How IIH Global Created a Personalized Marketing Video Platform for VideoRemix.






The Problem

One of the most successful ways to reach and engage your audience online is through video marketing. But how do you make your videos stand out from the throng and provide each viewer a unique experience?

That is the problem that VideoRemix has addressed by developing a platform that allows anyone to make and share customised movies for their businesses. They required the assistance of a web design and software development partner to assist them in developing a powerful and user-friendly system that incorporates multiple video editing tools, AI features, and lead generation capabilities.

The brief

  • Develop video editing software tools.
  • Incorporate AI to improve user experience.
  • Capture user data for use in further marketing initiatives.
  • Integrate video player functionality which works across multiple social media platforms.

The solution

That's where IIH Global came in. IIH Global is a web design and software development firm that specializes in creating innovative and scalable solutions for various industries. They have a team of experienced and skilled developers, designers, testers, and project managers who can handle any project from start to finish.


IIH Global worked closely with VideoRemix to understand their vision and requirements, and delivered a platform that consists of three main components:


- Video editing software (editors): These are the tools that enable users to make customised videos with varying levels of editing functionality. Users can select from four editors: Standard Video Editor (SV), which provides basic editing features such as text, images, and music; Advance Editor (Revolution SVR), which provides more detailed editing features such as transitions, effects, and animations; Go Editor, which provides quick video and text changes and generates AI-based content; and Lead Buster, which allows users to capture leads by requiring viewers to enter their email address before watching the video.


- Video player: The player used to play the video on any device or platform. The player can display interactive components such as buttons, forms, and quizzes and supports a variety of formats and resolutions.


- AI tools (content creation): These are tools that assist users in developing material for their videos. Users can develop relevant and compelling material for their films by using AI techniques such as Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Image Recognition, Face Detection, and Sentiment Analysis.


The platform of VideoRemix generates a single link that users can share on their numerous social media platforms or websites. This means they can make personalised videos for their audience without worrying about uploading, hosting, or embedding them. The link can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any other video-supporting network. The user may then generate compelling and relevant video content for their customers, prospects, or fans, increasing conversions, retention, and loyalty.


IIH Global's role in the project included not only platform development but also continuous support and maintenance. They made certain that the platform was safe, dependable, fast, and scalable. They also adopted consumer and user input and suggestions and added new features and enhancements to meet their expectations.


The result

As a result of the successful collaboration between IIH Global and VideoRemix, a cutting-edge platform that revolutionised the video marketing business was created. Thousands of firms in real estate, education, health care, e-commerce, hospitality, and other industries have used VideoRemix's platform. They've had great feedback and testimonials from clients who've experienced big increases in their marketing performance and ROI.


If you want to learn more about how IIH Global can assist you with your web design and software development needs, visit their website at or contact them now for a free quote.

Clutch review


Thanks to IIH Global's work, the client has witnessed an enhanced performance in their software and received positive feedback from end customers. They have communicated and responded promptly, ensuring an effective workflow. Their efficiency and timely delivery have been hallmarks of their work. 

They have provided us with quality of work within the stipulated time.

- Operations Manager & CTO, VideoRemix

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