5 Ways Technology is Changing the iGaming Industry


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Technology keeps evolving and so are the ways we do things. Not so long ago, people had to visit brick-and-mortar casinos when they wanted to play blackjack and spin slots. Technology advancements and breakthroughs made things change and you can indulge in these games from the comfort of your home. The best part of it is that it doesn’t stop there. Tech continues to advance and the world of iGaming keeps evolving. And if you’re wondering how here are five ways technology is changing the iGaming industry.

Paying with cryptocurrencies

We’ve all heard so much about one of the newest things brought by technology – cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum keep gaining more attention and the number of people paying for stuff with them continues to increase. What’s more, these things have managed to seep into the world of iGaming and make a huge impact on it. One of the best things about digital currencies is that they make transactions safer. In fact, that’s why people already see them as a better alternative to other popular cashless paying methods. When it comes to iGaming, players were always looking for a way to make payments without having to worry about their money and they’ve finally got it. Not to mention that paying with digital currencies gives players a chance to make payments while staying anonymous.

Playing on mobile devices

According to some reports, more than 66 percent of people across the world own a mobile device. There are no doubt smartphones and tablets have never been more popular, which is exactly why iGaming providers saw the need to expand on mobile. Mobile games have existed for quite a while and it was only a matter of time we’ll see companies in the iGaming industry come with games of their own. Nowadays, there are so many players who don’t feel like spinning slots and placing bets on their PCs. Instead, all they have to do is install the iGaming company’s app and they can play any game they want while commuting or watching TV. These companies keep coming up with new ways to make games available on their apps more fun.

Trying new slot games

Not so long ago, you were able to choose from no more than a few slot games which one you’re going to play. As technology kept advancing, experts kept coming up with new ways to include slots in games. This is why, today, you can choose from a great number of slot games available and pick the ones you enjoy playing the most. Slot games are one of the most popular game types in the entire world of iGaming, which is exactly why we should expect to see more and more new slot games becoming available. Most new games include quality graphics, which is exactly what experienced players wanted to see.

Connecting with chatbots

Chatbots and AI technology have been around for quite some time and recently, they managed to find their way into the world iGaming as well. No matter if you enter an online casino to spin slots or you’re just looking for information, you can turn to a chatbot for help. This new technology can provide you answers to any questions you might have or send you a link to a page where you can find out more. Moreover, chatbots can serve as assistants to players, keeping them updated on their personal high scores. Even some iGaming companies rely on chatbots in the recruiting process as these things can help them identify top talent.

Playing in virtual reality

In the last few years, VR has been one of the most talked-about technologies in the world of gaming. There are a number of VR games for PC and console with those like Beat Saber and Lone Echo being some of the most popular releases since this new technology kicked in. But what about iGaming? Companies in the sector have already realized just how popular VR is and they’ve come up with their own ways to send players to virtual reality. This is why you can now walk into a real virtual casino from your room and play games such as blackjack and roulette. These games have turned out to be a huge success and it’s safe to say we’ll see more games be adapted for VR.

The bottom line

There’s no doubt technology has a huge impact on how things in the iGaming industry are playing out. Whether you’re an experienced player or you’re just looking to start spinning slots, staying alert is recommended as we can expect to see even more tech innovations in the future. Even if you spin slots and place bets only occasionally, you’re bound to see how these new techs have completely revolutionized the iGaming industry.

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