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Nowadays, awesome things are happening around the world. All thanks to emerging technologies iOS and Android app developers for bringing the world in our palms. If you take a look around, almost every business considers having a mobile app for their business growth irrespective of their size and field. And, Restaurant app is no more an exception!

  • Boost sales
  • Maximize brand awareness
  • Build a trusted relationship with customers

Is your restaurant business witnessing a slump or you are looking for a comprehensive guide from features to benefits?

If it is yes, then you must be wondering as to why your business is not growing. And, if you are really looking for the answer, then you can think of opting for a mobile app for your eating business.

Here, in this blog, I have clutched and analyzed the benefits of having a mobile app for business, especially restaurants. And, hope this blog will help you in determining how such a solution can prove of immense help for accelerating your business growth.

But before we jump directly on to the feature and advantages analysis, it’s mandatory to have an insight into the mobile app technology-driven market.

  • The mobile app revenue is predicted to reach a whopping amount of 581.9 billion in 2020 and rounding of the profit by 2 times to 935.2 billion by 2023.
mobile app revenue

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  • The time spent on using mobile apps and web apps has increased enormously, whereas desktop usage has decreased exponentially.
  • The whopping market share of restaurant mobile app development shows one of the zenithal growth speed in comparison to other sectors. For instance, in 2015 it scaled a revenue of $160 million.

As you know, business thumb rule says “ Know Your Customer ” and this drag’s one foot to understand their behavior too. So, if they are stepping towards smartphone usage as their main device, then what’s stopping you from being there?

Thus, it’s your responsibility to make it easier for them to reach you. And, not to forget, the advantages of having your own restaurant mobile app far outweigh any disadvantages.

Probably like any business nowadays, the restaurant industry continues to be shaped by “customer-facing” mobile technologies. And, while the development is taking its place, the two main trends in the space of restaurant software:

  • Consumer-Oriented Technology: Restaurants has started to include tablets (Androids and iOS), and customer-facing technology for the unparalleled dining experience and simultaneously proffering a quicker checkout, hassle-free payments and unlimited enjoyment.
  • The Tablet Hardware: Adding to the above list, there is a sudden drift in solutions for line busting in quick-service restaurant ambiance. The servers use apps that are accomplished with tablets and other mobile devices to place an order irrespective of the location.

But, amidst of flooded option, the most important question arises “why do people use the restaurant app”? What makes it so special from the user’s perspective?

Let’s unfurl the secrets.

As per the survey, 46.1% of the users said that they used restaurant mobile apps to check for their operational hours. The stats seem great if they are yet to be taken into considerations (for the limited time).

Just think about how the market changed and evolved with myriad opportunities over time.

Sounds exciting, right?

It is the high time to commence with the making of your own restaurant app — better to say “Your Digital Restaurant Business”. If you are a curious head to have an in-depth understanding of every know-how of developing a mobile app for a restaurant there are some really quick tips to consider. Keep on reading…

Features-Rich Analysis Of Restaurant Mobile Application

As by now you have decided to invest in a mobile app for your restaurant business, the next comes to decide upon the features it will have. A few features are listed below you can think of adding in your app -

#1. A Feedback Portal

feedback portal

Always welcome “Customers feedbacks and reviews”. As they are the guiding first source on how to optimize your restaurant app in 2019 and ahead. It is a constant practice to have a look at the review and improve on it.

This makes the “customer feedbacks portal” a mandate as it provides a convenient and reliable approach to clutch primary research on the app users. It will provide you with a clear vision of weakness in your app and help you overcome it by aligning with it.

#2. Customization

It all depends on how well your app captures and processes behavior data, and further scrutinize the customer best product and offer personalized rewards on the points.

Customization or personalization is all about building a 1-to-1 conversation with the customization for an ever-lasting relationship.

#3. Influencer Targeting

The rising wave of “Influencer Targeting” is a great-to-have feature. Basically, it is an idea of trusted recommendations and endorsements. Some marketers love it while some don’t see any value in it.

But the truth is, by segmenting your influential customers, you can offer them compelling yet braced rewards of huge value and exchange it to reach conversions.

However, if you are also on the lookout to have enriched features in your app, nothing can be more right than to hire Android app developers or an iOS techno-geeks.

#4. The dawn of “Gamification”

Welcome the era of “Gamification”! It is a procedure where game mechanics are used in a non-game context and customer is rewarded on completing the task.

