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6 Best Tech Tools and Apps to Make Life Easier for Busy Parents


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The digital revolution changed all facets of our lives. Seriously, no matter what your occupation, hobby, or whatever you like to do to kill time, just hit the Play Store or Apple's App Store, and you will find something tailor-made for you.

So, here we come to parenting, probably the most demanding task you will ever take on in your life. Raising a child takes a lot of devotion, love, time, and patience, so you won't exactly find an app that can solve all parenting problems with one click. But, that doesn't mean the contemporary tech world can't make parents’ lives easier, smoother, or simply more fun. Here are a couple of the most notable examples.


Cozi is an app that tries to get all parenting organization tools under the same roof, which makes it an excellent choice for first-time parents that are still getting the hang of this new lifestyle. What are these tools? Weel, the likes of a separate family Calendar that doesn’t interfere with business schedules, family journal, shopping lists, to-do lists, and even family-friendly recipes. The daily agenda is clearly presented on the home screen, coupled with upcoming events, new list items, and more. So, we can only describe Cozi as one very feature-rich, if a bit unfocused package that well-deserves the attention it’s enjoying.

Happy Kids Timer

Last year's outbreak of COVID-19 forced countless parents to adapt to a lockdown lifestyle and move to new WFH positions. As expected, juggling business and family tasks at the same time proved to be quite hard. However, this tricky situation gave popularity to apps like Happy Kids Timer – simple and engaging tools that are aimed to make kids more independent and teach them how to perform simple daily tasks like making up the bed, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and so forth. The Happy Kids Timer also features various incentives and a fun presentation to make the whole thing more engaging.


Tracking household finances can be incredibly exhausting. Things only become more complicated when the family starts growing. Fortunately, new parents can only resort to Mint.com, the most popular app for household budgeting. Although this package does not offer any specific family-related features, the users can get one rock-solid tool that pulls all the investments, cards, and accounts in one feed and gives the opportunity to create budgets, set notifications, and make much more sense of family finances.


First-time parents always need to cover a lot of new ground. This knowledge gap is usually bridged by visiting various parenting forums and asking the opinions of moms and dads who have already faced the same problems. The main goal of the parenting Mumli application is to streamline this search for help as much as possible and wrap it into an approachable social network-like package. Aside from getting access to a pretty comprehensive knowledge base, users also have an opportunity to get in touch with other parents with similar interests and even share photos of their kids. So, it's all in good spirit.

Famisafe Parental Control App

The fact that kids spend too much time on tech these days is hardly breaking news. Speaking in cold numbers, some surveys indicate that kids and teens ages 8 to 28 spend more than 40 hours every week in front of digital screens. That's more than a regular workweek. Famisafe Parental Control App tries to put an end to this problem. The package allows parents to monitor kids' online activities (emails, social media posts, etc.), protect them from any dangers that may lurk in the virtual environment, and simply black out the screen when they see fit. In this day and age, these features are more than useful.

My Fitness Pal

Once again, this app is not strictly related to parenthood, so it offers a lot of value even to users who have not yet started their families. Be that as it may, it is hard to deny that devoting enough time to the children leaves moms and dads with very little time to take care of their health. My Fitness Pal does not make this problem go away but, with its base of healthy recipes as well as calories and workout tracking, it makes life a whole lot easier. The app also features a built-in achievement-based gamification system, so users get an additional incentive to stay on track with their fitness goals. Simple and fun.

In conclusion

Of course, these few apps won't solve all the problems that come hand in hand with parenthood, nor were they supposed to do something like that. It's safe to say that such an app will never be made at all.  But, all of them do make the life of inexperienced moms and dads much simpler and offer a lot of value even to users who have already experienced this lifestyle shift. Parenting will always come with a  lot of responsibilities, but thanks to tools like these, it has never been easier.

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