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The ways and means of progressing with mobile application developments have changed a lot since the past few years and is greatly influenced by the trending mobile app user behaviors. It attracts people to have maximum user engagement and discovers newer opportunities going one step ahead of simple web browsing. Basically, it requires building a good app with astonishing user experiences for engaging your brands within the audience and improve ROI. There are nearly 204 billion app downloads in 2019 and it proves that a gigantic population of mobile app users is showing their keen interest erstwhile. This statistic is going to improve with the rise in smartphone users going up from 3.2 billion to 3.8 billion’s worldwide. 

Google App Store Statistics you must consider before building your own app

Often the google play store is utilized to be a customer-centric platform that can curate every kind of new mobile application and create the ease of access for people globally. However, on an individual basis, you may have to know the Google Play Store statistics to uninterruptedly proceed with the development of your Android App. Here we have written this article to make you aware of potential statistics and facts about the Google Store which by default impacts any business owner’s chiefly. 

  • How many apps are available on Google Play Store?

The number of mobile apps appearing every quarter in the Google App Store is vast and bewildering. It is also considered to be one of the secure platforms that have in excess of a million users participating every day. This huge popularity and attractions in the Google Store platform induce many developers to opt for their app development project and ensure to boost off the total number of users. 

  • How many Apps are released daily, per week, month and year?

The demand for mobile apps is inevitable and promises to have linear growth all the while. According to the Google Play Store report, there are around 3,310 mobile applications getting added every day. This kind of appearance in the Google Store would result in larger approval of apps when reviewed on a broader scale.

  • Google Play Store Apps by rating  

The ratings issued by Google Play Store allows users to easily download apps according to their preferences. Sadly there are 1, 155,638 apps in the Google Play Store that do not have the ratings granted. Thus, the Google App Store is helping both the mobile user and app developer in building their mobile application development and get the user rating without fail. 

  • Google Play Store app downloads

The statistics about the no of installs over the google play store in the first half of 2019 should definitely instigate a good interest within developers when compared to the download statistics of 2017. Their respective app downloads were 84.3 billion and 67 billion within mobile users. The Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger Apps were the maximum downloaded apps that appeared with a larger user base intently accessing across google play store. 

  • Free and Paid App Downloads

Google Play Store permits the download of both free and paid apps for the end-user. During the month of December in 2019, the number of free apps released was 96.2% while the rest was converted into paid apps. Nevertheless, some of the free apps also had the facility to collect fees through in-app purchases and get developers hugely rewarded. 

  • Android Apps with in-app billing

Normally the paid apps directly benefit the developer with instant revenue and no more you will have to worry about generating revenue if you are owning a free android app in the google store. The basic reason for it is free apps induces a lot of downloads among users and enable the in-app billing indisputably. This method of payment gateway integration is found to be approximately built-in 2, 59,555 android apps. 

Global Usage of Play Store Apps
  • App Usage by Age: In a recent study conducted across the United States infer that millennials are the maximum users accessing mobile apps, quite often with 10.5 times per day while the teens level around 9.4 times fidgeting with apps. The baby boomers were the last in the list with only 5.5 times engaged in working with apps. 
  • Devices Usage by Specific App Categories: Mobile devices are not restricted to using the Internet and people utmost leverage this connectivity to their advantage. The past research on data analytics shows that app usage is found to be maximum on some category that basically impacts the access to smartphones greatly. 
  • Usage by Country: The user behavior towards responses in mobile apps should be equivalent and mostly governed by their geographical location. Some countries persist to have a high rate of app usage than other regions. In India, the app downloads are close to infinity and frequent since Q2, 2018 to Q2, 2019. These statistics have increased from 4.39 billion to 5.26 billion. 

Most popular Apps categories on Google Play Store

Basically all the apps are meant to acclaim recognition regardless of their capability in being categorized within the google play store. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the most sought after the category was listed to be Gaming and Enterprise Apps that account for 13.35% of all the available apps worldwide. The Education Apps had a share of around 8.95% in the google play store.

Google Play Store App Revenue Statistics

Usually, the App Revenue Statistics refers to the collection of all the revenue streams generated by various apps registered in the google store across multiple categories. Approximately about 14.2 billion U.S. dollars was the actual revenue generated in the first half of 2019. If you keenly look into the App Revenue charts then it should reveal to you that both the Gaming and Educational Apps are leading at the topmost in the list. 

Gaming happens to be one of the strategies of google store devised to attract a huge sum of revenue for App Developers. In a recall, during the January month in 2019, the king-size apps generated altogether 93.8 million USD revenue from the Android App Downloads and followed by Netflix streaming media. 


Google Play Store is a default storage space for mobile applications with an abundant number of mobile apps getting released each and every day making it a tougher place for competition. Certainly, this should urge any app developer to initially learn about the Google Play Store statistics and criteria’s even before building an app, since it can unfold some of the hidden benefits. 

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