Tailor-made photo editing platform built from the ground up. With a plethora of photo editing functions.




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The Problem

At IIH Global, we thrive on transforming unique ideas into functional realities. The journey with our client, LuleTools, perfectly encapsulates our commitment to innovation and excellence. LuleTools approached us with a vision, not as a pre-existing client, but as visionaries wanting to carve a niche in the digital tool arena.

LuleTools' challenge was to create a standout platform in the saturated market of image editing. They required a custom software solution that provided a range of free tools for resizing, compressing, and compositing. What they needed was not just a website, but a user-centric platform that could handle diverse editing tasks with ease and efficiency.

The brief

  • Create a standout platform in the saturated market of image editing.
  • Develop a custom user centric platform that provided a range of free tools for resizing, compressing, compositing etc.
  • Connect to 3rd party API to offer a plethora of photo editing functions.

The solution

We kicked off the project by delving deep into the needs of the digital editing community. Our solution was a tailor-made platform built from the ground up. With Laravel forming the robust backbone, we ensured the website's backend was as strong as it was flexible.

Frontend development is where the magic really happens. We chose React.js for its dynamic capabilities, allowing us to craft a responsive and engaging user interface. The result was a seamless fusion of technology and design that prioritized user experience above all else.

A significant triumph in our development journey was the integration with a third-party API. This strategic move allowed us to offer a plethora of editing functions, enabling users to tweak their images without the platform having to host complex editing software natively.


The result

The introduction of the beta version was a critical step. It provided us with valuable user feedback that was instrumental in refining the platform, ensuring the full launch would exceed expectations.

The numbers speak for themselves. With over 10,000 monthly visitors and an impressive growth rate of 20% month-over-month, LuleTools is rapidly becoming a go-to platform for image editing needs.

As the beta phase matures, we are gearing up for a grand launch in the second quarter. The positive feedback from early adopters has been heartening, with users especially pleased with the intuitive design and range of editing tools available.

In closing, our journey with LuleTools showcases IIH Global's dedication to delivering bespoke technology solutions. It's a testament to our team's skill in not just meeting client expectations but delivering a user-focused product that resonates with the market's needs. As LuleTools prepares for its full launch, we at IIH Global are ready to support and celebrate every milestone achieved in this exciting venture.


IIH Global Limited's code and design quality has been impressive. They complete deliverables on time and communicate with the client regularly via email, virtual meetings, and a messaging app. Overall, the client has been highly pleased with their partnership.  

Their collaboration with me was amazing.

- Managing Director, Software Solutions Company

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