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Managing a shop is always a tough task in the local market. The same goes for the online business, online Magento web store shop markets at the international fronts. If in a local market, location is important to establish a shop, then in the online shopping business making a website is important and selecting a target audience is a lot more important.

And in this article, we are going to answer both requirements!

Every year many new eCommerce businesses pop up and enter the online market; however, only a few have the guts in them to go for a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Those who patiently enjoy it gets success.

There are more than 2 billion websites on the internet! Not every website gets the chance to become successful! Furthermore, the majority of websites are in the eCommerce industry.

If you have plans to develop your online shop, then we have something interesting to share with you! Now, let me start with a statement - Your options aren’t limited to WordPress and Drupal CMS to make an eCommerce website.

“Nowadays, Magento eCommerce development services are powering 29% of online shopping websites on the internet!”

You might ask, “why Magento web development?”

It is because Magento is completely dedicated to the eCommerce business and is more efficient as compared to other website platforms. We are here to check it, once and for all!

Magento Got A New Release!

Magento 2.0 is the latest edition of this preferred eCommerce website builder which has its latest release on 28 January 2020. As soon as it came into the market, several top eCommerce development services providers in the USA have started suggesting Magento eCommerce solutions to their clients.

WordPress is considered as the MOST popular CMS, where one-fifth of the total websites in the world are built on it. After that, Magento is the website builder which have many websites on it, especially the eCommerce sites.

“From the statistics, we found that 11% of the total US-based websites are made on the Magento website builder.”

Some of the big brands who use Magento eCommerce development services: Samsung, Lenovo, Ford, Men’s Health FoxConnect, Olympus, Nestle Nespresso, Vizio, and Nike.

Additionally, there are many small & medium-sized companies that prefer to use Magento.

“In a study, it was found that, around 25% percent of Magento eCommerce websites currently ranking in the top one million websites in the world. This report is by Alexa's ranks.”

Magento 2 is worldwide famous for building the best eCommerce platforms. Presently, Magento 2’s latest release is available in the three packages: 

  • Magento 2 Open Source
  • Magento 2 Commerce Starter
  • Magento 2 Commerce Pro

Magento web development services are robust & deeply functional and will stay for a long time in the web development industry. This is the best chance for you to get down to your business.

Don’t get late and hire dedicated Magento developers in the USA who have the skills and knowledge to dynamically power your old site to a new one.

The increasing number of online Magento eCommerce stores easily convinces us that the Magento Web Development Services in the web development industry would become a strong pillar.

However, I know this is not enough to convince you to make you choose Magento for your future project development. Here, I have collected some of the best reasons that can at least entice you to go for it!

Magento - Not New, Not Old, But A Best eCommerce Website Builder Platform!

Highly Scalable & Flexible

There are 9000 websites that use Magento because of its flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, Fortune 500 companies are also using Magento because it allows eCommerce websites to easily adapt to new features and functionality. 

One Simple Backend For Multiple Storefronts

In any eCommerce website, product categories are part of a set part of the main website. However, in Magento, for each product category, you can create a specific website. A single backend system can give you different websites, each looking differently attractive.

Magento Is Mobile-friendly

Today mobile devices generate 48% of the internet traffic! Therefore, Magento developers had made the Magento eCommerce website platform very mobile compatible and responsive to all the touch screens of different smartphones.

Magento supports HTML5 whose intention is to give more functionalities over a single small screen such that mobile generates better CRO (Conversion rate optimization)!

Open-source & Stong Community

Magento eCommerce development platform is open-source; thus, it is free to use. Both of these editions: Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition can accelerate the performance of your website and have the ability to add new features. To maintain Magento in a good way, you get a large community of Magento developers.

High PO - Performance & Optimization

Magento eCommerce is enabled with many tools, in-built features, and encrypted libraries that increase the website’s performance and database optimization.

Best Security Features Ever

You can trust Magento security elements to develop the best eCommerce website. It facilitates the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and keeps all the transaction data safe by following all General Data Protection Regulation laws. Magento is a customer-friendly platform!

Some More Benefits Of Magento:

  • The innovative filtered search option
  • Role-specific features
  • Allows Google A/B Testing
  • Manage multiple stores in one website

Magento is SEO friendly

In the eCommerce online market, ranking plays a great role in increasing your business. If you get the chance to put your Magento eCommerce website #1 on Google, then the chances for you to earn becomes more.

For this purpose, Magento’s SEO friendly platform provides an in-built digital marketing assistant that manages complete SEO and digital marketing related functions upon your commands. Its CMS is brilliantly made and content writers would love it over other eCommerce website builders.

Particularly For eCommerce

Other website builders like Drupal and WordPress make other websites too including eCommerce sites. But Magento was built specifically for the eCommerce platform. Magento is the best CMS option for the eCommerce website and is designed to provide the best user experience than ever before.

Lastly, Consumer Experience!

Every Magento development company guarantees good consumer experience as they use Cloud and Magento together. If you want to provide a better quality consumer experience to your online visitors and customers in shopping, then prefer choosing Magento.

Magento provides out of the box eCommerce solutions and has a lot to offer us!

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