10 features that make React JS an all-rounder framework


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React - All Rounder Framework

The web is empowered by Javascript and the numerous frameworks built on it. After HTML and CSS, Javascript has become the most important programming language. React JS, an open-source library by Facebook has become popular in the react developer’s community. Some features that have contributed to its popularity are as follows:  


React is known for its easy adaptability. The short life cycle approach makes it highly understandable. The arrival of ES2015 and ES2016 have set cyber norms for programming to be more user-friendly and functional. React render function makes it easy to comply with these norms. 

Improves SEO performance   

To load pages and content, React uses Javascript. This makes it easier for Google and other search engines to read the content, thus improving your page ranking. Plain HTML used in server-side rendering enhances the readability for GoogleBot. 

Free and open source

An open-source library, React gained immense popularity from its initial release itself. It gets regular updates from Facebook’s developers. There are active forums for discussions that facilitate collaboration with other developers as well. By making it open source, budding developers across the globe are able to get their hands on the codes developed by industry experts.       

Community support

React has huge community support. This translates to an active ecosystem consisting of tutorials, discussion forums, third-party libraries, and tools. This offers a lot of flexibility for programmers. React is used in various projects of Facebook including Instagram and WhatsApp, with each team having the freedom to update the library. 

Flux library 
Flux Library

We all are aware that React is a library of JavaScript. And Flux is among the best out there. With Flux, programmers can manage data across the application with ease. 

Server-side communication  

Server-side communication is one of those React features that made React one of the most heavily adopted Javascript frameworks. React JS library gives programmers lifecycle ‘hooks’. This feature helps you to understand the XHR request mechanism and thus facilitates easy updates in your library.  


JSX markup syntax has a close resemblance to HTML. The declarative syntax makes it easier to understand the functions of a component. JSX supports IDE features like linting and auto-complete. Using JSX, developers can build React to UI blocks and components easily. 

Component-based structuring 

Everything is component-based in React. Your web page will be divided into small components that form the UI. All the parts of the application will be in a self-contained module. The component logic is written in Javascript, meaning you can pass app data without disturbing the state of DOM.  

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is a copy of the real DOM with nodes represented as Javascript objects. Any modifications done in the web app will lead to the re-rendering of the complete UI. A check is run for the differences between the old and new DOM representation. Only the changes will be updated in the real DOM, thus making your application faster. 

Real DOM & Virtual DOM

React’s lightweight nature makes it very easy to be used in traditional multi-page apps. Add JS features and React’s components to your imported library to get started. SPAs with large pages are best made using React’s library. Third-party tools like Flux, Redux and create-react-app can be used to start your project.  

The points mentioned above are the reason for React’s acceptance in the frontend community. Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram have all used to React and are happy with their choice. You too can give React a chance and be a part of this ‘happy clan.’

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