It is simply about Motivation and rewards, or probably for both!

#5. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Without any doubt, Augmented Reality is the newcomer for restaurant mobile app yet is an alluring and creative app feature. As per the surveys held, 47% of a youngster between 18–34 years stated that engaging with these types of apps offers a multi-sensory experience, leverage their entire feeling of loyalty towards the restaurant and its services.

So, make sure to hire a mobile app developer that has extensive experience in offering innovation with reliability.

Now, Is The Time To Unfurl The Benefits Of Mobile Application For Restaurants

#1. The Value — Discounts, Coupons, & Loyalty Program

Discount and coupon loyalty program

A 2015 survey stated that 37% of customers used mobile apps to redeem discounts from restaurants, while 26% of customers used mobile apps for earning loyalty points.

Among so many benefits, the biggest advantage of mobile apps for restaurants: “Earning of brand loyalty is no more a tedious task”. Indeed it is a cheaper option than creating brand awareness.

This is the biggest reason why the restaurant is paying special attention to the loyalty program. And as for a reality check, Starbucks manifold its sale by nearly 80% after coming up with the loyalty program.

#2. “Everything Mobile” Online Ordering and Mobile Payments

online order mobile app

The inception of in-app features in restaurant mobile apps helps customers switch from the long queues or no more waiting to pick-up the order. The dexterity to pay as you go provides a high level of convenience for customers.

After you get acknowledged with the usage of mobile apps for your restaurant business, there is an exceptional improvement in managing the orders.

Moreover, as an outcome, you will abreast of your competitors.

#3. Book An Easy Reservation

book an easy reservation

Numerous mobile apps connect customers with the nearest restaurants and not just connecting they give you the privilege to book a table as per your comfort and priority.

Many active restaurants and eating points via online registration are connected to such requests. They also let you have a look at whether the table is vacant or occupied, this minimizes the traffic congestion in the restaurants.

#4. Digi-Menu Card

This is not new but rather a famous benefit “Digital Menu Card”. This feature allows the user to place their order using a digital device scrolling up and down with a touch.

Therefore, hire mobile app developers that are passionate about providing an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction. Many restaurants have it in their arena, while some have it in their mobile application too. This is where the subtle difference makes a big change.

It allows the user to select the item with a simple touch. Moreover, you can choose the restaurant according to your pocket and feasibility in terms of taste, health, and variety.

#5. Online Presence

Irrespective of the trade your business dwells in, an online presence is a must, especially on the trending social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay ahead of the competitive edge.

It attracts a behemoth amount of people in a short span providing effective online marketing and even boosts up the brand and its image. It’s no more a myth many people get to know about the restaurants through online searches.

It provides you with a reliable platform that allows you to interact directly with the customer and reply to their feedback.

#6. Answer For Every Question

Answering a myriad of questions from your client is a task of every day for you and your staff. But, a mobile app can help you answer them easily and quickly without any much hassle and provide a satisfactory solution to the customers.

Most of the questions asked are kept in the category of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which are frequently repeated over the period. Aside, you can add more in-depth information at every stage which would help customers sail well in the waves.

To dig a little deeper and efficiently understand the services, follow the below steps:

a. Register your address with Apple or Google maps making it easier for the customer to navigate.

b. Keep a feature by which the user can contact you with stepping out from the app.

c. Mention the days when trading is closed.

d. In booking option, write the maximum seating capacity at your place.

To Put The Lid — Take The First & Free Estimation and Right Step in Building Your Restaurant App

Building your restaurant app

The technology used is not just confined to the restaurants B2C (Business 2 Client) but it also helps you harness fruitful outcomes for B2B (Business 2 Business) activities. Restaurant owners have aligned with different vendors who provide the raw material regularly.

Starting from the bakery guy who provides cookies and bread to the grocery executive who gets all the veggies and other related edibles. There is a big chain for which restaurants are a small part. So, there are no rooms for mistakes as it can result in an array of repercussions.

And, if you are looking to develop a restaurant app for your business or upgrade the current one, the inevitable is aligning with the topmost app development company and hire iPhone app developer or the one proficient with Android app development.

Just make sure, technology alone can solve various problems by streamlining the complete chain from getting raw material to cooking and delivering to the customer as “Hot To Serve”.

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