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How IIH Global helped a hospitality recruitment business streamline its uniform management with a custom CRM.




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The Problem

It is essential in the hospitality industry to supply your workers with the proper attire for each event. Keeping track of the inventory, orders, and deliveries of those uniforms is a difficult task in and of itself. That's why Five Star Catering Staff, a hospitality recruitment agency based in the United States, teamed up with IIH Global, a web design and software development firm, to construct a custom CRM to handle their uniform management needs.

Five Star Catering Staff relied on a product that was not tailored to their individual operations and requirements. They required a custom CRM that was extensible, adaptable, and simple to use.

The brief

  • Develop a CRM solution to manage uniform orders.
  • Keep track of inventory.
  • Keep all staff and clients up to date through push notifications.
  • Provide a testing environment for continuous improvement during development.

The solution

This is when IIH Global stepped in. IIH Global is a renowned web design and software development firm that specialises in custom solutions for a variety of sectors. They offer an experienced team of developers, designers, and project managers who can provide exceptional results on time and in budget.


Five Star Catering Staff and IIH Global collaborated closely to understand their business goals, issues, and workflows. They then created and built a unique CRM that worked in tandem with their current website and database. The CRM included many custom functionalities that fit their internal processes, such as:


- Ordering uniforms online through a user-friendly interface
- Tracking the status and location of each uniform order
- Managing the inventory of available uniforms and sizes
- Generating reports and invoices for each event and client
- Sending notifications and reminders to staff and clients
- Updating the uniform data and images as needed


The custom CRM was delivered in 3 months from start to finish, with regular testing and feedback sessions along the way. The CRM was also scalable and adaptable so that Five Star Catering Staff could easily add new features and functions as their business grew.


The result

The result was a successful collaboration that benefited both parties. Five Star Catering Staff was able to streamline their uniform management process, reduce errors and delays, improve customer satisfaction, and save time and money. IIH Global was able to showcase their expertise and creativity, build a long-term relationship with a valuable client, and expand their portfolio of web design and software development projects.


If you are looking for a web design or software development partner that can help you create a custom CRM or any other solution for your business, contact IIH Global today to discuss your needs.

Clutch review

Premier Hospitality

IIH Global was responsive to the client's needs and delivered everything on time, meeting the client's expectations. They communicated frequently and promptly via virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their caring approach and easygoing attitude were hallmarks of their work.

IIH Global is a pleasure to work with as they care about their customers.

- CEO, Premier Enterprises

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