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Since the advent of e-commerce, business organizations have been exposed to endless features and opportunities to harness. Now and then several tools and techniques are introduced as a result of technological advancements. As CMS developer, if you have conceived a web development strategy and are willing to execute it with the best tool available- then you have come to the right place. 

In this post, we are going to justify the reasons behind opting Magento as a leading web development tool and render it whether it is among the best possible solutions for your e-commerce website or not.  

Reasons Why Magento Is Widely Used By Developers

Among several web development tools available in the market, the Magento web development tool is widely popular due to its flexibility and higher functionality. 

In e-commerce, the utilization of platforms such as WordPress or Magento has enabled business organizations to operate the majority of their business through the internet. Time and distance have been demolished and now you can operate your business in remote positions sitting at home.

Magento is an open-source platform- consists of similarities with WordPress or Drupal. It fosters your digital marketing tactics on the grounds of search engine optimization, increased site speed and integration of social media marketing tools along with it. The ability to adapt with third-party tools empowers you to avail wade ranges of solutions to become able to attract more visitors and convert them into potential buyers. You can develop quality content, raise it through social media platforms and gain quality traffic to your website without having prior knowledge of technical back-end.

Also, the Magento e-commerce framework is highly customizable and easy integrating ability to several third-party tools allows its users to be adaptive and fulfill the varying needs of your website as it grows.

Due to its numerous advantageous features, Magento Web Development has been the favored e-commerce platform for the reasons discussed below;

  • Magento is an open-source platform

Magento is among those web development platforms that provide its users with endless features first hand. As a website developer, you can have access to almost all of its features while being able to make further modifications of its tools. Developers grave for it!

There are as many as three versions of the Magento tool namely Community edition, enterprise edition and Magento Go- out of which the Magento Community edition tool is freely available and extensively popular.

magento connect

Image source: https://www.digital6technologies.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Magento-Connect-Marketplace.png 

In addition to that, after installing, you can install extensions and customize it according to your needs. In spite of being an open-source platform, the frequent release of updates reduces the chances to become vulnerable to hackers and helps in improving any drawbacks.

  • Inherently SEO friendly

By default, Magento Web Development comprises of several SEO features, similar to other e-commerce platforms. Built-in tools and modules of Magento help your e-commerce website to rank higher in search results. 

Suppose your online store is already on the go and yet has not gathered sufficient responses, what will be your counter-response? In this case, website optimization can be very effective for those developers who are well aware of handling page traffic issues, index the website along with a landing page. However, in the case of e-commerce websites, age optimization can be challenging as there are hundreds to thousands of pages competing to make use of the keywords.

Magento features several SEO friendly characteristics like URL structures, sitemaps, tags and meta descriptions that ease you to perform higher in any search engine result page (SERP).

  • Convenient integration process

One of the best things about Magento Web Development process is its faster ability to integrate with numberless third party services. It consists of database applications, shipping, transportation, order tracking, and payment gateway.

In addition, the Magento web development platform fosters you with several Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google base and Google checkout, etc. These tools empower you to keep an eye on your website performance while consistently seek for latest trends in the process of e-commerce website development.

  • Compatible to mobile devices

Technological advancements made businesses experience a substantial shift in their operational processes and companies with better ability to combat these situations are the gainers.

Since the majority of transactions are operated through mobile devices, companies have no other option than making their businesses compatible with mobile devices.

In this situation, “Magento’s HTML5 capabilities make things pretty simple. It provides your mobile website with amazing AV and drag-drop capabilities, image scaling for different websites, etc.”

magento HTML 5

Image source: https://blog.resellerclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/unnamed.png 

  • Improved page loading and processing time
  1. Commerce is all about statistics where each number counts. Each visitors leaving without making any transaction impacts upon conversion rate and eventually decreases revenue. 

According to surveys, "47% of total web users demand a website to load within 2 seconds, where a site consuming more than 2 seconds is deemed as slow and the bounce rate is higher."

Hence, there is hardly any space to compromise when it comes to the speed of a website. With the help of Magento Web Development, as a developer, you can

“cache your pages using varnish, retrieve data from databases within milliseconds and load pages in no time”.   

  • Destined to be an e-commerce platform  

The basic preference for this web development tool is to furnish an e-commerce platform, where it can serve on diverse platforms.

Magento is like a flagship term that houses every characteristic feature and functionality of a robust and effective e-commerce website. In spite of its multipurpose services, Magento acts as an e-commerce web development tool that is more efficient than efforts put by WordPress, WooCommerce, and Drupal altogether.

  • It is robust and user-friendly

Improved flexibility of this platform enables it to be compatible with almost any type of device- where the improved user interface is the first and foremost feature of any web development process. In the case of Magento, the front end is furnished with the lucrative user interface, where customizable back end provides opportunities to modify and mediate all the functionalities.

Comparatively advanced features like high dynamism and rapidity of this platform manifest you with convenient shopping experience whether you search and purchase any products. You can also integrate your existing e-commerce website with Magento web development tools and use them at minimal expense.


Magento2 #1 Platform for eCommerce Development

Credits - Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

With increasing demand and tougher competition, business organizations are compelled to come out of their comfort zone and act in innovative ways. In addition, exposure to more sophisticated and furnished platforms has elevated consumer demands- thus companies are too keen to exploit available resources to compensate it. The Magento web development process is part of it.


As compared to another mode of business, online business gathers huge profits to its effector- it draws the attention of many business people to utilize the platform and start making a profit out of their business. This led to exponential growth in the e-commerce development process, where the top Magento developer became immensely effective within a shorter time-frame. Shopify and BigCommerce are among such plug and play e-commerce platforms that cater to any kind of emerging online store. 

Being equipped with numerous exquisite features enable Magento to stand above from the herd of website development platforms.

Magento website development platform empowers a website developer to create a complete online store out of scratch by applying its high scalability, flexibility and easy to use features. A website developer can implement almost everything to a website and further customize it according to client preferences.

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