Why Top Companies are Switching to Node.js Web Development?

If you fail to connect the invisible common ground among these corporate giants, you are not paying much attention to the recent tech revolution happening around globe. all these companies have switched to node.js for their better performance. We can easily develop a different variety of tools and applications in node.js Walmart has recently switched to node.js and now serving all the website traffic of walmart.

Now a day programmers are considering Node.js web development as their first preference and the demand for a node.js developer is sky high.

This time node.js package ecosystem open huge ecosystem for open-source libraries. Also node.js service helping website to built scalable network application that would be work in concurrent OS thread.

Now a day, there are so many companies increasing in node.js development services, Sam club also is powered by node.js based web.

We can summarise the application which work well with node.js as:

  • I/O bound application
  • Data stremming application
  • Data intensive real-time application
  • Single page application
  • JSON API based web application

Node.js Features That are Helping Businesses

Node.js has some very good feature with encourage these corporates to switch to popular technology. Let’s see important at glance.

Asynchronous and event driven:

API of the node.js is asynchronous or non-blocking. It’s run seamless operation, without blocking and event driven I/O become fast compare to other programming languages. It send information and execute another task parallel. It can fetch information whenever it receive from server.


Node.js always allow scale an application to both in horizontal as well as vertical scale. It’s very fast to improve performance of your application and prevent it’s from crashes.

Simple testing:

Node.js help you with improve unit testing. There are so many libraries are available to make task easier for developer, the one of the best unit test framework like jasmin which is really to test any code.

The effectiveness of microservices:

Microservices have prepare awesome result for web like corporates design for their ability to create significant module of those part of web application. Instead in integrate to other technologies node.js facilities all these modules. It’s offer to improve speed, low memory utilisation and versatility of node.js.

Network application development:

With built, node.js development companies allow to develop different sort of web server like chat server, other network server and web server. They can also develop server like DNS server, Jigsaw server, tcp server, and https server.

Top 10 companies who switched to node.JS :

  1. Microsoft
  2. Intel
  3. amazon
  4. Netflix
  5. Linkedin
  6. Github
  7. Capital One
  8. eBay and PayPal
  9. Yellowpages
  10. Google and Youtube


So, here we have discussed why you should opt for the Node.JS and even many companies are switching to the Node.js if you also want to opt for it and earn best profit. So, go fo it and have benefits and stay tuned with us.

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