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Mobile App Security – Definition & Best Practices to Improve it?

Mobile application security is the practice of detecting, evaluating, and mitigating the risks posed by mobile apps at every stage of the software development lifecycle.  The area involves strategies and methodologies to mitigate the negative impact and risk of cyber criminals obtaining credit card numbers and other confidential material from users. Why is Mobile App […]
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How to Design an Amazing Mobile App That Will Boost Your Start-Up's Growth

As the daily usage of mobile devices continues to grow around the world, mobile apps have become an essential aspect of the business. They can help to convey necessary information, provide a quick and convenient solution to consumers, enable communication, and even increase brand visibility and customer trust.  With that in mind, it’s no wonder […]
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6 Best Tech Tools and Apps to Make Life Easier for Busy Parents (UPDATED)

Make your life as a busy parent easier with these 6 tech tools & apps. Streamline your daily routine effortlessly. Get started today!
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Reasons to We Love Mobile App Development With React Native

Cross-platform growth has actually come to be an excellent alternative to fully indigenous mobile app advancement. Complying with the native mobile advancement approach, you create different applications for Android and iOS. The cross-platform advancement allows you to reduce expenses and conserve time by utilizing the same code across both systems. The React Native structure is […]
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Top 10 Snapchat Features to Consider While Developing Messaging App like Snapcha

We love to be social and communicate with people all around the world. Don’t we? And what can be the best way than sending your virtual images with quirky effects and security too?  Snapchat is one of those platforms that have been providing its customers with such features and functionalities. The efforts to please the […]
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Google App Store Statistics you must consider before Building an App

The ways and means of progressing with mobile application developments have changed a lot since the past few years and is greatly influenced by the trending mobile app user behaviors. It attracts people to have maximum user engagement and discovers newer opportunities going one step ahead of simple web browsing. Basically, it requires building a […]
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A Complete Guide To Launch A Restaurant Finder App Like Zomato

Zomato is now India’s largest online food delivery application. And the unique features and amazing user interface that it houses has made it climb the ladder in user-friendliness. A business who thinks of starting something similar to the Zomato then at this point of time it would need to go for a  Zomato Clone.  Reasons […]
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An Overview of The 2020 Technology Trends for SMBs

If you keep tabs on the business world or if you are the owner of a business then you should know that small and medium-sized businesses are going to increase their investment in technology in the upcoming years. Well, gone are those days when technology was an alien subject for most of the small and […]
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10 Mobile Apps to Boost Work Productivity

Clearly, technology has changed business operations on a global scale. Worldwide organizations recognize the level of business productivity that digital technology can bring in and embrace connectivity with enthusiasm.  Mobile Applications are no longer just for gaming and social media. In order to help them remain organized, productive and accessible, small business owners, side-hustlers and […]
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Why Do You Need Mobile Apps For Education And Food Business

Mobile apps have vast implications when it comes to businesses, especially in today’s scenario. Using suitable mobile apps businesses across industries can benefit in lots of ways. From cost-cutting to boosting employee productivity mobile apps are capable of carrying out multiple tasks with high accuracy and efficiency. In this post, we will focus on two […]
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6 Simple Tips to Make Your Android App Successful

Android apps are widely used nowadays, whether it is mobile games or heart rate monitoring apps. People are so reliant on apps that they even have to-do list apps to help them keep track of tasks and other things. Sales of smartphones are three times more than the sales of computers or laptops; that is […]
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Top 5 Most Important Characteristics of Food Delivery Apps Like UberEats

Uncover the key traits that make food delivery apps like UberEats thrive. Learn how to enhance your app's success and user experience.
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Which is the best Technology To Choose for Mobile App Development In 2020?

As the year 2019 comes to an end, we see a paradigm shift in the minds of people when it comes to executing smart and breakthrough business strategies. The truth is already out in the open: Most of the organizations today are looking to switch from desktop websites to mobile apps to ensure that they […]
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Unveil Key Features of ReactJS for Web & Mobile App Development

React JS is the buzzword among many developers nowadays. When Facebook was released back in 2011, numerous technologies were already ruling the development market such as Angular and Node. However, these frameworks required coders to rewrite a significant portion of their code when any of the components needed changing or modification.  Frequently, doing so exploited […]
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12 Best Mobile App Development Tips For Startups

Get ahead with the top 12 best mobile app development tips for startups. Drive user engagement and growth. Start crafting your app!
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What Benefits Restaurant Mobile App Bring To Your Business

Nowadays, awesome things are happening around the world. All thanks to emerging technologies iOS and Android app developers for bringing the world in our palms. If you take a look around, almost every business considers having a mobile app for their business growth irrespective of their size and field. And, Restaurant app is no more […]
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6 Reasons Behind Increasing Popularity of Mobile Apps

In today’s era, mobile phones are filled with apps. Every smartphone user uses thirty applications per month. The app category varies from entertainment to shopping, from traveling to cooking, from learning to social media and much more. Etsy is a leading multivendor online marketplace who became most popular by allowing people around the world to […]
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7 Things You Must Know Before Developing Your Mobile App

Discover essential tips for creating a successful mobile app. Learn 7 must-know insights before you start developing your mobile app today!
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