Property Maintenance Service booking web platform with a focus on user engagement, automation and overall service enhancement






The Problem

Candu Maintenance's existing platform was inadequate, marked by a cumbersome user interface that hindered easy navigation for vendors, property managers, and tenants. The challenge was to revamp a clunky system into an intuitive, market-standard portal. Users struggled with basic functionalities like accepting or placing work orders. The site lacked automation, making the processes labour-intensive and prone to human error.

The brief

In the digital era, where online presence is crucial, Candu Maintenance aspired to revolutionize their digital interface to create a seamless experience for property maintenance solutions. IIH Global stepped in to give form to this vision, aiming to transform Candu's digital presence with a focus on user engagement, automation, and overall service enhancement.

The solution

IIH Global employed its expertise in ReactJS/NextJS and NodeJS to overhaul the Candu Maintenance websites. The goal was to streamline the operation from the ground up. Emphasis was placed on intuitive design and user-friendly interface to ensure a smooth process for work orders. Sophisticated strategic automation features allowed users to navigate the platform effortlessly and without unnecessary manual work.

Tackling the challenge, IIH Global’s technical team leveraged their expertise by integrating DynomaDB for robust database management, VIVE payment solutions for seamless transactions, and the Quickbooks accounting system to streamline financial tracking. The IIH Global team successfully incorporated these systems, ensuring a robust backend that could support the frontend's newfound efficiency.


The result

The result is a dual-site ecosystem that resonates with the needs of Candu Maintenance's diverse users. IIH Global's work on Candu Maintenance stands as a testament to the company's commitment to delivering comprehensive and state-of-the-art web solutions. Users now enjoy a coherent experience, from logging in to managing property maintenance tasks, while Candu Maintenance benefits from improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. This project not only solved the existing issues but also set a new benchmark in property maintenance web platforms.

Candu Maintenance

IIH Global Limited was able to take an inoperable system and make it fully operational. The team provided high-quality development and UI/UX designs, delivered on time, and is now the designated partner for the client.

Before working with them, we could not get our system live and now we’re fully operational.

- Founder, Candu Maintenance Company

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