Top 5 Free Photography WordPress Themes 2020


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Photography WordPress Themes

Photography WordPress themes are mostly used by professional photographers. The WordPress themes showcase your personality all over the internet.

It is always better to choose those themes that have premium features and several customizable options that make your task much easier. There are the best free photography WordPress themes available that can make your photography flow like art in your themes.

If you are searching for free themes for your photography business on your WordPress site then you must search for those which are customizable. You need to choose attractive as well as customizable themes for your WordPress themes.

Top 5 Free Photography WordPress Themes 2020

Here are the free photography WordPress themes 2020 which offer several features that can hold your attention for a while. Give a clear look at all the features that each theme has.

  • Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is one of the best WordPress themes that are fully customizable and has several options. This perfect contains a category navigation area and consolidated menu.

On the header part, there is a full image option where you can upload your most beautiful photograph. Down below that you can upload a series of images to attract all the customers worldwide.

The colors that it possesses have a perfect combination that flows with your imagination. This theme will showcase your talent in photography.

  • Infinite Photography:

This free photography WordPress theme consists of a header module that makes your theme a perfect one.

This theme is fully responsive and has infinite options to make your WordPress theme an amazing one. This theme will attract all customers worldwide and in return, it will increase your leads and sales.

Infinite photography has infinite features that make your site too attractive and wonderful. This theme will give your site a professional look. If you want a theme that has a modern look then this WordPress theme can be your prime choice.

  • Photolite:

Photolite is one of the best WordPress themes that highlight your photographer’s talent. It will make your site a beautiful one by providing all the features that are essential for your WordPress.

It has a call-to-action button that is completely customizable and is perfect if you want to send a landing page to target your customers.

This free photography WordPress theme is perfect for you if you want to showcase your personality. Photolite gives the layout of your sidebars. It makes your talent shine like a star!

  • Fotographie:

The Fotographie is a free photography WordPress theme that can hold your attention for a while! 

This theme can allow you to build an elegant and simple website instantly. For those who want an ideal theme then no photography theme can be as good as this theme.

It has several features such as flexible headers, widgets, sidebars, and many more. You will also get options to place your contact information and many more on the footer section as well as the sidebar. These features are standard ones and can grab your attention for a while. 

  • Silvia:

Silvia is another great WordPress site that provides a beautiful white interface and it will make your task easier. 

When people will visit your site and see your pictures as a beautiful ones then it will increase your number of clicks i.e., increase your number of conversions.

The buttons that this site consists of are very customizable and will surely improve your leads and sales to a great extent. There is a beautiful logo spot at the top of this where you can put your logo and make sure that you make it an attractive one. So that when people visit your site they will become glad.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! I have tried my best to keep all the dishes on a single plate. Therefore, be sure to consider the features that a particular theme consists of. Make sure your preferred theme is lightweight and has various features.

The above-mentioned themes are the best ones if you want to start a photography website and make your career as the best photographer. You can also use this theme for interior design, architecture, art, fashion, graphic design, and many more. 

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