How to Develop Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your eCommerce Website


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How to Develop Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your eCommerce Website

Social Media always had a crucial role to play in eCommerce marketing as companies use techniques like Instagram marketing strategy to increase their reach.  In the past few years, Instagram has become a major source of marketing for the majority of organizations over the years because of methods such as social media influencing, short-form content, ads, etc. The development of these strategies requires heavy market research and an understanding of the latest and future trends. Let’s have a look at how to develop the Instagram marketing strategy for your eCommerce website. 

Introduction to Instagram Marketing

Companies never miss an opportunity to promote their product by catering to a larger audience. Be it sending automated texts or Instagram marketing strategies, brand promotion has always been a crucial part of organizational growth. Instagram marketing is a strategy used by organizations to promote their products and services via Instagram. It can be used to gain an organic crowd with reels, pictures, carousels, videos, and stories. It can also be used for paid promotion with shopping ads, influencer marketing, story ads, etc. In order to adopt these marketing strategies, it is important for a user to set up a business account. 

How to develop an Instagram Marketing Strategy

There are certain steps that one can follow to create an effective Instagram Marketing Strategy for organizational growth. These steps involve different approaches ranging from creating an eye-catching profile to selecting appropriate influencers to promote the product. Below are some of the most effective approaches explained in detail. 

Setting Up an Attractive Business Profile

A good-looking profile on Instagram never fails to attract potential customers to the page. It’s always good to be active as well as aware of the latest trends while managing your profile. If someone visits your profile then they must instantly know what products you provide, what are your top services, where are you based, etc. just by looking at the bio and images of products on your eCommerce website. You must also ensure that the profile you make is optimized for your target audience. This will help you gain followers as they will be hooked to see the type of content you post and the products and services you provide because of your well-maintained profile. 

Add Aesthetic Pictures of your product 

An eye-pleasing profile will always make the visitor stay longer on the profile. Aesthetically pleasing pictures and good color schemes definitely increase engagement on the page. Clicking a picture of your product on Instagram has always been a difficult task. But it is very important to make sure that the new user feels good while visiting your profile and find it eye-pleasing. This will make them spend more time on your profile and ultimately might get them to buy one of your products. You must learn how to take good photos of your product to sell it on Instagram and make sure to keep your brand in line with the aesthetics of your profile. You must also ensure that the color schemes used in the pictures are going with the overall aesthetics of the profile. 

Creative Caption

Be super creative while creating captions as the caption tells exactly what the post is aimed for. Captions with 7-10 words can increase the overall engagement on an image or a carousel post. Creating a good caption is not an easy task, there are thousands of business profiles on Instagram pandering to your target audience. Hence, you must ensure that your captions stand out to attract more potential customers because of the creative message they give.

Have a look at your competitors

When you are new to a business market, it is always wise to analyze the competition around you. Similarly, to create an Instagram Marketing Strategy, you must understand what strategies your competitors are using and how it works for those companies. This not only provides a direction to work on for your marketing strategy, but also tells what not to do as per the current marketing trends. You can also create your strategy on the basis of the analysis of other organizations and combine the best of all. This will give you an upper edge from the start itself as you are aware of the strategies that your competitor is using.

Use Highlights Feature

Highlights are a very underrated feature that is not much used by companies. You can promote a wide range of your products through the Instagram highlights section. Companies have also used the highlights to tell the story of the organization. The highlight section can also tell about the various aspects of fields in which your company is working. Using this feature lets the visitor of your profile understand the company in depth. The highlights should always be something exciting or pleasing as some visitors only check the highlights to get an idea about the company.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Never miss the Hashtags to make your amazing caption reach more people. To ensure that you appear wherever a user searches for something relevant to your product, place your hashtags very strategically. As per Instagram analytics of many websites, it has been found that there must be 2-8 hashtags in every post. There are many organizations that go for unique hashtags as they think this will make their product look unique. But this can only be done if the hashtag is backed by a successful brand campaign. Apart from that, the hashtags used for the promotion should be the ones that are frequently searched by your target audience.

Use the Instagram Insights

Self-evaluation has always been a good practice of any business and the same is the case for Instagram Marketing Strategies. You must be aware of the performance of all your posts through Instagram insights. This will help you judge which post is doing best and hence you must analyze what makes it perform better than others. You can also figure out your least-performing post and try to understand what went wrong so that the issue can be avoided in future. Using Instagram insights will help you improve in terms of engagement which will eventually result in organizational growth. 


All in all, it can be said that Instagram Marketing Strategies can play a crucial role in organizational growth if used properly. With a massive increase in social shopping in the past few years, the use of Instagram for marketing has also increased at a significant level. There are over 2 Billion active users on Instagram which makes it a wide market for businessmen. To increase the engagement on your business page today with Instagram Marketing Strategies today! Use features such as highlights, insights, stories, and reels to make your business reach more people. Use the tips above and use Instagram for something more than just connecting with friends.

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