How to Develop an Online Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats or Swiggy?


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Today, in this fast-paced life where everyone is busy dealing with their day-to-day challenges, food deliveries are giving great relaxation to the large section of people. Food delivery services have become an everyday necessity and a thriving industry with online food delivery applications like UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, DoodDash, Grubhub. Not only these apps are allowing restaurants to feed foodies their choice of freshly made food at their preferred time, but also leading the food market.

Are you also dreaming of building a food delivery start-up? Don’t worry, you are just one app away to turn your business idea into reality! Whether its a street cafe, hopping lounge, club or bar- grow your customer base and smartly deliver the food by having a perfect on-demand food ordering mobile application. 

Now the central question is, how to develop an Online Food Delivery APP like UberEats, Swiggy or Zomato?

We have a perfect answer to your problem in this blog...This post has covered up a few essential things that you need to understand if you are thinking about food delivery app development. The critical components of the content are:

  • What Are The Key Features of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps?
  • Understanding The Business & Revenue Generating Model of Leading Food Delivery Apps
  • Business Tip: How to Success in the Competetive Food Delivery Market?
  • Ending Note

Let’s begin and understand each point in detail to start your food delivery business with a big bang!

Essential Features of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps Like UberEats

According to Statistics, online food delivery segment has made $107,438m revenue in 2019 and expected to reach till 156,819m in 2023. With the progressive growth in the food delivery industry, many restaurants have a thought to leverage the benefits of turning their food delivery services to online through a food delivery app. 

Hold on! Did you know how to develop an online food delivery app like UberEats or Zomato? No? Let’s understand the key features of leading online food delivery app…

  • Engaging and Easy User-Interface

The first thing you will notice in UberEats is the simple, secure and attractive user-interface that makes it convenient for the users to interact with the app and pick your services. 

on-demand food delivery app

Sometimes, people make their app look so fancy with the clunky UI, which takes time in loading and hinders the user experience. In that case, more than 50% of users never want to reopen your app and 80% of them not give a third chance to your app if they are not satisfied with the two attempts. 

You can hire a mobile app developer to create an on-demand food delivery app with a perfect UI. While professional developers adhere to app development algorithms, though they can develop an app that loads fast and easy to navigate by the users. 

  1. Integrate Push Notifications

Who doesn't want to save time and money? Both are essential aspect while making orders online. However, be careful! Push notifications can be dangerous for your business, either it can make or break your app. To make your app successful, it is crucial to access this feature in a sophisticated and subtle manner. If you overuse it, then "Puch Notifications" of your app can annoy your users and lead to a subsequent loss for your business. 

Integrate push notification

Hire App Developer to smarty and carefully offer excellent bargains, promo codes, seasonal offers, rewards points or loyalty bonuses to your potential customers. Remember, that word of mouth will increase retention and expand the customer base.  

  1. Online In-App Ordering

Let your customers eliminate the hassle of waiting in lines for the order to be taken and processed. However, when you are comparing the features to the UberEats, they have one unique element of order scheduling facility. Users can leverage this facility and order their entire week food well-in advance by using an On-demand food delivery app. The repeat order and one-click ordering feature will steadily grow your business and bound your user to access your food app every time. 


  1. Secure And Easy Payment Option

According to stats, 26% of the customers have revealed that they like to put online food order from their favorite restaurant just because of the ease of payment. Providing an ability to pay for the order in advance will boost the convenience of users. On the other hand, the secure mode of payment allows your customers to visit the app more often than visiting the restaurant for the food. Adding the seamless online payment options can give a definite edge over your competitor, whether they are right oppos to the street or across the sea. 

If you are clueless about how to add secure payment mode to your app, then it is the right time to look for the best food delivery app development services.

  1. Introduce Loyalty, Rewards and Discount Programs 

According to the survey, 46% of online food delivery services are accessed just because of the availability of a coupon and other discounts. 

Moreover, apart from these stats and facts, the cost involved in attracting a new customer is approx. 5 times higher than the price of keeping the one with offering loyalty points or discounts. That is why some leading brands pay close attention to the loyalty programs and get the fish hooked in a rod with this smart strategy!

