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With billions of people checking their social media platforms daily, it’s no surprise how social media marketing is a thriving form of digital advertising that’s taking the world by storm.

Nonetheless, it’s not always a smooth ride when investing your time, money, and effort in social media marketing. SEO techniques are a crucial part of digital marketing to expand your base, gain more engagement, and increase your bottom line.

While you optimize your SEO techniques in your website, the same techniques also apply in your social media posts. Google’s algorithms will always have a unified way of scouting the best content whether it’s from an external site or a social media platform. So if you’re beefing up your social media marketing, here are the top seven advanced SEO techniques you should try.

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1) Focus on Frequency or Quality

One SEO trend that ranks blog websites first in search engines is the frequency of posts. Of course, if Google sees your blog as inactive for weeks, it will deem you as an unworthy site.

Social media SEO works similarly. If you can post frequent content all across your social media platforms, people will have something to look forward to daily. However, it’s always essential to focus on quality as well.

Jeffree Star is one of the highest-paid YouTubers nowadays with an expansive following of more than 14 million. His first few videos were low quality 10 years ago, but he drastically improved later on. And even though he doesn’t frequently post now, his videos still get around eight million views on average because they’re funny and high-quality.

In short, post engaging content on social media daily or post high-quality content a couple of times a week to achieve your goals.

2) Be Strategic with Keywords

Keywords are still one of the dominant factors that algorithms assess. Take note that those on-page SEO strategies you do on your blogs or content are still applicable to social media marketing.

Optimize your h1, h2, and meta tags. If you’re posting blogs, make sure you use the right subheadings and scatter keywords appropriately without stuffing them. More importantly, search engines will not rank you if you’re not using the right keywords.

First of all, think of your buyer persona and determine the possible keywords they type on search engines. Secondly, visit your competitors’ social media platforms and scout for posts with the highest engagement, try picking useful keywords from those posts.

Thirdly, try to focus on long-tail keywords. They may have the lowest search volumes, but they are effortless to rank because they’re less competitive.

Last but not least, always utilize keyword research tools so you won’t get sidetracked. You can check for keyword search volumes, how much advertisers pay for specific keywords, keyword competition, similar keywords, and more.

3) Integrate Visually Alluring Images

Social media is a powerful tool. It provokes people’s emotions and piques everyone’s curiosity when presented with high-quality enticing images. When a user scrolls on his feed, he can stop dead on his tracks when he sees an image that captivates his attention. Consider that as your primary goal on your social media posts.

Always ensure that the images are highly relative to the title as well. Avoid click-bait images or titles because you’ll lose credibility in the long run. On top of that, there are other advanced SEO techniques for images on social media:

  •    Resize images to perfect dimensions suitable for every social media channel
  •    Use the keywords in the alt text, file name, and title
  •    Use a reasonable image size to make it mobile-friendly
  •    Incorporate photo sharing on your images and posts
4) Amplify Brand Awareness

Always remember your goals and objectives when posting social media content. Whether you’re looking to increase your following or boost sales, one way to make them relate to your brand is to spread your foundation, history, story, and overall branding.

People not only shop with their eyes, but they also shop with their emotions. Incorporating a brand story or mission will have a considerable impact on their purchasing decision if you’re selling a product or service.

5) Keep Up with Recent SEO Trends

There was a recent Google algorithm update called March 2019 Core Update or otherwise known as “Florida 2.” While Google doesn’t necessarily mention all the details of their updates, SEO experts and digital marketers usually figure things out on their own through analytics.

Some of the SEO updates that might impact your social media content negatively are excess ads, pop-ups, and large overlays, many backlinks to low authority sites, short-form content, and more.

As a digital marketer or entrepreneur, it’s imperative to always be on the lookout for new social media and Google SEO trends to stay ahead of the game.

6) Interlink Posts Across All Social Media Platforms

Every person has a social media preference. While Twitter may be your cup of tea, it might be the most insignificant social media icon on my mobile phone. An excellent social media marketing strategy is to stay active across the board.

Just like how you link to external and internal links on your website content, you must do the same with all your social media posts. Link your post to another social media network to make it easier for people to navigate from one to the other.

Here are four benefits of interlinking across all channels:

  • Can maintain an existing audience, expand your reach, and captivate new followers, Nowadays it is even possible to buy followers.
  • Save a lot of time
  • Achieve massive exposure
  • Boost social media presence
7) Diversify Your Posts

Never put all your eggs in one basket. It’s always better to diversify social media posts to cater to every distinct personality. There is no rule of thumb on what to post on social media. Sometimes the most creative ones get more likes or shares.


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However, there are a few social media contents that are proven and tested. Here are some with the highest engagement:

  •    Using wit and humor
  •    Interactive content
  •    Strong positive, emotional content
  •    Infographics
  •    Educational posts
  •    Newsworthy content
  •    Informative posts in formats such as lists, how-to posts, why and what posts

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is an uphill battle. That’s because SEO trends are like people’s minds – they’re fickle and abstruse. But with these seven SEO techniques, you’ll surely gain those following faster than you’ve anticipated. 

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