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Top 10 Web Design Companies in Berlin


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Web Design Companies in Berlin

Looking for web design companies in Berlin? Please have a look at this blog about the top 10 web design companies in Berlin.

Are you looking for top web design companies in Berlin? Here is a list of top web developers in Berlin that will meet your requirements for outsourcing website design. A responsive website is a core necessity to engage your audience and let them understand your services in the simplest manner. We assist you to find the best web design company in Berlin that will code your imagination just the way you want! All you have to do is go through the below list of the best website design companies in Berlin by our research team. Find one of the best website developers in Berlin that fulfills your needs and gives a doorway for your idea to touch reality.

Best Web Design Companies in Berlin

There are so many Website Design companies in Berlin, but I would like to share with you the biggest or top website design companies. The list shows some of the best and most famous website design companies.

1. Intelligent IT Hub Pvt Ltd.

IIH Global established in 2013 with its app development talent to make a strong mark in the domain of the IT industry. Eventually, went on to develop and expanded its dimension with global clients, and has built a strong reputation.

Our Headquartered are in UK & Canada, India, and Berlin is a top leader in mobile app development. By taking on board your business values and overall strategy and adding advanced functionality and design, we deliver amazing solutions for mobile phone applications.

The principles of the company cover commitment, innovation, and amazing service. IIH Global offers customized solutions that are cost-effective. The dedicated mobile app team works to timely deliver high-quality customized apps that are user-friendly. 

  • Founded: 2013
  • Email sales@iihglobal.com
  • Clutch Ratings: 5/5 
  • Hourly Rate: $20 - $50 / hr
  • Employees: 50 - 100
  • Location: Berlin, Germany

Feel free to submit your requirement via email or contact us to get a free quote, or schedule a meeting for project discussion in brief.

2. X1 Group:

X1 Group a trustworthy web development company. They develop long-term dedicated development teams which become an integral part of your company. Their customers benefit from their long experience with today's web technologies and their knowledge about the international online market. They develop web applications, web platforms, and websites.

  •  Founded: 2010
  •  Employees: 50 - 249
  •  Hourly Rates: N/A
  •  Email: welcome@x1group.com
  •  Contact: +493056838111
  •  Clutch Ratings: 5/5

3. EdgeCase Technology:

EdgeCase Technology team have expertise in the following areas: e-commerce, medicine, manufacturing, finance, logistics, machine learning. They work successfully, both with large and well-known customers and with ambitious start-up companies. They have produced various highly customized & advanced websites and web apps for their clients during the fast evolution of web technologies.

  • Founded: 2015
  • Employees: 50 - 249
  • Hourly Rates: $25 - $49
  • eMail: kontakt@edgecase-tech.de
  • Contact: +493025559878
  • Clutch Ratings: 5/5

4. Inpsyde:

Inpsyde is Germany's largest WordPress Agency and Germany's only verified WooExpert Gold Partner and a WordPress VIP Partner. With in-depth consulting and conception, they develop solutions for all possible applications. They offer migration and maintenance of current systems and raise websites to a high level of performance and security. They take the time and try to know your company & clients in order to tell your story in the most efficient way.

  •  Founded: 2006
  •  Employees: 10 - 49
  •  Hourly Rates: $150 - $199
  •  eMail: info@inpsyde.com
  •  Contact: +492202817900
  •  Clutch Ratings: 4.9/5

5. Mobiteam:

Mobiteam delivers custom software development on an extended range of technologies. They optimize your monthly costs by delivering on-demand dedicated professional software developers, without the need to hire any. They leverage new and most advanced web & mobile technologies to develop modern and secure applications. They provide quality solutions at beautiful nearshore rates.

  •  Founded: 2014
  •  Employees: 10 - 49
  •  Hourly Rates: $25 - $49
  •  eMail: ms@mobiteam.de
  •  Contact: +4917636302768
  •  Clutch Ratings: 5/5

6. Modelate:

Modelate is a web and mobile app development company. Their main focus lies with data-rich real-time web and mobile applications. They are experts in big data, data science, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence. The company owns talented employees of designers and developers who have deep experience and expertise in producing quality web development solutions to clients over the globe. They can help you to produce a project that meets your marketing goals & objectives.

  • Founded: 2011
  • Employees: 500 - 999
  • Hourly Rates: $50 - $99
  • eMail: info@modelate.de
  • Contact: +4917670482133
  • Clutch Ratings: 5/5

7. SoftServe:

With long years of experience in digital software development and consulting, it is a global leader in solving complex business problems, creating industry-disrupting technology, and accelerating growth and innovation while optimizing operational efficiency. They are committed to connecting cutting-edge apps with beautiful and useful design.

 Founded: 1993
 Employees: 1000+
 Hourly Rates: $100 - $149
 Email: info@softserveinc.com
 Contact: +496956999314
 Clutch Ratings: 4.8/5

8. MVP Factory:

MVP Factory allows companies of all sizes to build and scale top technology products, combining the best engineers and designers with artificial intelligence and access to the MVPF platform. They design, and implement beautiful and simple interfaces that perform great and are a pleasure to use. Their developers share their experience in conference meetings and technical articles. 

  • Founded: 2017
  • Employees: 10 - 49
  • Hourly Rates: $25 - $49
  • Email: simon@mvpfactory.co
  • Contact: N/A
  • Clutch Ratings: 5/5

9. SaM Solutions:

SaM Solutions is an international IT services and software solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. The volunteering involved teaching professional skills and developing designs for handicraft products. They demand the right questions, soand lve every deadline, and the quality of their output is the best class. Their knowledge of development language helps them to provide a secure & strong solution to customers.

  •  Founded: 1993
  •  Employees: 500 - 999
  •  Hourly Rates: $25 - $49
  •  eMail: sales@sam-solutions.com
  •  Contact: +498105399050
  •  Clutch Ratings: 4.3/5

10. Radish Lab:

Radish Lab is an award-winning creative studio focused on people and projects that are changing the world. They thrive when working with people who are passionate about what they do and care about making people’s lives better. They are here to help you and your company to achieve your online ideas.

  •  Founded: 2012
  •  Employees: 10 - 49
  •  Hourly Rates: $150 - $199
  •  eMail: hello@radishlab.com
  •  Contact: +493055513814
  •  Clutch Ratings: 4.9/5

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