  1. Real-Time GPS Tracker for Food Orders

Real Time GPS Food TrackerWell, GPS is available even in phones with simple features. So why not leverage this feature and extend the convenience of your customer? Smartphone users can determine the real-time of their food delivery and check the status of shipment while they have hunger pangs. Most of the on-demand applications add this unique feature to their application, but UberEats offer it with perfection. 

These are the most important features of successful on-demand food applications like UberEats or Swiggy. 

However, are these features enough for the food delivery app development? NO, you need a unique business and revenue-generating model for your food delivery start-up…

Understanding The Business & Revenue Generating Model of Leading Food Delivery Apps

On-demand food delivery applications like UberEats, Swiggy, DoorDash are the top most-used apps today. Not only they are encouraging millions of food chains to join the game but also following the unbeatable business model to keep their brand at the perfect market curve. Online food delivery apps like UberEats follow a simple business model and collaborating the customers and food brands at one common platform. 

With the help of Android app developers, they build the mobile app in a way that subscribed users can easily access it for their online orders. From searching restaurants in a preferred location, placing an order with their chosen restaurant and time, paying for it online or opting for COD, to leveraging the discounts, users can do everything in a few clicks on the app. 

How to Build Your Food Delivery Start-up Right Away?

To develop a popular app like UberEats or DoorDash, you need something more than replicating the features of existing applications and monetizing the business model. To help you make a flawless application for your business, we have gathered some useful insights rights here.

  • Watch Latest Trends in the Food Delivery Industry

To keep your brand ahead in the competition, you need to be aware of the latest food delivery industry trends. Whether it is in context to promoting your food brand on the social media platforms, to choosing the best mode of delivery channels to adding virtual assistants to your app. Keep yourself familiar with the top trends in the food ordering industry and deliver an excellent user experience to the customers. 

  • Choose the Right Food Delivery Model For Your Start-Up

There are two types of food delivery model presented on the food delivery market- "Order-only Model" and "Order and Delivery Model". At this stage, you need to understand your business needs and accordingly select a food delivery model that will work for your business and meet your business goals. 

  • Know Your Target Audience

Before start building your application, understand to whom you are addressing the services. Build and customize your services around their needs and meet the expectation of the specific community by offering options restrict with other restaurants. If your app's menu is including detailed options for gluten-free, low carb, or vegetarian foods, for example, you must be having a wider reach. 

  • Get Ready For Collaborations

Managing a food delivery business is not a one-person game, so be ready to invest in the right relationship with restaurants and partners with local farmers and grocery stores. While building a strong reputation for a brand will take time, but collaboration with leading restaurants will earn you an additional promotion for free. 

Uber Eats mobile app

  • Choose Unique Features of UberEats

Get some inspiration from UberEats and add yours as well to develop a perfect mobile app for food delivery. Consider the following features.

  • Seamless registration and login panel for users,
  • Extensive options to search for anything, anytime,
  • Smooth order placement and checkout,
  • Secure payment option, 
  • And, order tracking.

How Much Cost Does IT Take To Develop an On-Demand Food Delivery App Like UberEats?

The actual cost of the mobile app depends on many factors, including:

  • The number of integrations you are making
  • The choice of platform to develop an application. Whether it is native or a cross-platform app, or building it for all platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

To cut down all the hassle, you can hire an Android App Developer or a team of professionals who will evaluate the thing and come up with a precise app estimation. It would be worthwhile to decide as they stand by your side right from the first step to final app deployment.  

Ending Note 

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this blog and get some useful insights to build a successful food delivery app like UberEats. 

Whether you are a restaurant owner who is trying to improve the sales with a mobile app or the one who is migrating from offline to online food delivery services- the above points will help you build a perfect application. Having just an app isn't useful for your business, so you can take a reference to this blog and add features mentioned above to enhance the user experience. Further, it is also a good idea to hire mobile app developer to expedite the development process and get the perfect solution for your business. 

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