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Fashion store next level success

There are around 14,00,000+ e-commerce websites that are built on WordPress and out of them, more than 50% are fashion stores because fashion is roughly the most sold online.

So there is a high requirement as a large user base of plugins for fashion stores which in any way helps the store owners to maintain their sales higher.

Plugins that help the store owners to increase sales are in high demand and some developers understanding the need have developed some best plugins which are:

1) Pair Maker Feature

The word choice here stands for Custom and Selection. If you are selling apparel online then you need this plugin for sure. It increases user experience on the website with easy navigation and improved UI.

When items sold in pair like clothes are also shown in the way of pair then they get higher attention because of its unique UI and easy appearance.

The customer can start from where he usually starts when purchasing from an offline store. After selecting both top-wear and bottom-wear, the customer is shown his selected items in a pair which gives him/her more idea regarding their selected item.

This feature is coined by Sphere Plugins and the plugin name is WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice. You can see a demo here.

2) Cross-sell Products

Cross-sell means to sell related items along with the main product that the customer is intending to buy. It can be easily understood from the image given below:

Cross-selling has shown great results for amazon. Most customers are easy to convert while cross-selling. You should enable this feature if you have a fashion website. Because there are always people that are wanting to buy all related products together.

So it is a win-win situation for both the customer and as well as the seller.

Cross-selling has always proved beneficial.

3) Payment Gateway Integrations

Inappropriate mode of payment is something that is stopping the most buyers to take the final step. As the fashion store is a B2C business model so it is obvious that the customers can have balance in any wallet according to their own convenience.

And we as a seller, not trying to co-operate with their convenience end up losing the customer as well as the cost incurred to acquire that customer.

Make easy payments and accept through all the mediums that are popular in the country where you are selling.

4) CSS Hero

No matter, how nice or customizable theme you have selected for your fashion store but there is always a need to make some changes that cannot be prevented.

And that changes require coding knowledge while WordPress is mainly used by those who do not know anything about coding. So here comes the plugin called CSS Hero.

It becomes sometimes necessary to make changes in the static theme. All you have to do is just install the plugin and start customizing your theme.

5) Instagram Feed

Instagram has now become the most popular place to showcase your product if you are in a B2C business model. It has now got a lot of attention in the recent past. It has 1 Billion Active users.

Creating a strong profile is a necessity because of its large number of users. And showing the feed of a strong profile on the homepage also creates a great impression on the users.

It also makes the website look more professional and thus users can trust easily.

6) POWr

POWr is a great WordPress plugin that lets you create fashion and show it on your web page. It is not a page builder plugin but I can say that it makes complex WordPress simple with easy customizations.

Nowadays before creating a website, it has become necessary to first plan for better UI. Because the attention span has dropped very low and that is highly affecting how people engage with the content that they see on a day-to-day basis.

This is a different plugin than Elementor and other page builder plugins.

On the left side, there is a space to create fashion and on the right, it shows the preview of what you created.

I believe if you implement these 6 features/plugins into your store, you will definitely start seeing the hike in your sales if you have traffic too.

Just imagine, if you show your nice Instagram feed on the home page, improve your UI, customize your theme for a better experience, present your products in a new way that no other website does and at the end you also give customers their convenient payment options. There’s nothing left now that will make them leave without making a purchase.

The article ends here. Thanks for your time to read this article. I hope I brought you Value.

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