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The smartphones and the internet have changed the way of working, living standards, and customer expectations a lot. In busy work schedules at times, it gets hectic getting an appointment at a local spa or salon. Also, you cannot catch up on the preferred time for services regularly or have to wait for the professionals to break free. Several other salons provide deals to appeal to their consumers. Still, due to lack of awareness, consumers tend to waste their precious time sitting in a busy and expensive beauty salon.

As always, technology makes our lives more convenient. It saves a good amount of time, and the beauty industry is no exception. A slight touch of the latest technological innovation and there is a whole new sustainable business model of on-demand beauty service application development. It came, and it turned the tables forever. The beauty industry is no longer the same. With an on-demand beauty service mobile applications, the salon, beautician, and service come to your home. How cool is that?

The entire business model is based on the provision of beauty services to clients at home while offering beauticians the opportunity to promote their services and businesses. The whole food chain is sustainable and benefits; whoever is part of it.

Gone are the days when the upper class or wealthy people only used the beauty services available in the comfort of your home. Now, with the arrival of mobile apps, everyone can relish the privileges of multiple types of beauty and wellness services at affordable prices.

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While there are a plethora of success stories, those businesses that have withstood the test of time and emerged as market leaders are pretty limited. Some examples of market leaders in this domain are:

Here are three crucial lessons to examine in developing a successful salon mobile application:

# 1 Provide users with a varied menu to get their solutions in one place

In order to develop an on-demand beauty service mobile app, you need to consider the smallest needs that a user can expect from an on-demand online beauty service. When planning to create an on-demand beauty service app or a salon app, you need to define a varied menu. The list should consist of all your beauty treatment services, from simple haircuts to manicures and various other body rejuvenating treatments.

Our human tendency is to find more options in the same service. Even when scrolling in an online mobile app, they want to see more packages and beauty services. Therefore, you will need to integrate an easy-to-use mobile application layout for easy navigation from one list to another.

# 2 Schedule multiple services based on date, time, and location

When looking for a programming application for your beauty, it is crucial to consider your consumer convenience.

Users have switched to various online services due to their instant ease and similar advantages.

  • Scheduling/rescheduling an order or service
  • Select the time, date and location according to your preferences
  • Cancel the last minute appointment or delivery for a small fee or no fees
  • Choose your professional service providers.
  • Book one service or more at a time in one day

Now, speaking of an app named Glamsquad for your salon business, online dating is going to be saved. You will be able to attend all clients and avoid misunderstanding or accidents in a phone conversation. The automatic scheduling and rescheduling feature can easily manage multiple beauty appointments in one beauty salon app. Also, through the app’s built-in calendar, you as the owner and end-user can easily check available appointments and spaces.

Therefore, if you like to develop a salon or on-demand beauty service app in 2020, it is important to consider this interesting lesson. Being in the iOS / Android mobile app development company, our application consultants provide directional navigation solutions for your application development idea. You can also check out the salon idea and its range as an online beauty platform.

# 3 Provide users with a shopping experience (e-commerce platform)

If you are planning your business by creating on-demand beauty service apps, then what is the best idea of ​​the e-commerce platform for your beauty products?

What if an online user requires to purchase his product line anytime, anywhere? Through the mobile application of shopping in their salon, they can purchase the products they want whenever they want. As a feature to use your mobile cosmetic application, you can offer some gift cards and discounts when shopping online from your salon management program.

We believe in business traffic as a comprehensive solution to service needs or business mobilization, which include the ability to provide an e-commerce solution. This makes the two an ideal match for a successful business.

Now, let’s see some crucial features that can draw more users and keep them on your cosmetic platform. In return, your online brand will earn its share of goodwill.

Required Team Structure

In order to convert your beauty service app idea into reality a skilled and expert team is always required. Also, there are various individuals that are required in creating a mobile application from scratch. So let’s take a quick look at the required team structure:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysis Team
  • iOS & Android Developers
  • Front-End Developers (AngularJS Developers, UI/UX Developers)
  • Backend Developers (.Net Developers, PHP Developers, NodeJs Developer)
  • QA Experts

It is recommended to hire mobile app developer having a good track record of creating such applications. An experienced company has skilled developers who have rich domain knowledge.

Cost to Create an On-Demand Beauty Service Mobile App

We cannot find the exact price for the development of a salon mobile app, however, we can give an estimated price for developing such a mobile app. The cost of development of On-Demand Beauty Service mobile app completely depends on various significant factors like:

  • The platforms (Android or iOS) on which the mobile app is being created.
  • Complexity & Features involved.
  • UI/UX development of the mobile app
  • Third-party API integration
  • Timeline of Development & Team Size
  • The geographic location of the mobile app development company

The mobile application with the basic features of an on-demand beauty application will cost you around $15000 if it is developed in India. Furthermore, the mobile application created on both platforms, Android and iOS with advanced features and technologies would cost you around $25,000 to $40,000.

Let’s Wrap Up:

So, in this blog post, we learn everything about business on-demand beauty service mobile applications. Later, we discuss features, team structure, and cost of the development of a beauty service or salon mobile app. No doubt, this type of mobile apps are gaining momentum and are accepted by the consumers as it saves their time and is quite convenient to use.

A good mobile app development company in India can help you in developing secure, scalable, and feature-packed salon mobile apps. Also, you can hire mobile app developers for creating your mobile apps. You should choose the right mobile app development company and check their previous portfolio of the successful mobile app development project. You should also check online reviews and ratings of the mobile apps that are created by the company.

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