5 Biggest Mistakes Website Owners Make and Ways To Avoid Them


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Oops! Sorry! Excuse me!

Wondering why these words are here? We are here to answer!

Well! We get to hear or speak these words on committing a mistake and you can expect forgiveness in return. This may stand true in our daily lives but not in the commercial world. 

Commercial world? By the commercial world here, we mean the businesses especially the ones that are trying to make their online presence felt. These days, custom website development is on a major rise and the ones planning to get a website developed for their business need to be extra-cautious. The website owners cannot afford to make mistakes with their websites because it can turn their image into ashes and disappoint the visitors. 

As per the source:

  • 38% of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive.
  • 39% of website visitors will stop engaging if images don’t load.
  • 39% of users will stop engaging.

After reading these facts, can you afford to commit a mistake? If you are worried, then let’s begin with learning about the biggest mistakes website owners make and ways to avoid them!

1) Choosing a Domain Name that is Difficult to Spell & Remembers

The domain name of your website is the identity of your business. And to get more visitors, it needs to be easy to spell and remember. If the website owners choose a domain name that is difficult to remember, then how can you expect the audience to visit your website? Generating sufficient site traffic doesn’t come that easy. So, don’t make it difficult for yourself by choosing the wrong domain name.

How to Avoid it?

Never decide the domain name without proper research. Make a list of the possible names that can be used and then start scanning them at the end. Chuck out the ones you feel are not suitable as compared to others to get the final domain name. After that, review whether the domain name is easy to remember from the audience’s viewpoint.

2) Poor Website Design

Most people never enter a shop that looks unorganized or shabby. Do you? And same is the case for a website. We never stay on a website that has a poor design and doesn’t look appealing. Having a boring website is equivalent to having none. Missing the usage of cool designs, interactive features, interesting sliding images makes your website design poor. But that does not mean that you can add a large number of elements because it may distract the visitors from the real motive. 

How to Avoid it?

The best solution to this problem is seeking custom website development services. Only a professional company can weed out the problem of poor website design by bringing its expertise into use. You can also do your research work and discuss the same with the experts. 

3) Use of Low-Quality Images

Low-quality images reflect the image of your business. Those who want to make it big in the world of online business need to use good quality images. A website owner should not compromise with the quality of the images to save money because he or she may lose on the number of visitors with a decrease in site traffic. 

How to Avoid it?

Considering the budget constraints, many free stock photo sites like Pixabay, Unsplash enable the users to download images for free. Choose high-resolution photos, check for shadows & flash, use wide shot images and photo editing tools, if required. These tips will give you an idea of the difference between low-quality and high-quality images. 

4) Poor Website Content

Writing website content is not like shelling peas because it requires in-depth research of the type and quality of content that is needed. Website owners commit some common web content mistakes like adding too much content in the form of long paragraphs, using complex terms that are difficult for the readers to understand and grammatical & spelling errors. These factors make the content poor and leave a negative impression on the minds of the readers. 

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Source)

How to Avoid it?

If you are not writing the content that caters to the needs of the audience, then they will skip through it. Talking to a custom web development company can solve the purpose as you can get quality content writers, who can make fall everything in place. Keep yourself in constant touch with the professional writers and provide your valuable inputs for improving the quality of the content. 

5) Ignoring the Call-To-Action

In our daily lives, we never like to attend those parties where we are invited in an inappropriate manner by the host. Then why would a person consider buying your product or services if your call-to-action is too weak or inappropriate? CTA is the gateway that allows you to convert the visitors of your site into your customers. And if that is not strong enough, you can imagine the situation yourself.

How to Avoid it?

You can have suitable buttons across the website that can take the visitors to a suitable page. These buttons can be “Get your Quote”, “Give us a Call” or “Buy Now”. Secondly, add a paragraph at the end of your content and include a suitable CTA to enable the visitors to take the required action. To take it to the next level, you can seek custom web development services.

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