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Businesses invest a huge sum of amount in SEO to rank higher in the SERPs and retain their position when someone searches for products similar to their offering. On the other hand, some analysts emphasize the UX of a website to play its magic in the event of an online session (be it sales or lead generation). But logos serve as a silent hero in this big picture when we talk about online marketing, SEO practices, and improving the brand image of a business. 

Can logo do any wonder to improve your website’s SEO for better branding? 

Come, let us help you in exploring the true position of your professional logo when you want to include them in your SEO strategies.

Make You Findable

Search anything and you’ll be presented with millions of results in a nanosecond. But you only pay attention to the first five results on the page. Well, this makes SEO a tough call for new businesses who aim at ranking higher by offering quality content.

As a matter of fact, if someone finds your solutions, services, or products useful, they’ll visit your website again. But what’s the guarantee that they’ll land on your website but not on another website offering the same level of authentic (or quality) content? This is where your professional logo acts as a seal of trust between you and the visitor seeking your wonderful content, again. 

Our brain is trained to remember symbols and pictures and logos has this special effect on our memory when used smartly. So, in simple words, your professional logo backs your SEO efforts by making your website easily trackable in the presence of millionth of other websites on the same search result page. 

Adds Credibility

SEO is good for driving traffic to your website but it doesn’t guarantee the image-building characteristics that you intend to have for your company when competing with others. For that, you turn to the brand and incorporate it with your SEO plans. Because once keywords complete their job (by driving a visitor on your website), it is the visitor’s experience that convinces him/her to keep using your website in the future. 

And if you successfully win your visitor’s heart with excellent UX and proven SEO, it is your logo design that takes charge from that point on. Since the visitor would need some specific thing to remember your website, your business, or your products, the logos prove a wise option to flaunt your business’s credible side. So, use your professional logo to complete your visitor’s search cycle with a seal of credibility. 

Communicates With Visitors

Apart from the fact that logos serve as a credibility mark, there’s another use of your professional logo in paving the way to success for your branding. Where SEO tends to focus on the content and backlinks of your website, the logo works at the forefront to build an irresistible branding experience. The pictogram, wordmark, or abstract picture representing your business is not just a visual sign but acts more as a communicator with your visitors. 

Suppose, you search for Alzheimer's and read about it from two sources in which the first one is a new website and the second one is from Mayo Clinic. Which website would you use as a reference once you complete your research about the topic? Most probably the Mayo Clinic because you’ve read their articles several times before and the minute you see their logo, you’ve made your mind that you’ll get the right answer to your query. That’s how a logo communicates with our subconscious mind and strengthens the SEO part of our marketing. 

Create Brand Authority

Let’s revisit the core objectives of SEO for a website and see how it sets your business as an authority in the industry, online? A proven SEO would aim at increasing your DA and PA that are one of the factors that search engines consider when ranking a website in their database. Well, this complex procedure takes place behind the page and appears a little difficult to comprehend by a normal person with minimum technical knowledge. So, how do you plan to regain your authority in the online spectrum and rule the SERPs as a leader? 

Let your SEO plan deal with the technical work in the background and use your professional logo to set your positive, authoritative image. An excellent professional logo can gracefully set a positive perception in your visitor’s mind and boosts your branding plans, too. That’s why you must consider attaching your logo with your SEO plans in order to maintain your authority, online. 

Adds Value Element

If you’re investing in SEO for better ranking, you’d have known that it’s a marathon that demands constant effort on your part. Here you stop your SEO and someone would replace you on the first spot in SERPs.

So, how can you retain your visitors even if you have to slow down your SEO efforts?

The answer lies in using your professional logo along with the SEO plans. Because your logo can help you in adding the element of value in your online offerings. Or more clearly, it would serve as the goodwill of your business once your SEO plans derive fruitful results. Just look at the big brands and how they prioritize their logo along with the SEO of their website and you’ll understand how using your logo with SEO is crucial in order to create an impeccable branding of your business

Increases Trust Factor

SEO introduces your business to a new visitor but it is your professional logo that invokes the element of trust in your branding. For instance, you turn to Amazon for making an online purchase and never think twice to place an order. Why do you blindly hit the purchase button when buying from Amazon and never hesitate when you’d rather check out various policies of the online store if it’s a new one? That’s the kind of psychological effects a logo can have on your visitors that your SEO plans bring to the website. 

We do hope now you fully understand the value of incorporating your logo into the SEO plans in order to guarantee your success. 

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