details etc so that he can communicate with both the restaurant and the user if needed.

So this version of your application needs to have these functionalities.

  • Delivery Details – The delivery man should successfully receive information regarding the food packet pickup point and drop of point.
  • Navigation – The delivery boy doesn't need to be familiar with the area, so navigation to both pickup and drop off point are necessary. This functionality can be easily added to the application by using the GPS or using google map services.
  • Contacts Users and Restaurant – Like we said before this information is necessary in the case, the delivery man can not find the desired place or he/she is not able to deliver due to some reasons. Also, you need to add a build-in dialer so that the delivery professional does not have to close your application to open their dialer.
  • Track Record – You need to store all the data, regarding the whole trip from accepting the request to successfully delivering the package. It is necessary to pay the delivery professional and also for future records.
User App Interface

Well, it’s obvious, someone needs to place an order for the restaurant and delivery professionals to get some work through the Zomato application. So for the user application part, you need to have the following features.

  • Search Option- Its a bit obvious, as users will be looking for their preferred restaurant if they don’t find it in the suggestions.
  • Contact Information – You need to provide contact information of both the restaurant and the delivery professional to the users.
  • Payment Options – Apart from the cash on delivery option, you need to provide your user with multiple payment options. Having a built-in payment gateway will help you do so.
  • Track Package – You should have a track package option to let your users know the current status of their food package.
Restaurant App Interface

This interface is as important as any other interface of your application. This interface will constitute the information required by the restaurant to successfully contribute to your business application.

  • You need to provide the restaurant with three major information -
  • Order details
  • Payment Details
  • Delivery professional details.

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