Smart and Easy Instagram Tips for Gaining More Followers for Your Web Design Company


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Experts have observed some of the successful global brands and they have identified one factor that was common across all these brands. They all seemed to have a large Instagram following. Even though these businesses are operating in hugely diverse markets, brands such as Adidas, McDonald’s, and Marketo have millions of followers on Instagram. You must be aware that currently has over 1 billion MAUs and therefore, it is not surprising that all kinds of businesses, influencers, and organizations are leveraging the power of this vibrant and versatile social media platform like never before. They are ultimately relying on this effective marketing platform to boost their reach and engagement and come up with new business and more and more followers.


As per Forbes, Instagram has been forecasted to generate as much as $5.5 billion in terms of US ad revenue in 2018. That is supposed to be a whopping 70 percent more as compared to 2017. Here are some easy Instagram tips to boost your web design company and gain more and more Instagram followers.

Convert Your Personal Account to a Business Account on Instagram

An Instagram for the Business account would be providing your web design company incredible flexibility that could help in growing followers easily. For instance, account admins should be allowed easy access to all your profile performance metrics. Admins could consider promoting posts by using an inexpensive advertisement and could consider including a button for profile viewers to easily connect with your web design business through a direct message, email, telephone call, or text. When planning content for your Instagram posts, it should be according to the likes of your target audience. Check what competitors are posting and liking. If you want to know how to see someone's activity on Instagram, you can check the Instagram activity tracker.

Ask Your Target Audience for Profile Feedback

For understanding effective ways of improving your web design company’s marketing stratagem, you must certainly solicit customer or follower feedback and check out kicksta review. You could send a DM to all those followers who seem to be highly engaged and ask for prompt feedback from them. You could get meaningful and fast feedback from your genuine and dedicated followers for optimizing your stratagem moving forward.

Consider Incorporating Instagram Content into Your Website

An effective way of boosting your Instagram account’s reach is by incorporating posts into your website content. All Instagram posts feature a specific embed code that could easily be pasted into your website’s source code.

Offer Discounted Pricing Particularly To All Your Instagram Followers

You need to offer enticing incentives to Instagrammers to boost your followers. You could offer hugely discounted prices for your web design services to your followers. Many sophisticated e-commerce sites boast of cutting-edge systems to determine if a particular client is their Instagram follower. Suppose your web design company’s website does not have such an advanced mechanism, you could simply share exclusive discounts only with your Instagram followers via automated DMs for incentivizing more Instagrammers to follow your web design company’s account.

Consider Sharing Exclusive Announcements from Your Web Design Company First of All on Instagram 

Remember that exclusivity would always breed interest. If your intention is to encourage more and more Instagrammers to browse through your web design company’s Instagram for a business profile or stimsocial reviewed, it is a good idea to share critical company updates on your page before you share them on any other platform. This way you could boost your following on Instagram.


We have discussed a few effective strategies for grabbing more Instagram followers for your web design company. You simply need to follow them to gain more followers and achieve phenomenal popularity and success eventually. You must necessarily focus on a consistent brand narrative using a plethora of closely measured and meticulously produced content.

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