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Right from its inception, Laravel has become an instant hit in the web designing world. The various PHP frameworks, including Laravel development services, are one of the essential parts of the web designing and development cycle.

The framework comes with pre-existing libraries defining various classes and functions that can help to build a fantastic website. Moreover, more than 79.1% of websites rely on PHP frameworks for satisfying their server-side programming needs.

The popularity of the Laravel development framework is so high that most businesses now rely on hiring Laravel developers to ensure the best functions and features for their websites. However, it is also essential to understand the various web applications that Laravel supports.

Before understanding the various web applications supported by the Laravel framework, let us look at the multiple reasons that make Laravel a popular framework.

Reasons for the popularity of the Laravel framework:

Laravel offers the following uniqueness and advantages, which makes it a unique PHP framework for businesses:

1. Uncompromised authentication:

This offered feature ensures that all the user's data available on the website is authentic and approved to avoid any misunderstanding and hassles in the future.

2. MVC architecture:

Thanks to the Model-View-Control architecture used in the Laravel framework, it ensures a consistent and easy development process. Apart from this, the Laravel development company can deliver focused performance with better and clean application documentation.

3. Lightweight templates:

With the use of impressive layouts, the Laravel framework can enjoy dynamic content seeding. This aids in the creation of simple yet appealing web designs and templates for business websites. You can also use many unique widgets and CSS for use.

4. Routing system:

Amidst the various routing system options, the Laravel designers choose any favorable route for activating the web application. The URL is recognized by the routing system as soon as the web application is activated.

5. Modularity:

With the availability of 20 unique libraries, the Laravel web designers can make the business website responsive, attractive, modular, and navigation-friendly.

6. Unit-testing:

The feature of unit testing ensures that all the updates and changes made are compatible with the app and do not hinder its performance. The app undergoes multiple tests, which may be time-consuming but is worth it.

The various web applications supported by Laravel:

The following are the web applications that can be designed and supported by a reputed and well-known Laravel development company:

1. Schools and university management systems:

The Laravel development framework has all the possibilities that can compatibly work with the complex and heavy tasks in the school and university management systems. Moreover, the framework can offer maximum convenience and ease to the users to access various essentialities without any hassles.

Some of the features that the Laravel framework can handle are as follow:

  • Registration of the students
  • Adding required details of the faculty members
  • Granting access of certain information to the parents
  • Managing student's attendance 
  • Accessing the class schedule and timetable, etc.

2. ERP management system:

Laravel development also plays an essential role in developing and managing an ERP system for different organizations. The proper management of the ERP system aids the organization in increasing productivity and achieving better results.

Here are some of the features handled by the Laravel framework:

  • Managing projects, allotted tasks, and users
  • Analyzing and framing user's reports
  • Accessing employee's data and information with maximum ease
  • Convenient inventory management
  • Maintaining effective communication between employees, etc.

3. Online e-commerce store:

If you have a business website or a business app, you need to reach out to your potential buyers. The Laravel framework acts as a bridge to sell and buy various products across different B2B and B2C businesses.

Here are some of the features that the PHP framework can effectively handle:

  • Registration of buyers, sellers, customers, etc.
  • Tracking the orders, returns, exchanges by the buyers
  • Comparing the price of various products and services
  • Using innovative and advanced filters, landing pages, and categorizations
  • Managing the payment gateway, shopping cart, and checkout necessities, etc.

4. CRM system:

Customers are the most significant assets for any business. Therefore, it is essential to use this PHP framework in such an excellent way to effectively manage the customers and their details.

You can hire a Laravel developer to control the following features of a CRM system:

  • Easy and convenient user customization
  • Handling different tasks, files, and notes in a properly arranged manner
  • Managing a user-friendly interface
  • Focusing on increasing the customer retention rate
  • Accessing the current and future business sales possibilities
  • Building professional invoices for attracting customers, etc.

These are some of the basic web applications that are supported by the Laravel development framework. Besides these, many different web applications can be designed and managed using varying services of the PHP Laravel framework.


It is recommended that you use a web design framework that receives regular updates and tests to ensure that it is authentic and runs smoothly. The Laravel development services are excellent to support the various web applications that can provide a smooth and pleasing customer experience.

Using this amazing PHP framework, you can unlock the best functionalities and features for designing the best web apps. So, what are you waiting for? Use this framework and mark a significant difference in your business website and web applications.

You can write to us in the comment section for any detailed information and assistance related to the Laravel framework. We always appreciate hearing from you about your concerns and doubts to offer you the best possible help.

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