SuiteCRM Live Tracking: Keep an Eagle Eye on Sales Activities


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Accessing CRM within the premises of your office is always possible. But at times, employees, especially sales reps have to access CRM on the go. This accessibility eases the task of updating and managing your CRM data. There are different mobile apps for different CRM systems that let you access CRM from mobile devices.

For instance, a SuiteCRM mobile app lets its users access CRM anytime, anywhere and on any device. But is providing accessibility of CRM enough?

The answer is NO.

Let’s understand why.


There’s always a constant need to interact with the sales team/sales reps. Now, interacting with them in your office at the end of a working day for updates or progress is always possible. But what if they can’t come to the office as they are out for projects in different cities or states?

In such a scenario, you’ll also need the means to track them in real-time. And interact with them on the go. 

So, you also need the Live Tracking feature in your mobile CRM app. It gives you the power to view and track your sales reps and their activities right from within your office. 

This helps you control your sales teams well by knowing what they are doing and when. With you tracking sales progress throughout the day, you no longer have to wait till the day ends. You can keep working on your future strategies throughout the day.

Also, such a mobile app should be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Or else, its use will be confined to users of only one OS. 

So, both the SuiteCRM android app and the SuiteCRM iOS app will be required to let all your users access it irrespective of the OS they are using. 

Let’s understand how Live Tracking with a mobile CRM app can make sales management easy for you. 

Advantages of Live Tracking

  • Manage Multiple Sales Teams

Every aspect of every sales executive is available at your fingertips. You can track check-ins, duration of a meeting, transit time, etc. When a working day ends, you can check how many sales reps have properly followed the schedule as well as their progress. 

  • Track Sales Progress on the Go 

Live Tracking lets you stay on top of sales progress. If a meeting with a client takes more time, you can consider that meeting potential enough for sales purposes. Thus, incoming insights from sales reps and durations of meetings can help you understand daily territory sales. And you can plan future strategies accordingly. 

  • Calculate Transit Expenses Easily

The transit time, the route a sales executive takes, and the total distance covered in a day are important to track. This data helps you get the exact information about a sales executive’s travel expenses at the end of the month. Further, it avoids any confusion while calculating expenses on both you and your employees’ side.  

  • Chart Transit Plans Efficiently

With every minute details like possible traffic on a day, commute path, and distance to cover at your fingertips, you can chart the most efficient daily transit plan for your sales team. This way, you can streamline your sales team and their activities. 

In a Nutshell

Thus, Live Tracking is a great feature to integrate with your CRM mobile app. It doubles the efficiency of your sales team. And helps you coordinate with all your sales executives in the most efficient manner possible.

If you are a SuiteCRM user, choose a SuiteCRM mobile app with a built-in Live Tracking feature and be at the helm of successful sales campaigns.

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