5 Reasons your website is not gaining traffic (and how to fix it)


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With the importance of websites to companies constantly rising, it is becoming extremely important to have a website that attracts enough traffic for your company to benefit from it. It is no longer something that might boost your revenue, but rather something that businesses can’t live without. However, you should also understand that there are many aspects you should pay attention to if you wish your website to become the driving force behind your success. We’re going to take a look at five areas that seem to be neglected most often when it comes to creating a functional and efficient website, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking into other areas for improvement. So, let’s see what might be the problem behind your website not attracting enough traffic and how to go about the problem.

The content

It may be hard to believe, but search engines have become quite efficient when it comes to recognizing quality content. Only websites of high quality and good enough content stand a chance of being ranked high in the SERPs and getting traffic. It’s no longer enough to send a few backlinks to your content to get high rankings, as it was the case before. Also, social media now play a very important role in rankings and traffic. Social medial platforms simply don’t see low-quality content being shared enough. So, what is good content and how can you use it to your advantage?

Be patient, especially if your website is new since there are older and bigger in terms of indexed pages on the same subject. Also, make sure your content is original and informative and see to it that is fresh, since users like to read relevant, up-to-date content, and search engines and social media also favor those.

Wrong or no SEO firm hired

You definitely need to hire an SEO company that knows how to help you make the most of your website and how to attract more traffic to your website. Even if the company you’ve hired doesn’t have sufficient resources to cover all the important elements of your SEO strategy, they can still turn to real experts, who can provide them with up-to-date white label SEO tools. This choice can really prove to be one of the most important decisions you need to make in your attempts to attract more traffic to your website.

Wrong keywords

One of the most common mistakes leading to a website not getting enough traffic from search engines is related to wrong keywords. Namely, search engines are trying to display pages from trusted websites that meet their ranking criteria in the top 10 places, i.e. the first page. That means that if you target the same keywords as your competitors, who have been around for much longer, you won’t end up in the first pages. Also, if you target the same, popular keywords, you’re actually decreasing your chances of making it to the top. Instead, you should aim for low competition, long-tail keywords.

Let’s say you’re writing about losing weight. If you opt for the most popular keyword in the niche (“how to lose weight fast”), you won’t drive organic traffic to your website, because there are already thousands of similar articles with the same title or from more trusted sites. However, if you go with long-tail keywords, such as “how to lose pounds” and change the title to, say, “How to lose 10 pounds quickly”, you’ll get much better visibility.

Slow website

Page speed is a ranking factor and users like websites that load quickly. They won’t wait for more than a few seconds for a site to load and will probably never return it. So, make sure your website loads quickly because that too will contribute to the place you get in the rankings and, ultimately, the amount of traffic you attract. This means, among other things, that you need a hosting provider that is reliable and can provide the conditions for your website to load quickly.

User experience

A lot of attention is paid nowadays to the user experience when it comes to websites. Is it well-structured and easy to navigate? Does it load quickly? Many questions are asked and each of the aspects referred to by such questions is vital to the overall user experience. For example, you can check your site’s speed with some of the free tools offered by Google. You should aim for a rating of at least 70 for both mobile and desktop results. The result can be improved by eliminating large images or clearing up web code. It is particularly important to have your website optimized for mobile devices since they are the preferred method of surfing. 

These aspects are among the most common problems why businesses don’t get enough organic traffic leading to their websites. However, getting visitors to your site is one thing, but providing valuable content is a different issue. It builds your site’s authority and you’re much more likely to be among the top search results, which translates into greater visibility and, hopefully, revenue. So, make sure you take all that into account when revamping your site or setting it up if you want to nip many problems in the bud.

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