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Long before Covid-19 led to a global lockdown, work from home was nothing new for millennials and they transformed it into an appealing trend. Working at flexible hours from the comfort of your room, isn’t that the most convenient and fun way to work?

Remote working has currently become a global mandate. If not done right, work from home can get unbearable, impractical and can make you feel lonely. The mass panic due to a global pandemic has made it difficult for WFH newbies to cope with the lack of an office environment.

Research studies depict that more than 80% of employees who work remotely are more productive. But a lot of planning and self-discipline go into reaching that percentage.

Follow our tips to stay organized and productive while working from home:

Make Time Tracking Apps your best friend: A major advantage of WFH is flexible timings but if you lose track of your time, you may end up procrastinating. Taking a day to complete an hour’s work is not wise. Toggle, RescueTime, and HourStack are a few great productivity apps you can use to get your work done as soon as possible and save some time to relax.

You can create to-do lists of all your tasks for the day. Make sure you leave enough time to edit your work or to add some finishing touches at the end of the day.

Create a Fixed Workspace but Keep Changing It from Time to Time: Working with an organized workspace helps you work at a much faster pace as all the things you will need for your tasks will be in one place. However, working on your desk can get monotonous and boring. 

WFH gives you an opportunity to change your work environment whenever you feel like it. Shift to your balcony, garden, or to your very comfortable couch to make work a little more interesting.

Allot Yourself Regular Working hours: It is important that you get into a routine when it comes to working. At home, it is very difficult to stay away from distractions, which is why you need to have fixed work hours.

Monitor your breaks and try to work as many hours as you did at your office. You can work at your most productive hours but do not slip into the habit of taking irregular breaks. 

Keep Family Time and Work Time separate: Work-life balance is essential for success and increasing productivity. However, when you are home it is difficult to keep work and life separate. Let your family and friends know that though you are home you are not available for a few hours because of work. 

Do not pick up any household chores unless you are on a break. You can interact with your family during lunch or tea time but not while you are working on your tasks.

Stop Scrolling Through Social Media: Social media is undoubtedly addictive and easy to access. We all love laughing at memes, texting our friends, and watching funny videos, however, it robs all our time away. Make sure that you log out of your social media accounts and work incognito. 

Pick up Some Chores during Breaks: While it is convenient to take power naps or watch T.V, it is important to stay active even during work breaks to not lose your focus. Chores such as washing utensils, laundry, cleaning and organizing your room will keep you on your toes and get your mind off work. 

Keep Communicating with Your Colleagues: Connecting with your team will not only make you efficient, but it will also allow you to have some human interaction. WFH does not mean you stop communicating with your colleagues

The lockdown can make you feel isolated therefore, it is important that you keep reaching out to your colleagues/team through video chats, text messages, or calls. Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Skype for business, Slack, and Microsoft teams at the top video conferencing apps as of today.

Focus better with Music: White noises, classical music, ASMR videos, or study music can help you concentrate on your work. You can listen to uplifting music when you are working urgent tasks and keep switching up your playlists depending on the pace of your tasks.

Stay away from sad songs or catchy songs as they are not conducive to a work environment. 

Secure the Data: If your work involves handling some sensitive client or customer data, be cautious about privacy. Make sure that you use a VPN while working from home for as long as you are working with files only meant for internal access.

Dress to Work: While it sounds cool to skip your morning shower and work in your shorts or pajamas at the beginning of WFH, the laid-back attitude may seep into your work.

Take a bath, keep your workspace clean, and complete your morning routine before you start working. Keep a few comfortable outfits separate for work. This will help you get into your work zone.

Do Not Hesitate to Take days off: Just because you can work from home more comfortably does not mean you cannot take sick leaves along with the weekly offs you get.

You do not have to push yourself to work more or work while you are not keeping well. It is important to prioritize your physical and mental health. 

In the end, your overall lifestyle influences how you handle the work from home scenarios. If you feel that WFH is not resonating with you, try to make some external changes. Eat healthier snacks, exercise, interact with your friends or colleagues, plan your work in advance, and have faith in yourself. Work from home accelerates growth, personal satisfaction, and independence. It is a great opportunity for you to become more adaptable and resilient!

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