IIH Global Transforms UltimatePlayerHQ's Digital Presence



The Problem

UltimatePlayerHQ, a premier resource hub for football coaches, faced hurdles with an outdated website and buggy app, limiting their platform's potential. Seeking a solution, they turned to IIH Global, a leading web design firm renowned for its innovative solutions. IIH Global's task was to revamp the website, develop new iOS and Android apps, and implement a scalable platform to accommodate their expanding user base.

The brief

  • Develop a new website & iOS/Android apps from scratch to replace the existing system.
  • Ensure optimal performance and stability to eliminate previous issues and enhance user satisfaction.
  • Design intuitive user interfaces for seamless navigation and enhanced user experience.
  • Implement robust backend systems to support scalability and accommodate the growing user base.
  • Integrate features for drill and session management, allowing coaches to easily access and organize resources.
  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility to provide a consistent experience across different devices and operating systems.

The solution

IIH Global embarked on a comprehensive overhaul to rejuvenate UltimatePlayerHQ's digital presence. The first step involved migrating the website to WordPress, leveraging its flexibility and robust features. Simultaneously, IIH Global initiated the development of brand new iOS and Android apps, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. These apps were tailored to accommodate the platform's growing user base while addressing previous issues.


A key aspect of the solution was the implementation of a dynamic Content Management System (CMS). This empowered UltimatePlayerHQ to effortlessly add new drills, sessions, and content, fostering continuous engagement and relevance. Additionally, IIH Global ensured seamless integration between the website and apps, creating a unified ecosystem for users to access resources seamlessly across platforms.


The result

The collaboration between UltimatePlayerHQ and IIH Global yielded transformative outcomes, catapulting the company to new heights:


1. Enhanced User Experience: The revamped website and apps offer a seamless, intuitive interface, encouraging prolonged engagement.


2. Improved Stability and Performance: The new apps boast superior stability and performance, eliminating previous issues and fostering trust among users.


3. Scalability and Expansion: IIH Global's solution provided a scalable platform, enabling UltimatePlayerHQ to effortlessly expand features and accommodate a growing user base.


4. Continuous Updates: With a dynamic CMS in place, UltimatePlayerHQ can regularly update content, ensuring relevance and staying ahead of industry trends.


5. Elevated Rankings: The newly developed apps quickly gained traction, achieving top 40 app ranking in App Store and top 10 in the Android charts.


In conclusion, IIH Global's expertise and innovative approach revitalised UltimatePlayerHQ's digital presence, positioning them as a frontrunner in the competitive landscape of football coaching resources. Through seamless integration, enhanced features, and unwavering support, IIH Global continues to drive success for its clients, empowering them to achieve their digital objectives with confidence.

Clutch review


Thanks to IIH Global's services, the site is now receiving multiple signups and positive feedback from end-users and professional football players. The team is amazing in bouncing ideas of each other. Their workflow is great throughout the engagement. 

We were impressed with their ability to reply asap.

- CEO & Founder, UltimatePlayerHQ

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