How IoT and Chatbots are Transforming Mobile App Development for Enterprises across Niches?


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IoT, or the ecosystem of connected things, is continuing to transform mobile app development trends. This transformation has not been possible suddenly, and it took years of progress to see the current growth and reach of IoT apps. Thanks to the Internet of Things, there has been a radical shift to the way apps are used to utilize the potential of connected reality. Chatbots, on the other hand, represent sophisticated interactive programs that transformed the customer interaction, customer support, and communication for many businesses. As today's consumers and users are more impatient and restless than ever before, the faster and precise replying capability to customer queries made Chatbots irreplaceable tools for enterprises across the niches. 

Together, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Chatbots represent an altogether different reality those enterprises find suitable to grow and prosper with. Thanks to these two forceful technologies, business process automation and making workplaces smarter have become easier than ever before. These two technologies, apart from bringing change to the business processes, have transformed mobile apps that stay at the forefront of enterprise systems now. 

Benefits of Intelligent Chatbots for Mobile Apps

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), Chatbots continue to get smarter, intelligent, and more audience-centric than ever before. While the AI edge made Chatbots smarter and more equipped to fit the user preferences and taste, the Chatbots, unlike human interactions, gave enterprises the stay interactive all the time for the sake of customer communication. 

The present-day mobile platforms are coming with intelligent voice assistants like Apple Siri and Google Assistant, are further making life easier as you can interact with these Chatbots and get a lot of things done without really needing to download a separate app. This is how AI-powered Chatbots penetrated all spheres of life and continue to work as your digital guide, customer support, and remote control to take care of a lot of different communication and actions. The best thing is, as, with a bot, you can do such an extensive range of things; you may not need to download a lot of apps. Just the smart mobile assistant can be enough. 

Thanks to AI, Chatbots continue to be more user-centric in nature. Instead of picking a "yes" or "no" as an obvious choice based on rules set by the AI algorithm, now Chatbots can give more delicate answers and can offer a broader range of options between the two terminal ends. Chatbots are increasingly becoming powerful in respect of mimicking human reasoning through advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, which seem to be more formidable as the harbingers of change. 

For mobile app developers, Chatbots came as an efficiency-boosting technology to make way for smooth deployment and faster time to market. AI-powered Chatbots help mobile apps to create a better user experience and easy implementation of a gamut of features. Most importantly, Chatbots also make the user onboarding process easier. 

Let's have a quick look at the key advantages of intelligent Chatbots for mobile apps. 

Easy Deployment 

There are several reasons for a mobile app to find Chatbots incredibly helpful. If you can build and release a quality chatbot for your customers, it can even be utilized as an alternative to a fully-fledged mobile app. Moreover, bots are extremely easy to set up and can be used for chatting. 

Getting Maximum from Chat and Messaging Apps

Chatbots can help increase the appeal of chat and messaging apps to a great extent. They can be easily integrated with messaging apps and, in many ways, can improve messaging quality. With Chatbots, the mobile app without spending a fortune can efficiently deliver a highly interactive user experience. 

A Social Tool as Well 

These days Chatbots are used across all social network platforms, and they help users to carry out conversations with business brands and get informed about various things. Now, these Chatbots can also be informed about respective user accounts and their social profiles and accordingly can tweak the answers and communication. 

How have IoT Apps Made Connected Reality Mainstream? 

Internet of Things (IoT) has made connected mobile apps mainstream now. An array of reasons can be cited as the contributing factors behind this. Let's have a quick look at some of these reasons. 

  • The Internet of Things, with a connected ecosystem of gadgets and sensors, gave businesses the opportunity of having seamless coordination and communication without requiring much effort. 
  • The Internet of Things has emerged as a powerful technology to help businesses address different user contexts and user scenarios, thanks to the capability like location tracking.  
  • Connected devices are also helping enterprises to gather and collect a variety of customer data for more informed decision making processes and choices. 
  • Connected reality powered by cloud storage and cloud computing us also helping enterprises with advanced computing solutions that create less overload on enterprise IT systems. 
  • Connected gadgets and sensors are particularly helping some industry niches like supply chain and logistics, where connected sensors are allowing real-time information about the freights, cargos, and on-road vehicles to ensure the most efficient management. 


From retail to healthcare to manufacturing to transport, almost every industry and business enterprise across niches are now benefited by the Chatbots and AI. Mobility and mobile apps being at the forefront of these two technologies have been transformed the most.

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