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Probably, the first question that comes to our mind while building or intending to build a website is How much will it really cost in terms of designing and development? We wish that the answer to this could be a one-liner, but in reality, this cost is dependent on several factors including your personal goals and budget limits. However, in this blog post, we have covered all the possible aspects that one must think of when budgeting for website design cost or website development cost.

List Down the Tools You Will Need to Build Website Design & Development

The overall process of budgeting will become so easy if you will estimate the web development cost in sequence. So, first things first. You should have a complete and detailed list of all the requirements, features and functionalities that you want on your website. This will help you come up with a list of web designing and web development tools that you will need. We always recommend our clients to hire a professional web developer to avoid all the headache involved within the process and to attain websites that are highly functional and engaging. Still, you can always design and develop your website without even having high-tech professional support – thanks to free and paid web designing and development tools available on the internet.

Having said that, getting a complete list of tools ready that you will need in building a website will actually save you from overspending on unnecessary things. Irrespective of the types of your website, there are some important tools that you must need for setting up your website. This includes;

  • Domain Name i.e.,, etc. 
  • Web Hosting Service Provider i.e., Dedicated Web Hosting, Share Web Hosting (depending on the type of your website).
  • Website Builder (WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.).

Website Categories

Breaking down the website into some important categories may also help you estimate the nearest possible cost for your website designing and development Services. When it comes to the budget you can build;

  • An Online Store. 
  • A Website with Minimal Features. 
  • A Website with Minimal Budget. 
  • An Advanced, Custom-Built Website. 
  • A Highly-Functional, Responsive Website. 

How Much Does It Cost for Typical Website Design and Development?

Building a website can cost you somewhere between $100 and $500, depending on your needs and requirements from it; and it may go up to $30,0000 and even more, if you want it to be custom-built and feature enriched, exclusively for you or your business.

For building a small, typical website, you will only need a budget for web hosting and domain name. Getting a domain name usually costs around $15 annually, whereas web hosting services account for $8 monthly. Altogether, the start-up cost of a typical website could be as low as $111 for a year. 

Cost Estimation on the Basis of Your Business Goals?

Now, you have the budget of building a typical entry-level website in your hand, you can keep on building it up as per your requirements. As your needs grow, you can opt for adding enhanced functionalities along with premium plugin and also purchase a professional WordPress theme. But, before adding any random plugins to your website, we would strongly recommend you to ask yourself some important questions to better understand your goals and avoid overspending. 

  • How Much Money Do You Have in Your Pocket? /Do You Have Sufficient Budget?

Building a website, that you fail to afford could turn out to be a nightmare for your business, so it is better to thoroughly check your finances before you decide to spend on purchasing expensive themes and premium plugins. Viftech Solutions, being an expert in web development and web designing services, always recommends keeping the cost lowest possible, especially when you are just starting out. 

  • Do you Really Need Advanced Web Features & Functionalities?

Remember that you always don’t need those bells and whistles that you see on other websites. They have it because they might need it, but you need to figure out, whether you really need all those fancy features or not? Viftech Solutions always recommend listing down all the important functionalities and features that you want on your website. This will help you streamlining the overall process and sorting out the features that you needed the cost. You can always build upon your features, so it is advisable to keep the cost minimized in the starting. 

  • Is It Unavoidable to Custom-Build Your Website?

Getting a ready-made web development theme and a web design is the easiest possible way to roll out your website and this also makes you save a lot on your cost. However, if you want to give your website a unique look and exceptional user experience, then you need to get your website custom-built. You can get your website tailor-made as per your needs by yourself, or you can also hire a professional web development service like Viftech Solutions. Charges for web development and web designing varies between $20 and $100 /hour. 

Cost of Developing/Designing an Advanced/Responsive Website

You can start your website with a minimal budget by having free plugins and themes, and can add on features as you grow. But don’t forget that adding every extra feature means adding extra costs to your website. Anticipating website growth means having a more powerful hosting service, premium features and better abilities to handle user traffic. Depending on the premium options, level of advancements and responsiveness you choose, your web development and designing may cost somewhere between $500 and $1000 for a year. 

Cost of Developing/Designing an Online Store

As soon as the e-commerce industry is boosting, business enterprises are rapidly stepping into the world of online business. Creating an online store can help you ensure your 24/7 global presence, and above all, it is really easy to start. Viftech Solutions is a maven in developing advanced, engaging and responsive online stores by using its latest stack of tools and technologies. Getting an entry-level online store ready may cost you around $200 annually, but this may go higher if you want to install premium features and add-ons to your online store. We hope that you find this article informative and it will help you estimate the right cost for your website designing and development. 

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