How to Hire React Native Developers in India & UK?


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Are you looking for React Native Developers in India or the UK? Hire a qualified professional to assist with your project. Discover below the essential steps to recruit the best React Native developers for your project in India or the UK. However, these steps are suitable for people in either country and ensure that they find the ideal candidate for their needs.

Brief Overview of the Increasing Demand

The surge in demand for React Native developers in India & UK during the years is driven by the increase in use of mobile app development and the growing preference for cross-platform solutions. Since React Native allows developers to write code only once and run it across various platforms, it saves time and resources, making it an appealing option for businesses. Startups and enterprises are resorting to React Native experts to leverage its full potential and create stable apps.

Understanding the Skill Set

Therefore, in order to hire a competent React Native developer, one should focus on the following key skills and expertise. Firstly, aside from possessing excellent command of JavaScript, candidates must be highly skilled in React Native components, Redux and understanding of native build tools. Secondly, the applicant should navigate integrations with third-party libraries and APIs and have strong troubleshooting and debugging skills.

Where to Find React Native Developers

When it comes to sourcing React Native talent, several platforms cater to the needs of businesses in India & UK:

  1. Freelance Websites: Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal offer access to a vast pool of freelance React Native developers. While these platforms provide flexibility and scalability, vetting candidates for quality and reliability is essential.
  2. Job Portals: Websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are popular choices for posting job listings and attracting full-time React Native developers. Leveraging these platforms allows businesses to reach a broader audience and streamline the hiring process through applicant tracking systems.
  3. Specialized Agencies: Recruiting agencies and software consultancy firms specialize in matching businesses with skilled React Native developers. These agencies often have extensive networks and pre-screened candidates, simplifying the hiring process for companies seeking tailored solutions.

Pros and Cons

Each hiring platform has its advantages and drawbacks. Freelance websites offer flexibility but may lack consistency in quality. Job portals provide access to a large talent pool but require diligent screening to identify suitable candidates. Specialized agencies offer curated talent pools and personalized assistance but may involve higher costs.

Evaluating Candidates

Once candidates have been sourced, it's essential to evaluate their qualifications thoroughly. Beyond assessing technical skills, reviewing resumes, portfolios, and conducting interviews can provide insights into a developer's communication abilities, problem-solving approach, and cultural fit within the organization. Practical coding assessments or take-home projects can also help gauge a candidate's proficiency and creativity in React Native development.

Negotiating and Hiring Process

After identifying the ideal candidate, navigating the negotiation and hiring process is crucial. Setting clear expectations regarding job responsibilities, project timelines, and compensation is essential for both parties. Negotiating salaries, benefits, and contract terms should be approached collaboratively to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement. Once finalized, onboarding procedures should be streamlined to facilitate a smooth transition for the new hire.


Hiring React Native developers involves understanding their skill set, utilizing platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn, evaluating candidates through interviews and coding assessments, and negotiating collaboratively. Smooth onboarding ensures project success.

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