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The world of SEO is very dynamic. With updates, changes and new trends implemented so regularly, it can be hard to keep up. And, with online competition, higher than ever, it’s never been more important to keep up to date with the latest SEO Strategies, trends, and upgrades.

What those working in the SEO industry want more than anything, is to be the final destination of the user’s Websearch journey. This is the definitive factor of why each year, new strategies and trends are implemented, to try and better the competition.

With the importance of staying up to date with the latest changes and strategies ever apparent, we will be ensuring that you are as up-to-date as possible, for what is on the horizon, with the best SEO strategies in 2020. To further help yourself, you can check out the top SEO companies compilation and subscribe to their newsletter for the latest happenings in the SEO field.

What Is SEO?

Within the digital marketing industry, there are many different job roles. One, in particular, is search engine optimization (SEO). The people that would work within this sector have a very specific job, and that is to help websites rank higher within the search engines, therefore gaining more traffic to their site. This is commonly called ‘organic traffic’ and requires visitors to click through to the website simply from a search query.

An SEO will aid a business in discovering as many opportunities as possible, to answer all the questions that could be asked through a search query, in relation to the service or products they offer.

While this may seem like a one-way street, there are actually three different types of SEO, each working towards the same goal, just taking different paths.

Not to mention each containing the very latest best SEO strategies to achieve the highest success they can for websites.

  • On-Page SEO: Here, for some being the best SEO strategy there is, there is a focus on the content posted on the pages within the website. This content will be optimized through a series of relative keywords, to help it rank as high as possible within the search query.
  • Off-Page SEO: This is more external. The SEO will focus on getting as many web pages linking back to the website as possible. Commonly known as ‘backlinks’, the more obtained, the more trusting the website will look to the search engine, and will, therefore, rank much higher.
  • Technical SEO: The opportunity here is to examine a website’s architecture from the back end to understand how each webpage is set up technically. This is because as much as Google enjoys the content on a page, it likes coding too. So, in order to rank higher, the website codes need to be SEO focused.
#1 E-A-T

An acronym that seems to have been thrown around the SEO industry a lot, is E-A-T: Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

This stems from the fear Google is now facing, with concerns that the content that is currently ranking isn’t exactly satisfying the user’s intent and has plans to become much stricter in what it places high in the search engine and the reasons why it is doing so.

It’s more difficult for those writing about mainstream subjects, such as the healthcare industry, finance, and politics. This is because, even if the web pages are filled with the right features such as links and keywords, the Google algorithm is still trying to find better reasons to trust that information, scouring the internet for websites to back up the claims made within the piece.

From here, it is likely that the concern will reach out to even more industries, knuckling down on even the smallest of subjects, ensuring their claims are true before offering the site out to users.

It has become a habit for those in the industry to manipulate the common SEO, in order to rank higher than they usually would within the search engine. But, with the much stricter rules for the E-A-T process, SEOs will no longer have the option and will rank just as good as their content is, which could be extremely low.

Implement Visual/Voice Search
SEO: Voice Search

While this process may still be in its infancy, it is working better than anyone originally expected. No longer are people wanting to search traditionally. Instead, they are opening their cameras and scanning an image to begin their search query journey. This isn’t the hardest task to take on either, with the google lens already identifying 1 billion different objects, which is still growing every day. It has even been suggested that 62% of users want more chance to use visual search, so it is understandable why this will be a beneficial strategy to implement into SEO for 2020.

This has now begun to be integrated into the use of SEO. With users not only searching for their phones, tablets or computers, but voice search devices such as the Alexa or echo dot. Any searches made need to react with the chosen keywords and draw up search results that can correspond, and satisfy the user’s intent.

Because of this, the voice search trend has made the use of short, snappy keywords, almost irrelevant, and longtail is becoming a much more profitable keyword to use within the content.

It has been suggested that within the year 2020, more than 50% of all internet searches will be done via a voice compatible device. Because of this, it has never been more important for the SEO industry to now optimize content for voice search, to ensure their websites are always included in the search results, for all devices and users.

Leveraging Influences

Sometimes the use of digital adverts and imagery pop-ups on a screen can begin to feel rather inundated, a repetitive form of marketing that is getting somewhat overdone, to try and increase traffic to a site. These screened ads can come across rather untrustworthy and not as authentic as marketing should be.

This is where the use of influencers can come into the new SEO strategies for 2020. Viewers are much more inclined to engage with a marketing technique given by a well-known person, than simply an image on a screen. Because of this, all digital marketing companies should invest in this form of marketing, even just trying to boost the traffic and improve its brand name, as it is said to produce amazing results compared to the traditional form of marketing strategy.

Simply hiring an influencer can help amplify the content reach already gained, helping to generate those much-wanted backlinks and traffic to a site, due to the people who may be following this influencer and like what they are talking about.

But, it is important to ensure the chosen influencer can relate to both the brand and the audience trying to be reached. This way, the audience will not feel as though they are receiving fake marketing from a well-known person who seems as though they have taken the job for money..


Google: 202 SEO strategies

SEO is an important element for businesses trying to make a name for themselves in the overcrowded space that is online.

Ranking high in the search engines has never been more difficult than right now, with regular algorithm and event trend changes, if the industry is not kept up with, being high in the search return lists is almost impossible. From the procurement consulting industry to a sports clothing site, each is equally as important and needs the same features to ensure they can rank well, in particular, the ones suggested to implement for 2020.

Likewise, with 2019, 2020 will be sure to bring a few new best SEO strategies that the businesses will need to implement in order to see success. joining the new wave of marketing by using influencers, to ensure content is trustworthy and authentic.

Google has never been smarter than it is right now. Because of this, shortcuts are no longer available. It’s time to go back to putting in the hard work and trying to rank high in the search engines with high-quality strategies and techniques that will work, providing a trusting and knowledgeable website to the users.

Google is entirely based on the way users behave, so keeping up with this will allow content and websites to be provided accordingly to the trends and will give the users as best of satisfactory experience as possible.

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