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Game Swap facilitates safe console game trading between gamers backed by their trusted trader system.






The Problem

Game swap cut its teeth as a Facebook page, creating an environment for like-minded gamers to swap games. The platforms facilitated gamers from all walks of life to connect and trade games, saving potentially hundreds of pounds a month on the cost of a new game.

The needs of the platform outgrew the functionality of a Facebook page. Requiring traders wanted to establish a reputation and sign up for notifications when their desired games become available for swaps.

The brief

  • Develop a web-based application facilitating the move from a Facebook page to an online platform
  • Create a user-centric system, where customers can establish and develop their profiles.

The solution

IIH Global constructed a custom web-based application and front end website for Game Swap. Focused on customer profiles, the new Game Swap platform allows traders to build their reputation as “Trusted Traders,” promoting confidence in users on the platform.


Further functionality was implemented by allowing gamers to sign up for notifications when certain swaps become available.


Iteration 2.0 is already in development with IIH Global, where the focus will be on a games marketplace.


The result

The move into a stand-alone platform along with their loyal customer base has earned Game Swap coverage on BBC Radio and NintendoLife. At the time of writing, Game Swap has around 2500 gamers, with nearly 1000 of them being trusted traders.


Not only has the website garnered then recognition in the gaming world, but Game Swap were also finalists for Website of the Year & Business Innovation for SME in the Cambridgeshire Business Awards.


The website has been live for two weeks as of writing and IIH Global has been highly praised for its design. The client looks forward to working on a similar project with them in the near future. Additionally, the client remains available for any requests and concerns.

Their selling point for us has been how they looked after they make their customers feel.

- Founder, Game Swap Shop UK

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