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In our daily routine, it is possible to forget some of our critical tasks like employee engagement and similar. We may forget that we've got internal customers too i.e. the stakeholders. The employees! Employee engagement is one of the most prior tasks for the HR department. Not only in India, but in every corner. The condition of employment in various corners of the world has made it very competitive for enterprises to bring in better employee engagement practices.

An engaged employee can help you improve overall business productivity. But, a disengaged employee can restrict the growth in other ways. So, why would an employee go dis-engaged? The papers? Paperwork is often observed as the culprit for an unsatisfied workforce. Paperwork like filing tax, receiving payslips, applying for leaves, or even a small activity like knowing your remaining PL (Paid leaves) requires efforts and time of your HR. 

What are some most popular reasons for a disengaged workforce? 

  • Disconnected employees
  • Lack of self-service
  • Improper on-boarding
  • HR not responding
  • The opacity at payments and much more...

Can a chatbot i.e. HR chatbot stand out in engaging your employees? 

Many times managers fail to keep their employees motivated and engaged due to other duties. But, even small negligence could lead to major failures at the organization. Employees leaving the organization, after you had put so much effort into on-boarding and training activities, becomes the largest failure at times. 

Yes! A personalized and humanized chatbot can improve engagement and employee retention thereby. Especially, when these chatbots are enhanced by NLP (Natural language processing) like in AI bots, workforce retention and employee turnover remain no more the toughest jobs for the HR personnel. 

How can an AI chatbot better engage your employees?

  • Screening bot-

The pain behind recruitment tasks is no longer a secret. We all know the pain-points of it, especially when it is bulk recruitment. AI bots developed with the machine learning capability helps you in assisting your mundane task. A human-like chatbot can help you in screening candidates on their own. 

Candidates have negatively reported their recruitment procedure in huge numbers in the company they were last interviewed in. This clearly indicates, recruitment procedure or the initial screening process has a great impact on an employee's experience. 

Hence, to keep your to-be employee's experience un-deteriorated, indulge an AI chatbot into the recruitment process. It does not only benefits the candidates but also HR. A chatbot can screen down hundreds of applicants at once, which is much faster than the traditional method. 

  • Training and development-

Learning and development is another way to keep your employees engaged and make them feel responsible and important. Proper methods for training an employee or the new joinee not only lead to engagement but also can lead to their personal development and may reach a higher position under proper guidance. On-boarding of fresh employees equally plays an important role in maintaining a good reputation for their new employer. 

The interview process is not the only one responsible. On-boarding and post-joining training processes also contribute to the decision of whether to stay or leave. This is where AI bot plays its role. Predictive analysis! AI bot helps you know which employee is ready for which kind of position. Like positions requiring leadership qualities. AI bot upon identifying their potential offers suitable courses for bringing them with the rest and keep moving i.e. engaged and retained. 

  • HR Chatbot- 

HR assistant AI-based chatbot lets the employees serve themselves. No HR needs to be physically available to the employees for every one of their queries. An employee needs to just type in their question like remaining leaves, leave approval, LOPs, HR details, manager details or anything. HR chatbot lets its users save more time and thus money. An employee self-service portal with an integrated HR chatbot could be the biggest asset in developing better employee engagement practices. 

Adding to it – who doesn't like faster responses? HR bots are just for it. 

  • Performance assessment-

AI chatbots make employee performance evaluation easier for you. An AI chatbot can allow an employee's colleagues to review him/her and provide feedback immediately. This dynamic procedure to assess an employee is easier than the traditional one. This method has two prime advantages on the overall activity: one- time is saved. Rather than postponing the meeting to the next day and investing in a dedicated place and time, AI chatbots can be helpful. 

Another advantage is the entire review process being anonymous. This allows peers to provide correct feedback thus ensuring efficient performance assessment and rewarding. 

  • Employee reader- 

HR bots are not just meant for HR's assistance or screening assistance. Chatbots can also evaluate employee sentiments based on their last conversation. The NLP (Natural language processor) helps the system know what an employee leave management at a given time is going through. The messages while a personalized conversation provides an accurate state of mind of employees. Thus, by reading an employee, chatbots help concerned people i.e. the HR manager to interfere if needed and help with required amenities. 

By knowing the inner personality of team members, team collaboration becomes easier. Simply put, alike members can be made together and therefore, employee experience is what improves. 

Final Takeaway-

If you already excel in attracting and converting new leads, improving work culture and employee experience is your next destination. Employee engagement is one of the most challenging duties of the HR department, HR chatbot is all what you currently need. The benefits discussed above clearly states the required integration at your base. 

Well, that's it for the subject and I wish the article helps your organization for your upcoming challenges and wins your best results!

Good luck!

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