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video conference app like ZOOM

In the past few months, if there is any mobile application that is widely used then this would be Zoom. it has taken one of the crucial roles in everyone’s life. Whether it’s business, education, wherever the communication needs to be done then it would be from this application. 

In this pandemic situation, most of the companies have accepted the work from home. And in this case, one of the easiest ways of communication would be a video-conferencing application. Even communication was a challenge for the people working online, but this application makes it simple. 

There are many video conferencing mobile applications available but Zoom has seen significant popularity those days. The features and functionality it provides are superior which nobody is offering. Many entrepreneurs have seen this as an opportunity for a successful business during a pandemic. A lot of such applications were published by various companies; however, Zoom has different impacts. Everyone has made a lot of investment in making such mobile applications. So, let’s discuss how much it cost to develop video conferencing applications like Zoom. 

Features of Zoom

Well, nothing can be popular without providing extraordinary service to the users. Same way, Zoom is a widely used platform just because of the outstanding features. As the logo design is the face of the brand then the features are the face of any website or application. From the beginning, they are successful in giving the best functionality to the users.

01. Screen sharing

One of the most important features which every video-conferencing application must-have. It’s specifically important while doing a presentation. As you are online then you need to share your screen with other participants to let them know what’s going on. 

In Zoom, this feature is so easy and convenient for the users. This feature keeps everyone in the meeting engaged with the content which is delivered by the person. 

02. Chat section

Another very important thing is provided by this cloud-based video conferencing mobile application. While communicating virtually, you may need to send a written note then this chat option helps you in it.

Even this chat option has access level as well as whom you want to chat with and who can see this message. 

03. Hand raising

As it's an online video conferencing application, this would be a virtual hand-raising feature. As normally we do in the offline meeting, this feature lets you do that. 

Whenever someone needs to speak or have some concern than with the help of the emoji of hand on which they can click and the host will give access to speak. 

04. Meeting record

One of the most important features which everyone wants to get in any video-conferencing application. To watch after some time or to put it as proof, this record feature will be more important. 

You can just record the meeting just by clicking on the record button, and it will be stored on your device or in the cloud storage. 

05. Polls

Sometimes to get the user's interest in your meeting, you need to ask them first. By considering this concern Zoom has great features that let you take the user’s opinion. 

A crucial part of the Zoom application development

  • Front end development

One of the reasons behind higher user traffic towards your application is the appealing front end. The overall appearance of your application has a great impact. 

The design part is always crucial for websites and applications. Designers should spend a lot of time finalizing the UI of the application which looks aesthetic. See the design of Zoom, it is very simple yet alluring and able to capture the user's attention. 

  • Back end development

Another very important part of the video conferencing app development. As the front end is the appearance of the application then the back end is how it will function. 

You need to finalize which programming language you want to use. There are plenty of best programming languages for app development available, you need to choose which takes less time to implement the idea with efficiency. Video conferencing apps require complex technologies to cover every feature properly.

  • Android/iOS application

Android/iOS are widely used in mobile operating systems across the world. Whenever you develop an application, it must be able to operate on every device.

You appropriate technology which lets you build applications for both of the operating systems. Developers need to work on developing separate apps for each operating system as they have their functionality to run. So, make sure that your video conferencing application is suitable for Android/iOS. 

Cost of development

Well, it’s difficult to tell the exact cost of any mobile application development. Each has different requirements so the cost also varies accordingly. It may depend upon the development team, features, technology, integration, and many more things. 

Developers need to change a lot of things from the starting of the development, so it makes a huge difference in the price as well. Another major factor that can be the hourly rate developer may charge. Each country and industry have different hourly charges. 

Country Average hourly rate MVP Full feature set
USA $80 $96 000 – 116 000 $140 000 – 192 000
UK $70 $ 84 000 – 101500 $ 122 500 – 168 000
Western Europe (Germany) $60 $ 72 000 – 87 000 $ 105 000 – 144 000
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) $30 $36 000 – 43 500 $52 500 -72 000
India $25 $ 30 000 – 36 250 $ 43 750 – 60 000


All these costs are approximate and no exact amount can be answered. As discussed, it depends upon a lot of factors. 

Technologies for app development

In this technological world, you will get new technology every day. Technologies keep changing with time and you need to incorporate in your application as well. 

Technologies are for security purposes, to enhance the user experience, better performance, and many reasons. Specifically, when it comes to mobile application development, you will get a lot of new concepts. You can make the best use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and a much more advanced technology stack. 

If you are going to develop an Android application then it has the best programming language like Kotlin, Java, many more. You can use a toolkit like Android Studio. 

Moreover, an iOS toolkit like Apple Xcode is very popular among developers. Then you can use cross-platform app development like React Native. So, this way you can make the best use of technology to make your application more useful.

Wrapping up

These days, video conferencing applications are becoming popular. As this is the only way of communication for many of us. Most of us definitely come across any of such applications. While it comes to the development of the same, many are in the queue to do it. This article is completely based on how much it cost you to develop the same application. 

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