On-Demand Health: Introducing Uber Health and the Future of Healthcare Delivery


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On-Demand Health_ Uber Health and the Future of Healthcare Delivery

There was a time when you didn’t reach the hospital on time because of no transportation or traffic. Many patients have to miss their doctor’s appointment because of not reaching on time. Transportation is very essential when it comes to healthcare. Many people even die just because they don’t reach the hospital on time because of poor transportation services and not having the location access. Sometimes ambulances may not be able to reach the location due to many reasons. Many of us are using Uber rides these days to reach our destination and Uber has really made a big impact on transportation service. 

We can book our ride just using our phone and the Uber taxi will pick up and will drop at the destination we have chosen. There are many other Uber-like apps being developed but some are not that successful because of bad transportation services and bad customer experiences. But Uber had really made a big difference. Almost every citizen owns a vehicle they had to use either local transportation or to book some taxi. Uber is helping people to make their journey more convenient and efficient. 

In the same way, some of the healthcare organizations are collaborating with Uber Health who will provide comfortable and reliable transportation to the patient. They will provide all the necessary healthcare services to the patient and will drop them at the hospital at the time of fatalities or in an emergency. This will surely make an impact in the healthcare delivery for those patients who might not have any transportation facility. You don’t have to worry about missing your doctor’s appointment again or reaching late at the hospital. Uber healthcare is easy and provides all the services that are necessary for the patient.


Uber healthcare provides the patient to choose multiple rides this provides flexibility. You can schedule your ride anytime and from anywhere. Even if you can’t choose your ride the staff would fix a ride for you and they will reach you within a few minutes. You can also pre-book your ride on a suitable day. This makes it easy for the patient and does not need to worry about any transportation problems. You can fix your riding schedule from the dashboard of the Uber healthcare app providing you with the flexibility to set your date and time and the location from where you want your Uber to pick you.

Easily Accessible

You don’t have an internet connection? Don’t worry Uber healthcare service lets you book your ride without even an app or smartphone. You can make a call and all the details will be delivered to you just on a mobile text. They will call you and provide you with all the necessary details you need to book your ride. They are providing easy access to all their users who may not be using a smartphone or don’t have an internet connection. You can still book your healthcare ride just by calling them. It makes the users feel more comfortable and they can complete all the booking with ease.

Simple Billing and Managing

You can access all the information with ease. You don’t have to worry about how you can pay for the ride. Uber healthcare provides an easy payment option. You can even track all the billing payments and all the scheduled reporting times. You can completely track all the information on the dashboard and can keep track of your appointment dates. You can change your schedule and can make your payment later. Uber healthcare service lets people choose what they find easy and convenient. Simple reporting time and a simple managing schedule help people to choose from their comfort.

Comfortable Transportation

When a patient is sick he only prefers their own vehicle which will make them feel comfortable and will be convenient. No one wants to use public transportation at the time of health issues. Uber rides provide you a comfortable and convenient riding experience. It is also a safe medium of transport as you don’t have to worry about people being robbed. Your ride will be available at your doorsteps to pick you up. You don’t have to wait for a taxi or bus to reach the hospital. Uber healthcare service also provides you with all the health kits and medicines till the time you reach the hospital. There are other features included to make your ride feel more comfortable.

House Call

If you are unfit to even go to the doctor, you can ask the doctor to visit your place. Yes, with Uber Healthcare you can call your doctor to diagnose you and provide you the further medications. You don’t have to pay more for this service. It totally depends on the services they provide and will charge the same. All your reports will be shared on your mobile within a few hours of diagnosis. All the process will be done through your application provided at the time of the visit. You can schedule your time of house meeting with your doctor. You need to provide all the information regarding your health and other basic details required.


Healthcare agencies are earning a huge profit with this service. Patients are finding it more reliable and take advantage of this Uber healthcare service. The same doctor needs to be appointed every time you ask for a house call as it will build a connection between the patient and the doctor. This is a huge profit for the doctors as they know they have a relationship with the patient and the next time if they have any health issues they are going to call them first. Healthcare agencies have a wide range of portable equipment at the time of house visits with the patient.

There are many outcomes in the next coming years if most of the healthcare services choose to work with Uber health service. This benefits doctors and the patient to make it easy and reliable to make an appointment. This saves money and time for the doctor and the patient. You can complete the whole procedure just by sitting at your home like filling an application, making an appointment, and taking a ride to your doctor. There are many Best Uber-like apps who are planning to start their own healthcare services for the patient as this is making a huge revenue from the healthcare agencies. Helping to understand the customer's needs and make them happy and provide them with a better experience. You can even talk to your doctor in personal chat or video calls and can share your problems regarding your health. Uber Health and Healthcare delivery is making a new face in the industry and many other healthcare organizations are planning to collaborate with Uber health drive.

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