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Sure, by now, you have heard this advice a million times: having a successful website goes beyond just the looks. Yes, you might have the most appealing site, but no returns! And considering that the web page design might have cost you a fortune, losses are about to bring you down. Something has to be done. No doubt about it!

Seriously, how do you manage that? Well, it is quite simple, use the hacks we are about to explain to you to get those numbers up! So without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

Use the Right Color Palette

When you load up any environmentally-related website, what can you tell from the colors they use? The sky blues, browns, and several shades of green are symbolic. Do you think that all that was just a coincidence? The answer is an astounding no. Well, the web designer of such sites used relatable palettes directly linked to mother earth. 

color pattern


This is hack number one. Get a palette that is most relatable to your brand. To make it work, you do not have to enroll in any web design courses but use this simple trick. Employ a minimum of four colors to create contrast. The first color is for the background, the second for the text, the third for the relevant links, and the last hue for the call-to-action buttons. Make sure that the CTA is a high contrasting color for high visibility.

Have as Much White Space as Possible

When you load up a webpage, there are those spaces that have content, either text or imagery. And consequently, there is that part that seems blank with nothing, and that is what we call the white space or the negative space. As a growing web designer, make sure that you give your site as much breathing room as possible by using white space. 

This reservation works wonders into keeping your visitors focused on the important stuff. This, however, does not mean that you do not include adverts and extras. Instead, do this:

  • Break texts into blocks of short and precise paragraphs
  • Use lists and bullets
  • Use relevant media to break your text, images, and videos

Simplify Your Navigator

No one wants to be frustrated, searching for the contact button or any other thing. If a visitor cannot locate what they need at a glance, they dash as fast as they got there. So, while you get your web design inspiration, be sure to prioritize the location and appearance of your navigation tab. 

Another hack that will increase your conversions is a well-spaced tab, removing unnecessary data. To achieve this, consider grouping areas of interest into generalized titles. That is why you will find that the most successful websites have a home, products, blog, and contact tabs only — the fewer the tags used in the web design page, the better.

Purchase Your  Web Design Templates

If you stay with the latest news in the web design world, by now, you already know that they are free templates while some are paid for. If you want high conversions, be willing to pay for one. The paid web design trends are tailored for specific industries, and so they are your best bet.

With such, you can update the template, fix the bugs, and enhance the performance of your site. So as you contemplate the one to use, please go with the paid versions.

web design templates


Utilize Movements and Animations

To keep visitors on your website, use movement. This means that on all your CTAs, if possible, some animation should be implemented. Studies say that on an animated CTA within a video, there is a 380% more clicks. In another case, CTA to an article template increased the revenue by an astounding 83%. And there was also a 45% increase on an animated button CTA when compared to a static one. So much so, when you place the PayPal casino button, make sure it is animated.

Create a Responsive Website Across All Devices

Let’s face it, most of the time we are using our phones or have our phones nearby. And that emphasizes that a majority of web design leeds are acquired via mobile sites. So, as a web designer, make a website that is responsive on all platforms.

But seriously, what is responsive web design? 

Simply put, it is one that loads in a matter of seconds, and all the buttons redirect promptly with one touch. And to get yours to this point, do the following:

  • Improve server time
  • Optimize images
  • Reduce redirections
  • Minimize coding
  • Use compressed files

Optimize Your Visuals to the Highest Quality

As known, humans are social animals, and we do enjoy visuals. In the same vein, we relate and even remember better photos than text. And for that reason, you should include visuals in your work as often as possible. But there is one small catch quality. Go for the best one, making sure that what you use in your website design is relevant to your post. If photography is not your area of expertise, consult an expert.

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Encourage Conversation

If you are to look at a majority of sites, at the bottom, you will find a feedback section. Even so, all web design software templates automatically include them. What function do you think that serves? Simple, it is a way to connect with your clients. And this increases your conversion rates since visiting customers will feel catered to. Other things to add are:

  • Social media links
  • Forums
  • Testimonials
  • Feedback on service ratings
  • A FAQ section

What these tools will do is encourage your visitors to talk to you whenever there is an issue. On your end, make sure that you respond to each one of their comments. This will work on building your brand loyalty.


There you have it. Whether there is an existing website or you are planning or launching one, web design will help you to increase conversions. Have you tried some of the hacks? What were the changes you experienced relating to conversion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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