How IIH Global helped NSSG streamline their security business with a custom CRM, website and mobile app.





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The Problem

NSSG is a security firm that offers domestic and commercial clients alarm systems, CCTV, access control, and fire protection. They've worked with IIH Global for 6 years in a web design capacity, however, for their CRM, NSSG was using an antiquated system called Alarm Master, an off-the-shelf system that wasn't cutting it. They were in desperate need of a tailored solution to their specific requirements and operations.

The brief

For over a decade, IIH Global has been providing high-quality, innovative projects. This blog article discusses one of our most recent success stories: how we assisted NSSG, an east London-based security company, in transforming their business with a custom CRM, a new website, and a mobile application.


  • Create a custom CRM solution.
  • Integrate the CRM with their current systems.
  • Develop a mobile app for onsite engineers to access CRM data.

The solution

IIH Global began by going through NSSG's procedures and learning about their pain areas and goals. We then created a unique CRM to help NSSG manage its customers, contracts, bills, schedules, projects and reports all in one location. The CRM was created with the goal of being user-friendly, safe, and scalable and integrated with their existing systems and software, including Sage and Outlook.


However, IIH Global did not stop there. We also designed a new website for NSSG, utilising cutting-edge online technologies and design trends. The website presented NSSG's services, portfolio, testimonials, and contact information in a professional and appealing manner.


Finally, IIH Global developed an Andriod-based mobile app for NSSG's engineers who work on-site at various locations. The engineers could use the mobile application to access CRM data, update their status, complete paperwork, capture photos and signatures, and submit reports to the office in real-time.


The result

This initiative produced incredible results. By automating 70% of their work and cutting their licencing charge, NSSG was able to save time and money. By offering faster and better service, they were also able to boost client happiness, retention, and loyalty. Through their SEO-optimised website, they were able to expand their business by garnering more leads and referrals. A perfect example of staying ahead of the competition by utilising cutting-edge technologies and solutions.


IIH Global is proud to have assisted NSSG in achieving their objectives and transforming their business. We continue to support NSSG as well as other clients from other industries and sectors. If you'd like to learn more about what IIH Global can do for your company, please get in touch.

Clutch review

NSS Security System Ltd

Internal processes were streamlined after the system launched, enabling stakeholders to focus on customer service. The vendor sought internal opinions at regular intervals throughout the timeline, and they implemented that feedback quickly.   

From the first meeting, we were put at ease. Our brief was understood and correctly interpreted.

- Project Manager, NSS Security System Ltd

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