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The world is a fast-paced ride that people try to keep up with daily. And one that is propelling the world to such speed is technology. In this day and age, people can no longer imagine a life without IoT tech. From the moment a person wakes up to the time a person comes home from the day’s activities, technology is an aide in every move.

One facet of technology that is taking the world by storm is the Internet of Things technology. It is the use of physical objects that are integrated with a digital ability to communicate or perform scheduled tasks or the tasks at hand.

The IoT tech has provided comprehensive benefits in the fields of manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture, hospitality, I.T., health care, and just about any industry you can think of. More importantly, it has given people convenience from doing their day-to-day routines at home. I’ve encapsulated the five best modern IoT gadgets you must try.

1) Controlled Personal Assistant Gadgets

In the past, we used to manually do things such as read a book, turn the lights on, book a flight, adjust the room temperature, or check Yellow Pages for contact information. Then the World Wide Web made searching for information faster and easier through Google and all the other search engines.

Then the IoT tech came into the market and made everything simpler. Controlled personal assistant speakers such as Amazon Echo or Alexa can make you feel like a queen on a pedestal in the modern IoT device India. These devices have integrated microphones with noise cancellation features. It has state-of-the-art voice recognition systems that can hear any command even with background music on.

What these automated personal assistants can do is impressive and mostly accurate too. Most of these devices are also compatible with Android apps which make for a seamless performance. Here are some of the things these gadgets can do for you:

  • Play music
  • Deliver news and sports scores
  • Tell you the weather
  • Set the alarm in the morning
  • Ask for flights
  • Read your calendar activities
  • Check for public transportation and traffic
  • Read an audiobook
  • Request an Uber ride
  • Turn the lights on
  • Turn the coffee machine on
  • Set the room temperature
  • And more!
2) Smartwatches

Analog watches are a thing of the past. Not only are they hard to view especially in the dark and direct sunlight but they offer you nothing but time alone. What people want nowadays is bringing portable gadgets that cater to their every need just like a smartwatch.

Most smartwatches have touch-screen features and buttons that make maneuverability a breeze. Some watches also allow you to sync with your mobile phones to check messages, answer calls, and a whole lot of communication possibilities.

Here are some advantages of using a smartwatch:

  •    Makes telling time easier because of the backlit display
  •    Still, get connected through your smartwatch
  •    You can play music through your watch
  •    Make phone calls and text messages using your watch
  •    Receive social media notifications
  •    Perfect fitness tracker to monitor heart rate, sleeping habits, calories, and more
  •    Can play games on your watch
  •    Never get lost due to the GPS navigation feature
  •    Have a more personalized watch suited to your lifestyle
3) WiFi Spy Camera

Security is an essential factor in home living. When you’re living with children, senior citizens, and pets, sometimes you have to be on top of everything. One way to keep everyone safe is to be on the lookout all the time. However, this job is no match for a single person.

Having a WiFi spy camera at home can help you stay on top of things. This type of camera is connected so it can send you a screenshot when something unusual gets caught within sight. Then you can view the recording from your smartphone or gadget.

A WiFi spy camera isn’t only favorable for home security; it can also be installed as an office security measure. Wherever you are in the world, you will be updated of anything that triggers these cameras.

You may also use a spy camera as a nanny camera to monitor your babysitter. You can never be too trusting when it comes to your loved ones. The same goes if you have nurses taking care of your senior parents or relatives. A spy camera is also a fun way to check what your furry companions do whenever they’re alone.

4) Bed Bug Monitoring System

Red, itchy bites are extremely annoying especially when you’re having your siesta or slumber after a hard day’s work. Bed bugs are prevalent in a lot of cities in the United States especially in the North East and Midwest regions.

When bed bugs are undetected, they can grow in huge numbers, and it can be challenging to remove them. Although there are pesticides available in the market, sometimes these can be ineffective when the number is too overwhelming.

Bed bug monitors can lure bed bugs by using food or mimicking human blood. Even in their early stages, home or establishment can be monitored whenever it is infested with bed bugs. This way, precautionary measures can be administered during the initial life cycles preventing the proliferation of bed bugs.

Bed bug monitors can be used in guest houses, hotels, other living facilities, schools, theatres, homes, and even hospitals.

5) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t you wish you no longer need to vacuum every area of the house manually? And use the dustpan for hard-to-get corners? Robotic vacuum cleaners are powerful automated vacuum cleaners that swipe your rugs, carpets, and floors clean. They are usually circular and small, but what they lack in size they make up for in cleaning efficiency.

Here are some benefits of having a robotic vacuum cleaner as a house cleaning companion:

  •    Saves time for busy working individuals
  •    Perfect for people with mobility issues
  •    Have large dust bags that can do multiple cleaning tasks
  •    Integrated sensors that allow it to shift from various surfaces
  •    Can recharge automatically
  •    Can set virtual walls as boundaries
  •    Detects the amount of dirt
  •    Can go under furniture and corners
  •    Minimal maintenance

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that the world will run differently without technology by its side. With the IoT tech, we can do mundane tasks at twice the speed and greater convenience.

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