5 Shoe Design Software to Watch Out in 2022


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5 Shoe Design Software to Watch Out in 2022

3D printing is the new buzzword in the printing industry. This new printing technique is benefiting many industries, especially the footwear and eCommerce industry. This has also unlocked shoe customization. Now, footwear businesses and eCommerce store owners are leveraging shoe design software to allow their customers to customize their shoes the way they want. This results in increased user experience, customer loyalty, sales, etc.

You must be searching for the perfect shoe design software if you are also a footwear business or an eCommerce store owner. But there are many shoe design software available in the market. So, which one will you choose? To ease this issue, we have come up with top 5 shoe design software for 2022.

Brush Your Ideas

Brush Your Ideas is a robust shoe design software that enables your customers to design diverse kinds of shoes. Round, Square, Chisel toe, or any type, Brush Your Ideas can design it all. Users just have to choose their type, style, and color to design their desired pair of shoes.

You can integrate Brush Your Ideas shoe design software into your website with great ease. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard that offers your customers a rich shoe design experience. In addition, it allows you to permit/restrict customers to design various areas of the shoes like Upper, Vamp, Counter, etc.

Moreover, users can also have a preview of the designed shoe and place an order directly with you. Another key feature of this shoe designer tool is that it is compatible with every eCommerce platform. So, no matter whether your store is on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or any other platform, Brush Your Ideas has got you covered.

If we have a look at the features, then Brush Your Ideas offers:

  • More than 10,000 customizable clipart
  • Custom image upload
  • Multiple design area
  • Background patterns
  • Image effects/editing
  • All side preview

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a well-known product design software. It comes with more than 500 brushes and paints palettes to ensure high-quality shoe designs. It also comes with a bunch of advanced features that enable your customers to:

  • Create print-ready and customized designs
  • Browse a huge library of clipart, images, and texts to create personalized designs and templates
  • Access templates that offer options like multiple fonts and multi-colored texts
  • Craft designs on any shoe that has a printable surface

Illustrator is also great for creating layout designs, animating motion graphics, and providing editing features. In addition, it also enables users to do shape structure manipulation and vector illustrations.

Adobe Illustrator offers a lot of training and online materials for creating excellent shoe designs. This makes it ideal for someone who is a specialist with less experience.

Adobe Illustrator comes with panels that help to create fine corners of the shoe design (Corner Widget). This separates shapes that a user can later on fill with colors.

Users can also create elementary shapes with the help of a Shape Builder Tool. This also allows them to draw a zig-zag and a zipper with Pattern Brush.


inkXE is the most suitable shoe design software for small and medium-scale businesses. This software enables users to create custom shoes of different styles and sizes. Customers can simply add the shoe image or text. They can also edit the color, pattern, and size of the shoe to get their desired combination

This software allows users to print their shoe designs using different printing methods. Furthermore, it also enables customers to add a different look to the shoes with different decoration areas options, including stitching, logos, patterns, etc.

inkXE has a large collection of preloaded design templates. These templates allow users to design shoes quickly without having them to design it from scratch. Users can use several templates and edit them according to their needs.

Users can apply mask effects and image filters. They can also vectorize uploaded images. Users can make their look more appealing by adding text with effects.

Similar to Brush Your Ideas, inkXE is also compatible with all major kinds of eCommerce platforms.

Now, let us have a look at some major features of inkXE.

  • Seamless installation process
  • Customise the software to meet your business needs
  • Users can remove background images and other unwanted design elements
  • Users can preview shoes in 3D
  • Switch among different printing methods
  • Save and share designs
  • Flexible enough to use any printing method
  • Lifetime support from inkXE team


Shoemaster is a leading CAD/CAM system offering 2D and 3D solutions for footwear businesses worldwide. Traditional shoemakers have designed this software to offer tools and solutions for the design, engineering, and development of diverse kinds of footwear.

Users can design shoes with the help of proportional and efficient 3D designs. They can also use corporate materials, colors, and materials. Users can also build seasonal ranges with the help of virtual environments.

Some other major highlights of Shoemaster are:

  • This solution helps in reducing costs along with enhancing productivity and quality.
  • It is an ideal solution for development technicians and designers.
  • Users can design different kinds of footwear like sports, formals, high fashion, children’s, orthopedic, safety, and custom.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is an AutoDesk product that can be utilized for simple and complex shoe designing. If we talk about the features, they are similar to that of AutoCAD. Fusion 360 is a great tool for technical and mechanical designs. However, it has a restricted ability to create artistic 3D models, making it a beginner’s version of AutoCAD.

Fusion 360 allows users to create a virtual prototype. It enables users to view the shoes from all angles. Users can also add texts and images on the shoes. Users can also edit colors along with the materials of the shoes. Users can also choose heel height and soles. Users can produce different shapes and sizes of the shoe component generated by this software.

Key features of Fusion 360 include:

  • Free student licenses
  • Familiar AutoDesk interface
  • Great for minimal design techniques
  • Good for the more precise part of shoe creation (measurements, curvatures, etc.)


Shoe design software is a key that opens endless possibilities of shoe customization. This key has proved to be a boon for footwear and eCommerce industries. This is also a key to engage customers, gain customer loyalty, and boost revenues. I hope with this list your quest for the shoe design software ends.

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