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How to Leverage the Power of Video Marketing Effectively for Business Growth


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In this fast-paced world, keeping up with what our customers need is vital. This could mean innovating our products and services or how we connect with them. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to stand out from the rest of the competition.

One way to do that is to incorporate video marketing in your promotional campaign.

Video marketing is nothing new, yet it is essential to be part of your digital marketing strategy more than ever. That's because videos are fantastic in catching and retaining your customers' attention. It is also an excellent tool in compelling them to take action.

That said, we will walk you through six ways you can leverage video marketing to grow your business. 

Share your brand's story

Videos are not just another fad. In fact, it is a potent way to form relationships with your audience by establishing a human connection. 

Videos are a medium that people are hardwired to respond to. Apart from being visually stimulating, it tends to elicit an emotional response from viewers, thanks to emotional contagion. 

When someone watches your video or story, their emotions tend to mirror what is on the screen. So, even a brief interaction with a video can trigger your audience's emotional response, creating a significant impact. 

So, videos are not just about selling your products and services. It allows you to connect emotionally with potential prospects. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But videos are at least a million words. 

This is an excellent way to share some parts of your story that you couldn't otherwise share via text. 

Build awareness for your brand

You need to build awareness around your products you are selling if you want to boost your sales. 

The more people are aware of your brand, the more you can turn them into loyal customers in the long run. 

Chances are, your customers usually watch videos on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Increasing brand awareness is vital because it can positively affect your business in the long run. 

  • More people will know who you are. 
  • They'll want to do business with you and boost your revenue. 
  • They'll tell friends and their network to do business with you and increase your income over time. 

But before you come up with a material that raises brand awareness, you first need to be confident about what your brand represents. 

That way, you can develop a strong brand with recognizable content. This includes the videos you produce. 

Generate an increased ROI

Approximately 83% of businesses say that videos provide an excellent ROI (return on investment). Although this might not be the easiest or cheapest task, this can pay off in the long run. 

Apart from that, video editing tools are improving and have become much more accessible. By even using your smartphone, you can already make pretty decent videos. 

Another good thing about videos is that they don't have to be perfect. 

According to research, many users tend to be off-put by videos if they don't explain a product or service enough. Meanwhile, the design and the quality don't seem to matter that much. 

Establish trust with stakeholders

The key to online selling is to establish trust. When a consumer doesn't trust your brand, they won't purchase your products and services. Video marketing helps cultivate that trust.

According to life science investor Michelle Dipp, "You can use videos to engage with your audience in more ways than one. That's because you can show your expertise better in a video than in written content." 

That's because your videos tend to see everything you do and every step you take in a video. As a result, they'll trust you more. Do you know that 40% of millennials trust platforms, such as YouTube, for content? 

The whole intimacy of a video marketing campaign is tailored to build trust and even change the viewer's worldview. 

The more videos you create to educate and inform prospects, the more reliable your trust foundation will be. Eventually, that trust will translate into sales. 

Engage with your viewership

Videos also have a high potential for social shares. In fact, by merely mentioning the word video in your email's subject line, you can enhance your email's open rates to up to 13%.

The thing is, word-of-mouth marketing and a video's shareability often go hand in hand. When you make your content shareable, you aren't reaching out to a broader audience. You're allowing your audience to become ambassadors for your brand. 

Improve search engine rankings

For over 15 years now, Google has been promoting the importance of video content. That's why you need to have videos on your site to have higher rankings on search. Videos allow you to boost your organic traffic to up to 157%.

In the hands of an SEO expert, videos can also be a powerful tool. They do not directly impact your site rankings, but it also gives your site a better chance to improve. 

  • Dwell time. This refers to the amount someone spends on your site. It is an important search ranking factor and can be achieved by producing compelling and entertaining videos.
  • Bounce rates. Videos catch viewers' attention, allowing them to dig deeper into your site content, thus lowering your bounce rates. 

So, if you place YouTube on your site, your site's visibility and opportunity to show up on search engines will increase significantly. Once you promote your videos on social media platforms, your chances of getting found will go through the roof. 

Over to You

By creating a robust video marketing strategy, you can quickly establish customer rapport. And you can use this to build a meaningful relationship with them.

You can leverage this relationship for customers to stay loyal to you. Mind you; customer retention is the secret to keeping your business afloat.

To do that, you can produce how-to videos, host a Facebook Live webinar, or upload Instagram stories. That's because such content can help you catch and retain the attention of your customers.

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