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Choosing the best template builder for your eCommerce website is not an easy task. The reason being that there are thousands of templates, and you just have to pick one of them. Choosing what is suitable for your business goals is difficult. Those who are in the creatives would go for a template that is stunningly beautiful to emphasize their visual work. Those looking for eCommerce trends would opt for a template that is easy to navigate offer their consumers seamless experience when transacting with them. A local business needs a layout that encourages the visitor to go to visit the store to make purchases physically. These are just but a few examples. Whatever you choose, ensure that your template is not shabby as your visitor would not take you so seriously.

To help you pick the best template builder for your business, here are 8 examples that have been tried and tested to give eCommerce website users the best eCommerce experience. The builders can help you build sites that cater to all of your different interests.

1. Utica by Squarespace

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If you are into creatives, then Utica would be the theme for you. This simple black-and-white framework with clean fonts helps to show off your photographs or artwork as the center stage. The best about this theme is that it makes things pretty simple by allowing you to pick single images to serve as links to the rest of a project. This helps you to stay organized. With its “Our Team” page, you can explain to the visitors what your business is all about since most visitors would prefer setting their eyes first to the “About Us” page to know what they are dealing with before proceeding to the next page. You will also love the big headshots that the theme offers with personal bios below, for each team member to include a personal touch.

2. Christian Adams by Site123


Another great theme is the Site123’s Christian Adams template that inspires anyone in the creative field to customize his background image for a landing page. This makes it easier to impress your visitors as they enter your website. The preview of your portfolio is organized as thumbnail images that enlarge with one click, and visitors can do all the engagement without necessarily leaving the landing page. This allows your work to be seen by as many visitors as possible.

3. Kevin Matsuya by Squarespace


Another template from Squarespace is the Kevin Matsuya theme that offers a unique and bold presentation of images. You will also love its landing page that offers features to create a striking arrangement of photographs of different sizes. This is a visual strategy that makes the overall mechanism more exciting to view. It is the perfect template that allows you to display your best work to attract your prospects with since posts with images produce 650% higher engagement compared to those without. It is a great theme that is best for local businesses and nonprofits organizations.

4. Acquire — Slick by Weebly


Weebly also offers an exceptional theme called Acquire. This is the best theme that adds a professional touch to your website while still allowing you to use images. With Slick template from Weebly, you get tons of options and control of where to place images all over your website. If you want to entice your clients, then these themes will do a great job. You can easily attract people to come personally with your eye-catching menu items or action-packed fundraising activities.

5. Barbosa by Squarespace


If you want a theme that commands attention with simplicity and yet affords to be taken seriously, then what you are looking for is Squarespace’s Barbosa template. If you are running a smaller, local organization, you will fall in love with this great theme. The “Learn More” buttons allow you to link to parts of your site, which lets your visitors preview the rest of your content. Checking your company’s Facebook page is as easy as visiting an internal page since the theme allows you to link to social media pages in the navigation menu.

6. Clean Lines by Weebly

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For those who are looking for a template that infuses their sites with an ideal personality that is not overwhelming to the visitor, the Clean Lines template from Weebly is the right choice. It helps users to strike a balance between professionalism and uniqueness, which is a perfect combination in any business that wants to thrive. It has a default centered navigation bar directly below the site header for ease of use and racking up points. This is a great option for musicians.

7. Kitui by Squarespace


Number seven on my list of themes is Kitui by Squarespace. If you are into art, then you know that the most important part of any artistic ecommerce website is the art itself, and that is where you need to put your emphasis on. The theme rises above the noise and focuses on the music. The landing page allows you to showcase your latest work as the first thing that your visitors see to make it easier to sell yourself. The theme also has a great flare when it comes to Squarespace’s signature visuals. With minimal text, you can make your work speak for itself using images.

8. Press Kit by Wix


This is the best eCommerce theme for promoting just about everything on your website. It let you show off your discography, bio, tour dates, and performance videos using organized layouts. The theme puts more emphasis on visuals since they are ideal for musicians to make them shine. As a musician, you can also add a brief bio with a button that links to your CV for your loyal fans can stay up to date with all your recent activities.


Themes are great selling points for any online venture. They are what identifies your business to your visitors. If you don’t use an appropriate template, your visitors won’t understand quickly what you are all about. Fortunately for all web owners, there are sufficient themes for any type of business you want to run online. If you have not yet found the best eCommerce services to provide you with the best theme, there are plenty of themes that are offered by other theme builders, and you can check them out on Google.

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