How To Know The Right Logo Design For Your Company?


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How To Know The Right Logo Design For Your Company

Before getting into the specifications of choosing a logo design for your business, which amongst others will be useful for your business website or corporate blog, though it's important to mention that there are no right or wrong logo designs. When it comes to company logos, you’re either quickly recognizable even by a toddler or you accept the fact that your business logo is not at all memorable or might fall into oblivion.

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A logo, however, is one of the most important and vital assets when it comes to your brand and it needs to not only communicate the vibes of your new brand but also be easily recognizable to all of your customers as well. The most important thing you need to remember and memorize while designing a logo is that the logo or the symbol you create and make for your company should support your business name, brand, and purpose agenda and many such aspects.

Just think about the best big brands like McDonald's, Audi, Nike, Twitter; they all have logos that speak for their businesses and become synonymous with the brand name. But how important and valuable are logos for a business? In this article, we'll discuss and put forward the various features that need to be considered when designing a logo and how to make your made logo part of the brand recognition drive.

The importance of logo design

Logo design is an integral and the most important part of business branding because it helps make an identity or recognition for your business or product by increasing brand visibility and its value. A logo can be designed using a symbol, a font, an idea, or a visual representation that is associated with your company name or purpose of your business activities and events. It also empowers your business to communicate using both visual and auditory signatures which makes your brand, your corporate designs and your business unforgettable and excellent.

A good logo design is the most important and since it symbolizes not only how customers perceive your company, but also how they feel about it and think about it. Your logo design should definitely send positive vibes about your company, your product, and your business philosophies too. Your business logo and corporate design should also look great, meaningful and should maintain its proportions whether you use it in print media or on your website, social media feeds, applications or whether you use it on a black or a colorful background.

Visuals Representation:

A good optical representation of your company logo adds to the branding potential of your own business and it creates a strong optical impression in the minds of the people. They'll then start to relate the logo you've chosen to the brand which in many cases leads to the best logo being a synonym for the brand or the product.

Unique Concepts:

A unique and different concept in logo design will also help your brand stand out from its competitors and can be easily recognized and associated with your own business.

Memorability Factor:

Many studies over the years have shown that people tend to remember a product or business by its uniques logo rather than the brand name. This can be an advantage or a pros when you are introducing a new product or a sub-product, where you can create a new logo by just adding the new name to the existing, current and popular logo. This helps create brand awareness and also make brand successful by social media of the new product amongst customers who can relate it to a well-known logos and brands.

Logo Speaks To Your Audience

Market research is a key factor for designers not known with that brand. What does the target customer care for most, and in what ways does that brand try to communicate this to them are some of the major questions needs to be sorted.

While designing an identity for a brand, it’s more important to consider what messages will speak to the targeted audience, rather than your personal tastes and reviews as a designer. A conservative designer may prefer muted colors and also the block letters, but if the brand targets young, urban audiences, bright colors and different fonts than it will be more appropriate.

Logo’s are Timeless

Designs and trends come and go, but an effective and eye-catching logo will stand the test of time. While the best designers keep ahead of the latest and trendy crazes in Logo Design, they also realize the importance of as the saying goes, jumping on the bandwagon and following that movement. After all, you don’t want your brand and logo to be a passing trend.

Will your logo convey the same messages to its target market in 10 years or 20 years or even 50 more years of time? And will it still stand bifurcated from the competition? If you find yourself borrowing or lending heavily from the latest design trends, the answer is more than likely no.

It’s Versatile

Effective logos should be scalable so that they can easily be transformed between sizes and formats fonts colors and so on. This is a matter of why logo designers should be creating logos in a vector format and not any other and I’m sure you will agree that there are so many numbers of designers out there that don’t. But a client looking to hire a logo designer may not be aware of this.

If a logo is to universally represented by a brand, it must be compatible with a variety of media. Effective logos don’t just simply look extraordinary on a package design or a shop front. The same designs must also be recognizable online, in print advertisements, on social media sites, on road signs, and on a video and so on. While plenty of logos are designed in full color, they should also be comfortable with a black-and-white printing process. We as a design studio are very much high on this and work in black and white, color comes later if there is no other option left.

Designers should think big while designing logos probably. Just because the design represents a small-scale brand now doesn’t mean that the company will not have the best growth in months or years down the line. Effective logos should be scalable so that they can easily be transformed between sizes, formats, and fonts. Many designers accomplish this by designing their own logos in a vector format.

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